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Open Solaris Apache



caoxiping from SUN

caoxiping from SUN



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Open Solaris Apache Open Solaris Apache Presentation Transcript

  • Apache and OpenSolaris User Group Community
    • [email_address]
    • Sun 中国工程研究院
  • Agenda
    • OpenSolaris 概览
    • How Sun support Apache's portfolios ?
    • Solaris/OpenSolaris + Apache 的成功案例
    • OpenSolaris 资源推荐
    • Q & A
  • Solaris 两级发布模式
    • 企业用户
    • 专业技术支持
    • 长发布周期 (3-5 年,每季度更新 )
    • 桌面用户 , 开发者
    • 最先集成最新的 Solaris 技术
    • 短发布周期
    • ( 每 6 个月 )
    • Solaris 于 2005 年正式开源, 开 源社区 为 广大的 开发 者提供了一个参与到 Opensolaris 开发 的 开 放 环 境 , 全世界的 开发 者在 这 里一起研究操作系 统 的新技 术。
    • 欢 迎加入到 OpenSolaris 社区的大家庭!
  • OpenSolaris 的发行版本和支持平台
    • 发行版本
      • Indiana2007.11
      • Indiana2008.02
      • OpenSolaris2008.05
      • ....
    • 支持平台 : AMD64,I386
    174 World Records
  • 今天的 OpenSolairs
    • 单 CD 安装
    • 轻量级核心操作系统
      • 内核、系统库函数、系统工具
    • 基于网络的工具包安装
    • Gnome 桌面环境
    • 默认为 ZFS 文件系统
      • x86/x64 已经支持 ,SPARC 正在进行
  • 易于获得 单 CD 二 进 制 发布 版 6 CDs 过去 今天 单 CD Sun 下载中心 更多网站下载 Mirror Sites Sun Download Center .org
  • 简易的安装 图形化安装界面,支持多种语言 自动完成 Solaris 分区建立和系统配置 更简洁的 安装步骤和实现系统升级
  • 容易管理和维护 简单的用户管理 大量的可供下载的安装包 快速的 bug 修复 全新的文件系统 U pgradable F rozen I ncorporated E x cluded
  • OpenSolaris 新特性
    • 动态 跟踪 调试 器 Dtrace
    • 虚 拟 化技 术 ZONE
    • 下一代的文件系 统 ZFS
    • 服 务 管理框架 SMF
  • Solaris OpenSolaris And Linux Solaris OpenSolaris Linux 起源 UNIX UNIX Unix 风格,代码重新实现 源代码 从封闭发展为开放 开放 开放 开发模式 发行商,封闭开发模式 社区开放开发模式 社区开放开发模式 软件包管理 发行版本提供软件包集合 按需求进行安装、更新 不同的发型版本所采用的方式不同 是否易于定制 否 是 是 可运行的开源软件 大多数 随开源软件一起成长 随开源软件一起成长
  • Cool stack
    • Cool Stack is a collection of some of the most commonly used open source applications optimized for the Sun Solaris OS platform. By using these binaries you will enjoy the best levels of performance from your system, while also reducing your time-to-service.
    • Cool Stack has been pre-configured to have the most popular applications (Apache, PHP, MySQL) to work seamlessly out of the box.
  • SAMP
    • Sun's optimized Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python stack (Solaris OS + AMP)
    • Sun provides complete step-by-step instructions to get up and running more quickly when building and deploying Web applications
  • NETWORK STORAGE COMPUTE External Resources Clients (load balancing, filtering) Distributed Object Stores NFS Storage Nodes Horizontal Scaling, network intensive Compute Nodes Database Nodes (unstructured data) Web/App Servers Cache Servers Reverse Proxies INTERNET Web 2.0 Architecture
  • What’s Important about OS?
    • Maintainability
      • Upgrade Path
      • Security Updates
      • Bug Fixes
    • Reliability
      • High Quality of Service
      • Minimal Downtime
      • Stability
      • Redundancy
      • Resilience
    • Scability
      • Grows in small steps
      • Stays up when it counts
      • Can grow with your traffic
      • Room for the future
    • Low Cost
      • Little or no software licensing costs
      • Reduced maintenance cost
      • Minimal hardware requirements
  • “ Dell to distribute the Solaris OS on select Dell PowerEdge servers" − Michael Dell, chairman and CEO, Dell What big players say about Solaris ? “ Solaris 10 is a better Linux than Linux” − Marc Andreessen, Co-founder of Netscape and Ning “ ZFS has become the file system in Mac OS 10" − Apple Announcement , Apple w/w Developer Conference “ The really interesting thing Sun have is ZFS” − Linus Torvalds , founder of Linux “ IBM OEM Solaris on X86 Servers” − Jointed announcement from IBM and Sun
  • NFS Total Commitment to Open Standards 1995 2000 2005 2010 TIME UNIX SVR4
  • Joyent (No2 Cloud computing Service Provider
    • What operating systems do you use?
      • Customized Sun Solaris Nevada (kenel's version is same with OpenSolaris)
    • Which web server do you use?
      • Apache and Nginx are the work horses in Joyent Accelerators
  • Wikimedia Selects Sun Microsystems to Enhance Multimedia
  • Smugmug success with OpenSolaris
    • Success-with-opensolaris-zfs-mysql-in-production
    • I’m a Linux geek, have been since 1993 (Slackware!). All of SmugMug’s datacenters (and our EC2 images) are built on Linux. But the current state of filesystems on Linux is awful, and it’s been awful for at least 8 years. As a result, we’ve put our first OpenSolaris box into production at SmugMug and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the performance (the userland portions of the OS, though, leave a lot to be desired). Why OpenSolaris?
  • Chinese Vendor's Solution : Apache + Solaris
  • Solaris 的成功案例
    • 6Rooms : Solaris , X4500+ZFS 提供视频播放
    • Sohu: Solaris,T2000, ST6130,ST2530 运行数据库
    • Sina: Solaris,T1000 运行 Sun Java System Directory Server
      • ( 用 12 台 T1000+Solaris 代替 30 台 Dell)
    • eBay: 使用 T2000+Solaris 降低总成本
    • LinkedIn: Solaris,T2000
    • ............
  • Hundreds of Web 2.0 companies are leveraging Sun's open technologies to scale their growing Internet-based business
    • Flexilis
    • Gracenote
    • Real Time Matrix
    • Siteworx
    • SuccessFactors
    • ZhengTu
    • ......
  • 资源推荐
    • Indiana Core
    • New Packaging
  • 谢 谢