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Personal Party Planners

  1. 1. PERSONAL PARTY PLANNERS BUSINESS PLAN Amanda Pagan-Glass (904)392-7073
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary   Company Structure  Management Team  The Market  The Event Planning Market  Event Planning Competition  The Current Opportunity  Sales and Marketing Strategies  Financing Requirements  Financial Projections
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Personal Party Planners is an event planning  company based in Jacksonville, Fl that will service Northeast FL.  It will be managed by co-founders Amanda Pagan- Glass and Rebecca Rosenzweig.  They will offer more services and cover a larger geographic area than current competitors.  Will require only $20,000 in startup loans.
  4. 4. COMPANY STRUCTURE Personal Party  Planners will be an LLC  The two co-founders will be the main planners  Each planner will have a part time assistant
  5. 5. MANAGEMENT TEAM Amanda Pagan-Glass Rebecca Rosenzweig Degree in Business Degree in Marketing   and Marketing and Design  Over 5 years  3 years experience as management an intern at major experience event planning companies  Personal planning experience for friends and family
  6. 6. THE MARKET The greater Jacksonville  area is an up and coming metropolitan area. Has 2 Naval  bases, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team, home to many major financial companies Surrounding cities  include St. Augustine, Daytona, and Gainesville
  7. 7. THE EVENT PLANNING MARKET The local event planning market is not very large.  There is a growing market for experienced event  planners. Many major businesses are based in Jacksonville.  The beaches and scenic riverfront properties are  becoming popular locations for events
  8. 8. EVENT PLANNING COMPETITION Alpha & Omega Event LJ & Trina’s Event Planning Consultants Small two person event Large package of   planning organization services  Limited business area  Full planning packages to local Jacksonville range from $2000- area $5000  No personal website  Many consultants in firm
  9. 9. EVENT PLANNING COMPETITION (CONT.) Southern Charm Event Dream Wedding Planning Inc. Design, LLC Small company of two One head planner and   people a team  Few packages with a la  Fewer carte options packages, reasonable pricing  Basic web services and page  Very elaborate website
  10. 10. THE CURRENT OPPORTUNITY Growing Popularity Corporate Planners Many wedding shows Companies hire corporate   highlight the importance of planners to handle special wedding planners events Print materials that Smaller businesses will hire   encourage the hiring of outside planners because wedding planners they do not have someone on payroll Weddings are becoming  fancier and flashier Many businesses do not  have the time or proper Need for the wedding  staffing to plan an event planner is great due to negotiating, organization, an d referee skills
  11. 11. SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGIES Services will be sold with the catchy slogan  “Planners for All Your Party Needs”  They will cater to all types of events  First step will be to create a website  Website will be promote through established wedding sites and local yellow pages  Pictures and testimonials will be included on the site  The pricing will be competitive, approx. 10% of planned budget  Newspaper, radio and television advertisements will be considered
  12. 12. FINANCING REQUIREMENTS Little startup costs are required   Small business loan seems feasible due to the nature of the business, business plan and our good credit.  Will also utilize a combination of loans and personal funds  No more than $20,000 required  Projected to be paid off in 5 years
  13. 13. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Startup Expenses Fixed Expenses Computer Hardware 2,000 Rent 1,500 Computer Software 1,000 Phone 500 Office Furniture 5,000 Travel and 1,500 Entertainment Office Rent Deposit 3,000 Assistants 2,000 Phone Deposit 1,200 Pagan-Glass Salary 2,000 Stationary, etc 600 Rosenzweig Salary 2,000 Misc.( moving 3,000 Insurance 400 expenses, unexpected cost, etc Client Meetings 1,300 Web Development 1,500 Total 11,200 Total 17,300