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  • 1. Texas STaR Chart Campus Results - What it all means?? JONES ELEMENTARY
  • 2. Agenda for Training
    • What is it?
    • Why do we do it?
    • What are our results?
    • What now?
  • 3. What is the STaR Chart?
    • It is a survey that rates teachers, campuses and states on their S chool T echnology a nd R eadiness.
    • It is designed to help us measure progress towards meeting the goals laid out in the Long Range Plan for Technology
  • 4. Why do we do it?
    • Technology instruction is now mandated by No Child Left Behind (NCLB).
    • All certified classroom teachers and librarians are REQUIRED to complete the Texas STaR Chart.
    • It can also help identify professional development needs.
  • 5. What are our results?
    • Statewide Results
      • TRENDS (2009-2010):
        • The majority of Texas teachers are at the Developing or Advanced Technology Level
  • 6. What are our results?
    • Campus Results
      • TRENDS (2009 - 2010) :
        • Jones is at the Developing or Advanced Technology level for each area
    Developing Tech = 9 - 14 Advanced Tech = 15 - 20
  • 7. What are our results?
    • How do we compare??
      • Teaching and Learning
      • Educator Preparation
      • Administration and Support
      • Infrastructure
  • 8. What now?
    • We can identify some areas for Professional Development:
      • Technology Application/TEKS Implementation
        • This might look like:
          • integrating additional technology projects into the classroom
          • Allowing students more opportunities to apply technology to show mastery of concepts
  • 9. What now?
    • Keep up the great work in using technology to enhance our students’ learning! They are worth it!!
  • 10. What now?
    • Any burning questions? Send them to: [email_address]
    “ Panther Pride Never Dies”