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Persuasive Speech

  1. 1. Persuasive Speech Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to use domestic products. Central Idea: We should use Thai brand products because they help improve our economy, provide jobs to local people, encourage the use of Thai wisdom, and they have high quality, great design, and reasonable price. Do you have any products that made in Thailand? If you have at least one, I think it’s great because you already support Thai brands. Many people think that products that made in Thailand usually lack of quality and not in trend. Sometimes Thai people stick with international brand name products too much. I want you to reconsider about Thai brand products. Today I will talk about the benefits of using Thai brand products. So, let’s find out why you should using Thai brand products. First of all, Thai brand products can help improve our economy. We can see the statistic from the Information and Communication Technology Center, by the cooperation of The Customs Department. This statistic shows the number of top ten export markets of Thailand in year 2003 to 2006. We can see that the export numbers increasing continuously every year. Futhermore, Thai brand products can provide jobs to local people. We can see from the introducing of the OTOP project or One Tambon One Product project, or in Thai we call “หนึ่งตำำ บลหนึ่ งผลิต ภัณ ฑ์ ” . This project is a Thai Government initiative to identify and promote unique handmade products made by village communities or “tambons” for sale in the domestic and especially the export markets as a means of improving incomes at the grassroots level. The OTOP products are handmade creations from thousands of village communities all over the country, typically handicrafts, cotton and silk clothing, pottery, fashionable accessories and many other articles unique to each community. Moreover, Thai brand products encourage the use of Thai wisdom. Thai wisdom means the body of knowledge, abilities, and skills of Thai people accumulated through many years of experience, learning, development, and transmission from generation to generation. It has helped solving the problems and contributed to the development of our people's way of life in accordance with the changing time and environment. Now, let’s look at the example of the use of Thai wisdom. Firstly, the Benjarong, benjarong is the name given to tableware using five colours: black, red, white, green and yellow. First created in the Ayuthaya period, it remains popular because it has retained its unique Thai character, grace and delicacy. Its production requires not just artistic ability but dedication and technical skills — clay preparation, shaping, moulding, baking, glazing, painting and colouring. Nowadays more than five colours are employed.
  2. 2. Secondly, Nielloware or in Thai we call “เครื่ อ งถม”, nielloware is a container or ornament made from niello, an alloy of copper, sulfer, and lead mixed with gold dust or in Thai we call “นำำำ ประสำนทอง” and laid into a hand-crafted pattern on the surface of a container or ornament. The surface is then polished until shiny. The beauty of nielloware is enhanced by the unique patterns used in its creation. This high-class work is used for royal belongings, royal tributes or for gifts presented by His Majesty the King to a person of noble blood. Thirdly, wickerwork products, the attraction of wickerwork is its simplicity, using the strength and elasticity of bamboo, rattan หวำย, and reed กก, that are woven ทอ into forms that are light, strong and attractive. Wickerwork products include furniture, baskets, hats, mats, handicrafts and especially handbags. Another plant that is popular is Yan Lipao which is one kind of local grass. Yan Lipao ladies’ handbags were introduced by Her Majesty the Queen. We often see her and other women of the Thai royal family carrying elegant yan lipao purses, which have effectively transformed the handicraft into a must-have fashion accessory. Fourthly, Thai silk, Thai silk is produced by Thai silkworms, a kind of caterpillars raised on mulberry leaves. They spin their cocoons รั ง ไ ห ม using a complex set of mechanisms within their bodies. The completed cocoon is pulled from the mulberry bush and placed in a tank of boiling water, which separates the silk fiber of the cocoon from the caterpillar inside. Raw silk is rough and irregular. A single fiber is too thin to use alone so many fibers are combined to make a thicker, more practical fiber. Weavers wash these raw silk fibers, bleach them and then soak them in tanks of hot dyes. Afterwards, they wash them again, stretch it, and put it through a final dying process. When that is finished, they roll the fibers onto reels in preparation for weaving using traditional hand operated looms. Next, Thai brand products have high quality, great design, and reasonable price. We can see from the introducing of “Bangkok Fashion City project. Since Textile industry, Jewelry industry and Leatherwear industry had the ability to compete on international level, it was realized that the 3 groups can combine by developing a system so that each industry co-ordinate with one another accordingly in order to promote Thailand fashion industry as a whole. Let’s see the example of products that successful in local and international markets Firstly, clothing, Thailand is known as Southeast Asia and the world’s leading manufacturer of ready-to-wear clothing, producing a wide range of garments for the local market and export. For instance, “Kloset” one of clothing brands focus on bringing trendy quality products and the art of mix and match to customers. Products include handicraft detail and blends street style with elegant glamour adding a classic touch. It not only has local shop but also exporting to many countries in Europe, America, and Asia.
  3. 3. Secondly, Jewelry, for example, “Olivia Diamond” one of jewelry brands which the concept of this brand is choosing the best one that totally match and could make customers really feel in their style, not kind of fashion or trend. Customers will get a unique product which produced only one piece for one design, they could mix and match with all style, and they can also touch the antique emotional from Victorian style in the products. Lastly, furniture, there is a Thai Furniture Industries Association which aim to support and promote industries involved in furniture production from furniture makers selling to both the domestic and export markets The example of successful furniture brand is S.B. Furniture; S.B. Furniture has maintained its image as a specialist in the manufacturing of high quality furniture attached with high quality craftsmanship in terms of designing, functionality and utility of Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen and Home office furniture. In conclusion, we can see that Thai brand products can help improve or economy, provide jobs to local people, especially grassroots people, improve incomes to local people, encourage the use of Thai wisdom and they also have high quality, great design, and reasonable price. You are one of Thai people, so let’s support Thai products by using them like the motto that says