CORRUPTION - Whats in a Name?In California, the “good old boys” in Civil Service have been corrupt for many decades.“They”...
“wonderful opportunities” and then they both dropped their part of the grievances we had all “formallyfiled” against the m...
payment by a high ranking Civil Service Manager. It was quite the common practice to “bury bills” – andthen destroy the pa...
Claims Manager of the SJDO, but this went on all the time. She even went on to a job where she was totry to “influence pol...
Thats how it was done when I was a shop steward. At one point I and two others personally filedgrievances over “abuse of p...
Another attorney that I thought was working for me actually lied and refused to expose any of thesescams because he was pa...
Then, due to an odd lack of money in the worker’s compensation system - they changed the laws andreduced all the benefits ...
Why does Civil Service never go to jail or lose their pensions when they break the Law? Why is the Lawabove The Law, thus ...
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CORRUPTION what's in a name PDF FILE

  1. 1. CORRUPTION - Whats in a Name?In California, the “good old boys” in Civil Service have been corrupt for many decades.“They” include the Civil Service managers who wield all the power and the rank and file who make thedecisions to obey them in what they do that ends up being illegal from start to finish. “They” includesmany people at STATE FUND, many if not all of the WCAB Judges, many if not most in the CHP, the Deptof Corrections - all the safety groups and indeed many Civil Servants (working and retired) spread out allover the city, county and state levels of Civil Service in California and through-out the unions thatrepresent Civil Service.Almost since its creation in guise of the Boynton Act – certain parties in Civil Service and in Californiasociety have long conspired to use a "magic" Law called workers compensation not just to help injuredworkers but to actually help themselves by using the power of Civil Service over you and your moneyand benefits to fund a many decades long epoch of selfish, greedy, politically directed and very illegallures, payments and rewards that diverted benefits and money away from regular injured workers to“people with power,” such as Judges, attorneys, managers, the ‘more deserving’ of the rank and file anda huge amount went directly to anyone who worked with or for Civil Service to help them get – andkeep - illegal awards, life pensions and other benefits.Many employers, professionals and their “groups” or “associations” were also involved in helping CivilService obtain and spend money they shouldn’t have – groups such as doctors, lawyers andrehabilitation vendors – who all openly knew what was legal and not legal and thus included a tidy profitfor themselves. Certain types of employers were also specifically positioned by the law to abuseemployees and thus the comp system as well – of these, farmers were by far most specifically allowed totake advantage of worker’s compensation – with the open knowledge and active aid of Civil Service, ofcourse – all under the law as well as against the law at the same time – it was part of the corruption ofCivil Service.The work comp system was so abused that it was used to get rid of people they didn’t like at the CHPsuch as those considered to be "misfits" - it was cheaper to “work comp them” than to fire them inrelawsuit potential – it’s how they got rid of – for example – one “allegedly known” on-the-job childmolester and others that “they didn’t feel comfortable working with” plus anyone else who didn’t fiteither the “image” or the “lifestyle of the CHP” as it grew and evolved over the years – it was farcheaper to “rehab them” than to be sued – too many secrets to hide for too many people, and withSTATE FUND providing the deep pockets – Civil Service typically got it’s way.It’s about power and prestige that puts you into an “ELITIST” category so that indeed - the “Law is abovethe Law,” (Civil Service IS the Law) for I contend that between 3.5 and 10 billion dollars has been illegallydiverted, it’s just a matter of simple math and allot of illegal payments to allot of people over manydecades, and it continued on the city and county levels even after they went self-insured and got awayfrom STATE FUND where business went on as usual.CSEA and SEIU 1000 still keep this all secret and refuse to acknowledge their roles and involvement orthat of the safety unions, the Judges or of anyone. They deny knowledge of or involvement in anycriminal acts even being committed by anyone in Civil Service. Some stewards – two I worked with inparticular took “MAGICAL” job transfers that simply and quite uncannily appeared in order for them todisappear and to go quietly into their new careers. They both told me they couldn’t pass up these Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. “wonderful opportunities” and then they both dropped their part of the grievances we had all “formallyfiled” against the many issues the rank and file complained about at STATE FUND - including abuse ofpower and criminal activity in Civil Service such as the CHP Pension Scam - so much for honesty andhonest services from the union and your fellow shop stewards.The awarding of illegal work comp claims with or without a complete vocational retraining program thatessentially gave away a free business to you – if you qualified - was SO political, and the STATE FUNDand the CHP (think safety unions) were RUTHLESS in pursuit of ANYTHING they wanted - and thishappened STATE-WIDE and on the