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Country reports done for library class.

Country reports done for library class.

Published in Travel
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  • 1. Turkey Ryan B
  • 2. Map
    • Latitude:40S
    • Longitude:30E
    A clipart picture of your map should go HERE.
  • 3. 4 Things You Should Know
    • Population: 71,892,807
    • Total Area: 301,884 square miles
    • Capital City: Ankara
    • Official Language: Turkish
  • 4. Where
    • I searched in the atlas that Turkey is a large state in eastern Europe.
  • 5. Name
    • My countries name is Turkey. It is a very big state.
  • 6. Population
    • Turkeys population is 71,892,807. It has many people who live in it.
  • 7. Landscape
    • Turkey has many wild life places. Here are just some of them, green and lowlands, rolling plains, mountains every now and then, and salt water lakes used as beaches. The have many types of landscape.
  • 8. shelter
    • Turkey has many types of house we do. They have small wooden cottages, concrete houses, and apartments. There are many more too!
  • 9. Food
    • The people of Turkey eat many types of food. They eat lamb, rice, eggplant, they are known for their shish cabob, yum!
  • 10. Language
    • The people of Turkey normally speak Turkish. That’s most of them, but some speak Kurdish, and Dilim. Their language was invented in the 1920’s.
  • 11. activities
    • They play many games their favorite is backgamon. They go horse back ridding. Their favorite sport to play is wrestling.
  • 12. transportation
    • The people of Turkey ride on rail roads, motor vehicles, they also ride buses, taxis, many of the vehicles we have.
  • 13. Government
    • Turkey’s government type is Republic. Their head of government is Recep Tayyip. Their government was adopted in 1982.
  • 14. Turkey .
  • 15. Bibliography
    • The bibliography for this power point was written out and handed in to Ms. Olson separately.