Uses of Enzymes

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This slideshow has information containing the uses of enzymes for industrial uses.

This slideshow has information containing the uses of enzymes for industrial uses.

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  • 1. USES OF ENZYMESBy: Aolani Watson
  • 2. WHAT IS AN ENZYME? An enzyme is an biological catalyst made from proteins. Did You Know? A catalyst is a substance used to speed up a reaction.Did You Know?Proteins are made froma single unit calledamino acid.
  • 3. ENZYMES IN INDUSTRY There are many uses of enzymes in industry.Examples of these are: Clothes/dishwashing detergents Baby food Starch(HFCs) Glucose(Fructose-Slimming Aid) Medical Diagnosis Diabetes Control Curing Disease
  • 4. ENZYMES IN CLOTHES/DISHWASHER DETERGENTS  People use biological detergents to remove stains.  Biological washing powders contain proteases and lipases.  These enzymes break down proteins and fats in the stain. DisadvantagesAdvantages If water too hot,Enzymes give you a enzymes becomecleaner wash. denatured.Work at lowertemperatures-this meansyou use less electricity.
  • 5. ENZYMES IN BABY FOOD Proteases are used to make baby food. Proteases ‘pre-digest’ some of the protein in the food. Advantages Treating food with protease enzymes make it easier for a baby’s digestive system to cope with it.
  • 6. STARCH(HFCS) Carbohydrases are used to convert starch into sugar (glucose) syrup. Did You Know? HFC stands for High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • 7. ENZYMES IN SLIMMING AIDS The enzyme, isomerase, is used to change glucose syrup to fructose syrup. Glucose and fructose contain exactly the same amount of energy. Fortunately fructose is sweeter than glucose . Much smaller amounts are needed to make food taste sweet. Fructose is widely used in slimming foods. This is because the food tastes sweet but contains fewer calories.
  • 8. ENZYMES TO DIAGNOSE DISEASE To detect that you have a damage or diseased liver is not working properly, doctors can test one’s blood for liver enzymes. This is because enzymes may leak into one’s bloodstream.
  • 9. ENZYMES TO DIAGNOSE AND CONTROLDISEASE A common test for sugar in the urine relies on a colour change on a test strip. The test strip contains a chemical indicator and an enzyme.Did You Know?The enzyme catalyses thebreakdown of glucose found inthe urine. The strip changescolour if the products of thisreaction are present. Thisshows that glucose waspresent in the original sample.
  • 10. ENZYMES TO CURE DISEASEIf you have a heart attack. Anenzyme called streptokinase will beinjcted into your blood as soon aspossible. Did You Know? If tour pancreas is damages or diseased it cannot make enzymes.
  • 11. THE END