city and county levels too.Not all Civil Service claims were completely illegal but out of ALL of the CHP and Corrections claims I hadassigned to me - every single honestly injured Civil Servant also got illegal benefits they did not deserve.One injured CHP officer whose “doctors testified” he could not return to work for the CHP was inrehabilitation until I discovered that he was working full-time with no limitations as a Sheriff’s Deputy inanother county while drawing worker’s compensation disability payments and was beginning his“personal rehabilitation plan” that was already illegally underway while he was working. In anothercase, the local CHP Captain in charge of CHP claims handled by the STATE FUND’s San Jose District OfficeClaims Department was “so happy” with the San Jose District Office Manager - Gordon Langlois - overthe EXTREMES that STATE FUND went on this one rehab case - well, he had a gunsmith plate andengrave a gun with Gordon’s name on it as a way of saying thank you - and sent STATE FUND the bill. I actually tried to deny this and other billings I considered illegal and wow -- you should have heardthem yell and conspire against me to get it all paid – in fact, I learned the hard way how you do not sayno to illegal activities by and for Civil Service – they have a strict “Policy of Automatic Approval” as wellas a “Code of Silence” about all of this, as who wants to go be uncovered as participating in illegal orunethical activities and thus lose job, pension and perhaps even go to jail?I personally wrote "do not ever pay this bill" on a number of the CHP captains hand written invoices,ones that included fees payable to the CHP Captain, fees to refurbish, gold plate and engrave a gun aswell as to teach the high ranking Civil Service Manager how to shoot it (it came with a free lifetimemembership at a shooting range I was told.) This was all completely illegal, but it was paid by peoplewho simply followed orders and happened all the time so it was “no big deal.”This same Civil Service Manager has a home in Los Gatos, California and as I was told: “out of simplegratitude” - free materials and craftsmen simply showed up one day to remodel his house to include aparty room, which was used to actually play poker and “party” with the Judges and other high rankingpoliticians and officials they wanted to influence, bribe and/or manipulate – to turn to the dark side ofthe good old boys. I was told the “party favors” were paid for by STATE FUND – they have wonderfulexpense accounts for things like this. I was there and saw two WCAB Judges at one of the parties – one passed out on the table, one droolinguncontrollably (wonder what they gave him?) - they called it the “house that Jack built” after Jack Webb,then president of State Fund, who, along with Gordon were two of the main drivers of the CHP Pensionscandal all along - so out of thoughtfulness for the favors he and Gordon Langlois did over the manydecades for the CHP - hence the reward of remodeling of his personal house for free, allegedly by theson-in-law of the CHP Captain who worked closely with Gordon. However, I was told the invoice for thework force and materials for the house was paid out of a re-opened and closed file – approved for Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. payment by a high ranking Civil Service Manager. It was quite the common practice to “bury bills” – andthen destroy the paper evidence to hide what they had done.It was quite the scandal at work to talk about the “house that Jack built” for some denied it vehemently– but so many more admitted it had happened – when I asked Gordon about it, he just smiled ratherbroadly.I even spoke to Jack Webb and two different vice presidents of STATE FUND about the Pension Scamand “other” scandals I was trying to officially report and he told me that he was fully aware of - and okwith - the details of everything I told him about all the illegal activities that went on at STATE FUND andindeed, from all appearances, all over Civil Service - centered around worker’s compensation and thedecision making that went on over all that money (and power)for so many decades.Note – what I discuss about the Pension Scam does NOT include the “Group Policy Scams” – those werecompletely separate and handled out of STATE FUND’s Home Office. The investigation into the grouppolicy unit scandal was allegedly finished a couple years ago but nobody has gone to jail and the powersthat be refuse to issue a final report on their findings or take it to trial – but what Judge would dare ruleagainst Civil Service and possibly themselves? What District Attorney or Attorney General would DAREgo after CHP, Corrections and the mighty managers of Civil Service at the time or even now?None, and isn’t that the problem here?There was also a companion invoice that was similarly submitted - as part of this same rehab plan theCaptain also sold the guys new voc-rehab provided business allot of used, refurbished guns – at topdollar - wonder where and how and why a CHP Captain would come up with lots of guns (think CHPconfiscated gun locker) that were of course gone over by the same gunsmith who charged to "refurbish"each gun as new over and above the cost of the guns, in effect, doubling (or more) the cost of each gunand of course there was a line item whereby the CHP Captain personally “provided training” (to thecompletely trained former CHP officer) on how to use guns properly. This was all part of the vocationalrehabilitation plan scams they ran openly and with impunity for many decades that actually helpedbankrupt