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Boast assignment

  1. 1. Anglo-Saxon Literary ElementsBoast 1. Alliterative by nature. Alliteration is an important element in Anglo-Saxon poetry. One or more accented syllables in the first half of a line almost always alliterate with one or more accented syllables in the second half. Thus alliteration binds together the two halves of a line.   2. The use of kennings, phrases that are an elaborate and indirect way of naming persons, objects, or events, is another important characteristic of Anglo-Saxon poetry. It is a distinctive element of Anglo-Saxon poetry. For instance the sea is called "the pathless deep," and the body is the soul’s "prison house."
  2. 2. Anglo-Saxon Literary ElementsBoast Read the following boast (also located in Doc Sharing) from Beowulfs first encounter with Hrothgars lieutenant. When questioned, Beowulf replies with a long boast about who he is, where is from, and what he has come to do - namely, kill the "scathing monster" Grendel. Using Beowulf’s famous epic boast as a model, you must create your own epic boast about yourself. The best boasts will also receive extra credit points.
  3. 3. "We are by kin of the clan of Geats,and Hygelacs own hearth-fellows we.To folk afar was my father known,noble atheling, Ecgtheow named.Full of winters, he fared awayaged from earth; he is honored stillthrough width of the world by wise men all.To thy lord and liege in loyal moodwe hasten hither, to Healfdenes son,people-protector: be pleased to advise us!To that mighty-one come we on mickle errand,to the lord of the Danes; nor deem I rightthat aught be hidden. We hear -- thou knowestif sooth it is -- the saying of men,that amid the Scyldings a scathing monster, Continue on next slide
  4. 4. dark ill-doer, in dusky nightsshows terrific his rage unmatched,hatred and murder. To Hrothgar Iin greatness of soul would succor bring,so the Wise-and-Brave may worst his foes, --if ever the end of ills is fated,of cruel contest, if cure shall follow,and the boiling care-waves cooler grow;else ever afterward anguish-dayshe shall suffer in sorrow while stands in placehigh on its hill that house unpeered!" From BEOWULF
  5. 5. Creating Your Own Boast Incorporate a minimum of three kennings. Use at least three examples of alliteration (at least three words in each succession). You must begin your epic with the words “Hail _______________” (to your audience). You must incorporate “My people have said ________________” (your goal). Aim for no spelling or grammatical errors. Epic boast is a minimum of fifteen lines in length. Include a graphic which depicts “who you are.” You can do a video, powerpoint, or just a simple word document.  *Students will receive extra points, based on effort and outcome