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AH Chapter 11
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  • 1. Chapter 11 Early Middle Ages- Medieval Period What are the main concepts of Islam and its art? Where is it started? Where does it spread to by the 700’s? What area is considered the HOLY Roman Empire? What are the types of art created by the Anglo Saxons or Hiberno Saxons? What is the importance of Illuminated Manuscripts? Who is responsible for the Carolingian period?
  • 2. Arches in the Great Mosque, Córdoba, Spain, 785–786
  • 3. Mihrab bay, the Great Mosque, Córdoba, Spain
  • 4. Dome above the mihrab , the Great Mosque, Córdoba, Spain, c. A.D. 961–976
  • 5. Sutton Hoo purse cover, East Anglia, England, c. A.D. 630
  • 6. Lion Symbol of Saint John , from the Book of Durrow, fol. 191v, after A.D. 650
  • 7. Book of Kells, folio 124r, late 8th or early 9th century CARPET PAGEFirst page of a section of an Illuminated manuscript
  • 8. Chi Rho Iota - XPI Christ's page in symbolic font Gospel of St. Mathew
  • 9. Charlemagne Carolingian Renaissance Frankish king Holy Roman Empire
  • 10. Equestrian statuette of Charlemagne, from Metz, Bronze 24 cm 9th century
  • 11. interior Charlemagne's palace chapel, Aachen, 792–805
  • 12. Monastery St. Gall Switzerland 820 AD
  • 13. Utrecht Psalter. c. 820 - 832 CE
  • 14. Four Evangelists , from a Carolingian Gospel book, Palace Chapel school, Aachen , early 9th century
  • 15. Christ in Majesty , Vivian Bible Frontispiece, Folio 329v, c. 845–846
  • 16. Restored abbey church of Saint Michael's Hildesheim, Germany c. 1001–31
  • 17. Bronze doors, Saint Michael's, Hildesheim, completed 1015 Commissioned by Bishop Bernward