the system.What may really be surprising is my observation that at least 50% of all the Civil Service claims Ireviewed were completely bogus, and the rest – all had significant illegal benefits and payments thatshould have been denied – it was a total scam. At the time, an average illegal case for ‘normal rank andfile’ was valued at an average of $250,000 per claim – one of my then managers was officiallyproclaimed to be “Mr. CHP” at the SJDO Claims Department and he told me openly that the “real chiefs”(which he handled the claims for personally) - including management types and other specially favoredpeople – “got even more.” He was also one of those few trusted managers who were qualified tohandle comp claims for the Judges – I wonder why?Managers at STATE FUND “just loved it” when appointees or others in important positions ingovernmental positions had industrial injuries – it’s how they influenced them – overpaid them, offeredthem inducements to “like STATE FUND” which to me sounds like buying and selling people in CivilService and governmental positions – isn’t that illegal?I actually know this happens for a fact, as they actually asked me do it to the then head of the CMA (whohated STATE FUND). He ignored the “lures” I threw his way at specific request of Geri Madden, then Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Claims Manager of the SJDO, but this went on all the time. She even went on to a job where she was totry to “influence politicians” to side with STATE FUND – she told me that directly. Wonder how many shegot to, she was pretty good at what she did, and at hiding it. This is how Civil Service got away with somuch for so long – and wasted so much money – by buying or “befriending” anyone who wasn’t on theirside – and it usually worked – if not they’d offer more money, after all – it wasn’t theirs – it was yours,so why be tight fisted?I wonder how many adjustors succeeded in “reaching” or “influencing the decisions” of politicians orother important people in politics or Civil Service that they managed claims for over the DECADES oftheir doing this unbeknownst to the public – isn’t that an interesting thought?Even the WCAB Judges were not immune to the lure of Civil Service Favors. How many Judges filedcomp claims themselves which were ABUSIVE and ego-driven because they wanted their share too – ordo you think the CHP and safety groups are the only groups to get or do illegal stuff? The Judgesreportedly filed about as many claims as they could find time to write - because they are Civil Service too– and union – and with STATE FUND in charge of managing the claims of the Judges themselves - it wasembarrassing how corrupt it all was and they were and how their involvement and actions were notrevealed until 2004 to the public and then promptly hidden along with the investigation and it’s results –if there were any, that is.Every Judge I personally discussed this with knew they approved illegal claims – but since they filed lotsof claims themselves – what did it matter if it was all illegal? All the Judges I spoke with directly on thematter – if they all didn’t approve of illegal claims they at least KNEW about what went on that wasn’tlegal. I actually spoke to many of the Judges that I worked with – everything I had discovered that wasillegal seemed to be very ok with all of the Judges I confronted in trying to find an honest one – neverdid, they all wanted “something” kept secret or refused to rock the boat and wasn’t that odd to discoverabout Judges?The involvement of the Judges was the worst kept secret in the industry, and yet they still allow STATEFUND to insure Judges and other important people in this state and to continue to manipulate theirpersonal worker’s comp claims to the detriment of the public welfare as how can a Judge be honest withanyone if they are so biased towards the elitists of Civil Service over regular people?I said no to all of this but my every objection was always over-ridden by some manager’s "magic date-stamp of approval" as he or she over-rode my denials of illegal payment so fast even I said “WOW” –and that’s how you do it in Civil Service - the decision makers make the decisions they make to benefitthemselves and the good old boys of Civil Service, not John and Jane Q. Public like their OATHS, Law and“as the rule of honest services demands.”I tried telling the bill payers to NOT process certain payments, but they just were shocked that anyonewould disobey “the gods” - cause at STATE FUND - that is what they do, act like petty gods with thepower of life and death over you and your career in Civil Service – which they can do because they havetotal decision making and so much power involving either your career or decision making about money.It was my direct experience that even those who aren’t part of the various scams are too afraid to speakout, rightfully fearing their own union co-workers and managers who are involved in one or more of thevarious scandals now occurring or still being hidden from the public. Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Thats how it was done when I was a shop steward. At one point I and two others personally filedgrievances over “abuse of power issues” and more – the union simply dismissed me as a shop stewardand have ever since refused to even acknowledge their dishonesty and failure to support their own shopstewards in their own greed…it was the political climate at the time – they got away with it better thanBernie Madoff did – still do, don’t they?No governor, politician, government agency, office, district attorney or safety group on the city, countyor state level would or WILL do anything about this and other scandals I have reported since 1987. Acommon reply from anyone in a position to do anything was “you mean you want me to take on theJudges, STATE FUND, the public service attorneys and the entire applicant attorneys association, theCHP and Dept of Corrections and all the safety groups and their unions on the city and county and statelevels – are you crazy?”A special reply I get frequently now (and have for many years) is “Statutes of Limitations Defense” – forwhich there is none, but it’s just one of the many excuses they always use to hide a mafia-like abuse ofpower, epic criminal activities like “officially sanctioned” cronyism, nepotism, embezzlement andracketeering as well as simple bribery and conspiracy to hide and those said-same activities that “they”still do not want exposed – after all, in Civil Service - who wants to pay the money back – or pay taxes onit - or go to jail AND lose their pension – it’s common sense really – so you can understand why they stillsit on the investigative reports – the CHP investigates the CHP and it’s all good and the Judgesinvestigate the Judges, the WCAB investigates itself and STATE FUND – they organize anti-fraudcommittees but they openly ignore their own internal fraud and corruption by blaming it all on regularinjured workers and it’s all good, but it’s not – is it?Make them explain the REAL truth as to how Migrant Workers were abused as a class of people underthe comp system knowingly by farmers because they were “allowed to, knowingly” by government,especially Civil Service at STATE FUND. It wasn’t until an attorney threatened to expose the CHPscandals that Migrant Workers finally were awarded the right to worker’s compensation but in order to“make this happen” - STATE FUND actually had to bribe the Judge who had outstanding and personalworker’s compensation claims issues he wanted resolved, so an agreement was reached – it was reallyvery civil.Applicant attorneys, medical and other providers then used the resulting “moral confusion” as a meansto profit illegally even further by running MANY illegal and faked claims of their own thru the system -yet another reason why the system is bankrupt morally and financially today.Apparently in California you are crazy if you demand honesty and honest services from Civil Service(think government) - I got that response quite a bit trying to report all this, but mostly they refused torespond to my complaints or I was referred to someone else, which was a real joke - if I got a responseat all.Whenever I tried to get an attorney to sue and intervene, they all refused telling me they didn’t want tochange the system because they made too much money off it or were afraid to buck so manygovernmental agencies and unions. One attorney who I gave my information to parlayed it into anactual job as a public service attorney at the San Jose Legal Office of STATE FUND – he apologized laterfor the change of loyalties – it was nothing personal he said. Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Another attorney that I thought was working for me actually lied and refused to expose any of thesescams because he was part of the system – actually head of the Applicant Attorney Association at thetime, so why would he have exposed the scam that paid so many so much and the exposing of whichwould have sent so many to jail for criminal activities associated with breaking the Law AND their oathsas sworn attorneys or civil servants.When I reported all of this (and more) via the ‘proper channels’ (including directly to Jack Webb, thenPresident of STATE FUND) I was told it was ok and I shouldn’t be concerned.I was offered bribes by doctors and lawyers and abandoned by my own union and my own Civil ServiceManagers openly hid evidence and lied in order to cover-up all this criminal activity. On severaloccasions, people were sent to intimidate me to go quiet and ease up on the honesty bit at work. Again Iwould try to report it as an illegal activity, and they would laugh because nobody would take a reportbut the CHP, and they never showed up except when I reported having been involved with aninvestigative reporter who had disappeared after I spoke to him and had given him information andevidence implicating various people and groups in criminal activities as I kept trying to expose thescandals at STATE FUND and in Civil Service overall as I ran into them – and what bothered me was thescandals were all occurring in plain sight if you worked in the industry and cared to recognize what washappening daily.Years later they blamed his disappearance on his investigation into a biker group but when I reportedmy speaking to him and his claim of looking into the scandal in Civil Service – instead of the police or FBI,they sent a uniformed Sheriff’s Deputy who led the conversation, but who obviously was uneasy aboutbeing there with a plain-clothes CHP officer who was silent but who obviously was in charge of the two.They arrived in a CHP Cruiser, it was very odd. They left when I started questioning the CHP officer aboutwhy he was there. I never heard back from them about the reporter or regarding the information I gave them about all thescandals in Civil Service I reported to them, which was all they were there to hear about – how much Iknew and what evidence I had – they didn’t really care about the reporter as it turned out and I laterfound they had nothing to do with the investigation into his disappearance – it was rather disquieting,all in