American labor history


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American labor history

  1. 1. American Labor History Finding Books: Finding Encyclopedias andChronology Bibliographies Library Articles: Handbooks Catalogs Indexes Source StyleNewspapers Legislation Gateways Collections Manuals RUL Home Page RUL Indexes Ask a Librarian Chronology An Eclectic List of Events in U.S. Labor History Chronology, with brief descriptions, of events from 1806 to 1989. Links to more extensive sites when available. Compiled by Allen Lutins. Time Line 1850-1924 Chronology of the trade union movement. From the Samuel Gompers Papers at the University of Maryland. Encyclopedias and Handbooks First Facts of American Labor: A Comprehensive Collection of Labor Firsts in the United States. Edited by Philip Foner. New York, Holmes & Meier, 1984. Alphabetical arrangement plus index. Dana Call Number: Ref. HD8066 .F55 1984 American Labor Sourcebook. Bernard and Susan Rifkin. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1979. Includes historical information on labor unions, legislation, and
  2. 2. court decisions.Dana Call Number: Ref. HD8072.R53 American Federation of Labor: History, Encyclopedia,Reference Books. Washington, D.C., AFL, 1919-60.Historical essay, photographs, AFL organizers and unions, etc.Dana Call Number: Ref. HD6508 .A512A Labor Conflict in the United States: An Encyclopedia.Edited by Ronald L. Filippelli. New York, Garland, 1990.Signed entries, with brief bibliographies, on major labor disputesinvolving the use of force.Dana Call Number: Ref. HD5324.L32 1990BibliographiesLabor History BibliographyReprint of Timothy G. Bordens annotated list (OAH Magazine of History11 (Winter 1997): 27-30)of "some of the leading works of the literature ofAmerican working-class studies."Working-Class BibliographyTopical bibliographies on subjects such as classism, education issues andworking class students, class as culture, and Labor History.Finding Books: Library CatalogsIRIS The online catalog for the Rutgers University Libraries. Subject headings that you can use to search IRIS include: Labor United States History Labor Laws and Legislation United States History Labor Movement United States History Labor Unions United States History Working Class United States History
  3. 3. Newark Law Newark Law library materials are not listed in IRIS.Use the above subject headings to find relevant publications.IndexesHumanities Index 1984-Index to over 350 core English-language periodicals in the humanities,including history, philosophy, religion, and related subjects. Restricted Access.America: History and Life 1964-The most comprehensive index to American (U.S. and Canada) history.Indexes over 2000 journals worldwide, as well as book reviews anddissertations. Restricted Access.EconLit 1969-Comprehensive bibliographic index for economic literature. Indexesjournal, books, dissertations, working papers, and volumes of articles.Restricted Access.Public Affairs Information Service 1972-Index to books, reports, government documents, and journals dealing withpolitical, social, and public policy issues. Restricted Access.SocioFile 1974-Index to approximately 1900 journals in sociology and related disciplines.Restricted Access.NewspapersFor links to many newspaper sites with online searchable archives,as well as to physical collections of newspapers see theNewspapers Research Guide.Factiva Restricted Access.A vast archive which includes the full-text of 8,000 leading newspapers,magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and television and radio transcripts.Ten to twenty year+ backfile for many titles. Examples of newspaperscovered include:The Boston Globe beginning 1 January 1987.The Chicago Tribune beginning 1 January 1985The Detroit Free Press beginning 1 January 1994The Richmond Times-Dispatch (Va.) beginning 1 January 1989The Washington Post beginning 1 January 1984LexisNexis Academic "News" section indexes and provides access to alarge collection of U.S. and international newspapers, newsletters, wireservice reports, transcripts of television and radio news broadcasts, andstudent newspapers. Includes full-text coverage of the New York Times
  4. 4. from June 1, 1980 to the present and the Washington Post back to 1977.Restricted Access.[Historical] New York Times Allows you to search and displaythe full image of articles published in the New York Times back to1851. The two+ most recent years are not included; use LexisNexisAcademic to find more recent articles. Restricted Access.Ethnic NewsWatch A full-text collection of over 200 newspapers,magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority, and native press.Complete articles dating back to 1960, in English and Spanish.Restricted Access.Laws and Legislation"Federal Labor Laws"Article from the Congressional Digest (June-July 1993) briefly describingthe major federal labor laws from the Clayton Act (1914) to the Landrum-Griffin Act (1959).United State Code: Title 29 - LaborSearch or browse.Internet Law Library: Employment, Labor, and Pension LawLinks to federal, state, and international compilations of labor laws andrelated materials.THOMAS - Legislative Information on the InternetBrowse or search legislation from the 93d (1973) Congress to the present.A slightly dated but still valuable guide to Legislative Research withThomas has been prepared by Larry Schankmann at Mansfield University.Source Collections American Labor Unions Constitutions and Proceedings: A Guideto the Microform Edition, 1836-1978 / Compiled by Bernard G. Naas.Sanford, N.C., Microfilming Corporation of America, 1980.Index to the 431 reel microfilm set held by Alexander Library (AlexMicroforms No. 2243). This compilation includes constitutions,proceedings of meetings, and officers reports of both active and inactiveunions.Dana Call Number: Ref. Z7164.L1N22The Samuel Gompers Papers: A Documentary History of theAmerican Working Class
  5. 5. The web site includes photographs, copies of documents, quotations, anexcellent bibliography, a time line, and an online index to the publishedvolumes of the Samuel Gompers Papers.Cornell Universitys Kheel Center for Labor ManagementDocumentation and ArchivesIn addition to their famous online collection of documents relating at the1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, this site also has annotated guidesto primary resources on Agricultural labor, Women and Work, Radicalsand Reactionaries, African-American Labor, etc. The Black Worker: A Documentary History fromColonial Times to the Present / Edited by Philip S. Foner andRonald L. Lewis. Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 1978-Currently eight volumes of primary documents.Dana Call Number: E185.B59The Making of AmericaDigital project developed by the University of Michigan and CornellUniversity. The Michigan site has a searchable library of primarysources--approximately 8,500 books and 50,000 journal articles publishedin the 19th century--in American social history from the antebellumthrough reconstruction. While Cornells site only provides access to thetext of some 270 books, they have digitilized major runs of twenty-two19th century journals and allows you to search or browse over 100,000journal articles.United States Labor and Industrial History Audio ArchiveListen to conference presentations, hearings, and speeches from WilliamJennings Bryan (1896) to Betty Friedan. From the Department of Historyat SUNY-Albany.Illinois Labor History SocietyIncludes interactive maps of Illinois and Chicago labor history sites/eventswith links to articles and other resources relating to those events.GatewaysAmerican Labor History: An Online Study GuideLinks to general and research sites, as well as an online american laborhistory text with links.Labour and Business History: ResourcesLinks to labor history sites. International scope; part of the World WideWeb Virtual Library.Style Manuals
  6. 6. For print and other materials listed in the RedLightGreendatabase, you can use that utility to format citations in APA, MLA,Chicago Style Manual, or Turabian format for you.A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History andthe HumanitiesWritten by Melvin E. Page for H-NET, Humanities and SocialSciences Online and based in principle on Kate Turabians Manualfor Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (5th edition,1987).Citing Electronic Information in History PapersMaurice Crouse, University of Memphis.Brief Guide to Citing Government PublicationsFrom the Regional Depository Library at the University of Memphis.Corrections?Natalie Borisovets ( 15, 2000 rev. October 14, 2004