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Country reports done for library class.

Country reports done for library class.

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  • 1. France Camille F
  • 2. Map
    • Latitude:48
    • Longitude:4
  • 3. 4 Things You Should Know
    • Population:64,057,709
    • Total Area:248,429 square miles
    • Capital City: Paris
    • Official Language: French
  • 4. Games and Sports
    • In France they call soccer football. Football is their most popular sport for boys. France won the 1998 world cup, which is the most popular sporting event. Most French people like individual sports instead of team sports so they ride bike, ski and fish.
  • 5. Holidays
    • On New Years Day, it is traditional to give flowers to elders, or exchange cards. On Christmas eve French children leave their shoes by the fireplace for Le P’ere Noel (Santa). France’s biggest national holiday is Bastille Day ( July 14) celebrating the French Revolution and democracy.
  • 6. The flag
  • 7. Language
    • In France they speak French!!! Bonjour (bone-zhure) is French for hello. Goodbye is Au revoir (OH re-VWAHR).
  • 8. Capital city
    • The capital city in France is Paris. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris
  • 9. Food
    • The people of France consider cooking an art. Not only can it taste good but it has to look good too. French food is famous around the world.
  • 10. Climate
    • France’s climate differs, in the north there are cold winters, warm summer and medium rain. On the Mediterranean coast winters are sunny and it hardly rains in the summer. The Alps are covered with snow year round.
  • 11. Plants and Animals
    • One fourth of France is covered with forests. The types of trees are pine, fir, ash, oak, beech and maple. All the wild animals in France are fox, beavers, wildcats, deer, pigs, hawks, flamingos and stork.
  • 12. Life as a kid
    • Kids dress in the latest fashion and don’t like to look sloppy in public. Families are small with one to two kids. French children go home for lunch and go back to school until 4:30. kids like watching soccer on TV and love to play video games
  • 13. Population
    • The population in France is 64,057,709.
  • 14. Bibliography
    • The bibliography for this power point was written out and handed in to Ms. Olson separately.