all.Apparently powerful and high ranking people in California and Civil Service do not like being reported tothe State Personnel Board, the union, Judges, the BAR Association, the local police, the district attorneysand even the governor’s office – but each time I tried to report all the scandals I discovered I simply gotignored or referred to the CHP who openly laughed when I’d call them to report a scandal they wereinvolved in or those that were still ongoing at STATE FUND and the WCAB or among attorneysassociated with work comp – that’s how they handled it, a grand code of silence all the way round.Even my own boss, Bob Quaid (currently the claims manager of the SJDO) would frequently dare me toreport illegal things – because it would only get referred to the CHP – thus granting them all immunityfor criminal activities and placing Civil Service above the Law each time I tried to report them officially tothe Law – after all, if the Law says the Law is not being broken and that everything is all good – the Lawmust be right for since when is the Law above the Law until the statutes of limitations expires and thenthe Law claims it no longer matters – or is that even strictly the Law? Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Then, due to an odd lack of money in the worker’s compensation system - they changed the laws andreduced all the benefits people are eligible for due to Civil Service ”bungling and bankrupting” of thesystem - not because of fraud by individual workers - it was primarily the fault of personnel at STATEFUND in particular, where I worked – they could have stopped it because they literally were the onesgiving away all the money and who manipulated attorneys and Judges to keep it all moving smoothly -but Civil Service Managers who had allot to lose - people like Jack Webb, Gordon Langlois, Geri Madden,Robert Long, Robert Quaid, Miguel Estrada and many more knew they would have gone straight to jailhad this all been discovered and revealed – that’s why STATE FUND arranged to manipulate the verdictof this particular Judge – and why they spent so much to keep it all a secret - they don’t do that for justany old blackmail attempt unless it’s a successful one.Pity that the attorney who blackmailed STATE FUND and the CHP in order win his case- to obtainbenefits for Migrant Workers - didn’t reveal the CHP Pension Scandal back in the late 80s like hethreatened to if his client didn’t win his case - think of all the billions that would have been saved and ofall the honesty and honest services we might have now from (and within) the public safety groups, theunions, attorneys, Judges and in work comp, Civil Service and Government. This same attorney is nowapparently a sitting WCAB Judge at this time - makes me wonder about the honesty of ALL the Judges ifone gets bribed to order what was actually “social justice” and another successfully blackmailed a stateagency and got away with it – what other secrets do the Judges – and Civil Service hide?The good old boys won the day back then and the various scandals simply continued to spread openlywithin Civil Service management as well as the rank and file and even the unions were part of what theirmembers did and so now we have what we have - a mess in Civil Service - state wide - on the city,county and state levels as we see today openly in the news.It’s not really very civil in Civil Service is it?Now, just do NOT ask if this has all stopped, cause it hasn’t, it’s simply morphed and modified itself to“fit the times” and to hide from scrutiny as Civil Service – and those who feed off it are still indeedinvisibly powerful elitist organizations in many ways and will, at times - lie cheat and steal to get whatthey want – wages, benefits and pensions fit for a king…both legal and illegal, such as via work comp andother “Civil Service Favors” that you can find in most every department and level of Civil Service to onedegree or another – after all, it’s all in the little decisions politicians and even just “regular” peoplemake on the job that makes it an honest service, or not.This has “mostly” all been exposed in one form or another – in bits and pieces mostly, particularlyaround 2004 by some investigative reporters and by 2008 the proper investigations had been relegatedto the “right people” but not really, because they kept and continue to keep the true results of theinvestigations secret to this day.Those in charge of the corruption and abuse of power in this state don’t want you to know about thetrue depth of scandal amongst the WCAB Judges, the Attorneys of this state or among Civil Servantssuch as the CHP or at STATE FUND or even about what I call the “Loss of Honest Services in Civil Service”as the investigations into various scandals including that of illegal worker’s compensation claims,benefits and pensions has been kept from the public eye and JUSTICE long denied to the people becauseCivil Service “simply has the power” to keep it all hidden from public view. Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Why does Civil Service never go to jail or lose their pensions when they break the Law? Why is the Lawabove The Law, thus corrupting the very PROCESS of Law in California for the rest of us? Why areattorneys and Judges not holding to their oaths? When did Civil Service become Self-Service? Where arethe honesty and honest services we are due by Law and I thought under our Constitution and Bill ofRights?Honest Services – what’s in a name, indeed?Tom CurtisSTATE FUND – corrupting California since 1914 justitia ruat caelum1/6/2011 v.5 Page 8 of 8