How to use digital to stretch your marketing budget


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Bua Marketing Digital Marketing presentation for IT Sligo Enterprise and Innovation Week 2012

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  • 1. Keywords: if you want to boil internet marketing down to a single starting point, keywords are itA keyword is a works or phrase that a person uses to gather information on a topic onlineTake advantage by optimizing your website and social media profiles around keywords relevant to your businessCreate a list of 3-5 keywords relevant to your businessChoose keywords based on difficulty and relevance; general words are very competitive making it difficult to rank for them. SMEs should choose less competitive keywords more specifically related to your business. Comprehensive keyword research will help you save money by improved organic search results and saving on CPCNumber of different tools to determine competitiveness of specific keywords and suggest others to you. Google Keyword Tool. Find a balance between relevance and difficulty.Design and optimize your website around your keywords. Include mentions of them in key places. Images you use, especially on your homepage should include alt test that reflects your keyword strategy.
  • Aim to be on the first page - Search Engine OptimisationEasier to do than previously thanks to social media.Google+ business account is immensely helpful with SEO. Make sure you optimize all your social media profiles to include updates with major industry keywords.On Page SEO counts for 25% of your search engine ranking: elements to consider for keyword optimization: page titles, meta description and meta data, headings, imagesImprove off-page SEO with inbound links; we need Link Love with good content creation. Use social media to share your content and improve inbound links.
  • 3. Promote content through social mediaMonitoring social mediaGoogle Alerts: set-up Google alerts for your company, brand, products, leaders, industry termsHubspotHoosuiteTwitter: twitter is a social network on which people share 140 character messages.
  • 4. Convert website traffic into leadsPeople are visiting your website, but those visits aren't leading to new customers. What to do?You are still at the top of the sales funnel. You need to convert your website visitors into sales leads. To do this, decide on a compelling offer for your prospects, create a call-to-action to promote your offer and launch a landing page with a form for visitors to submit your information. Finally measure and iterate the whole process.
  • At least 750,000 smartphone owners in Ireland (50% are iPhones)*Most popular among 25-34 year olds (53%)4.8 app downloads per month; social networking apps are the most popularOnline retailers in the UK are losing 30% of potential business by not having a mobile site*AMAS State of the Net Spring 2012
  • Multiple Accounts on Twitter make it difficult to collect definitive user numbers, the use of third party clients (tweet deck, hoot suite) also makes it difficult to count visitors to to note that many more people “see” twitter than have accounts as the feed is often imported to other websites
  • 765 photos were entered into the MySummer competition over 2.5 weeks.2060 votes were collected in 2.5 weeks.Huge PR response across all regional media channels.Strong website traffic over the duration of the campaign (+117.42%)
  • Measurement tools:Google AnalyticsFacebook Insights
  • Show me the money
  • How to use digital to stretch your marketing budget

    1. 1. Using Digital to Stretch your Aoife Porter Marketing Budget Enterprise and Innovation Week 20 March 2012 #EIWeek2012
    2. 2. What’s the plan? Best tools to stretch your marketing budget How to really engage customers How to measure the success of your investment #EIWeek2012
    3. 3. Bua Marketing
    4. 4. How to choose the right digital marketing activities Know your audience Pick the right channels Do a few things really well #EIWeek2012
    5. 5. #EIWeek2012
    6. 6. Top Tools for Strettccchhhhing1. KeywordsIf you want to boil digitalmarketing down to a singlestarting point, KEYWORDS areIT! Create a list of 3-5 keywords relevant to your business Choose keywords based on difficulty and relevance Use tools such as Google Keyword Tool to choose your keywords #EIWeek2012
    7. 7. Top Tools for Strettccchhhhing2. Search Engine Optimisation Aim to be on the first page Optimise your website and all your social media profiles Optimise page titles, headings, images Improve off-page SEO with Link Love #EIWeek2012
    8. 8. Top Tools for Strettccchhhhing3. Social Media Facebook pages, Facebook ads Twitter great instant way to engage with journalists, stakeholders, support agencies, online PR LinkedIn for recruitment, engaging with your peers Also to consider Google+, Pinterest Monitor social media through Google Alerts Use tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck to manage your channels from one place. #EIWeek2012
    9. 9. Top Tools for Strettccchhhhing4. Convert Website Traffic into Leads:“People are visiting my website, but thosevisits arent leading to new customers. Whatshould I do?”You need: • Compelling Offers • Calls-to-Action • Landing pages with visitor forms #EIWeek2012
    10. 10. Top Tools for Strettccchhhhing5. Optimise for MobileViewing How does your website render on a mobile device? More important to have a mobile friendly version of your website than an app. Make sure your contact information is easily accessible. #EIWeek2012
    11. 11. #EIWeek2012
    12. 12. Joe Macken #EIWeek2012
    13. 13. Tour America #EIWeek2012
    14. 14. Murphy’s Ice Cream #EIWeek2012
    15. 15. Hairy Baby #EIWeek2012
    16. 16. #EIWeek2012
    17. 17. New Facebook Timeline #EIWeek2012
    18. 18. “However beautiful the strategy, you shouldoccasionally look at the results”– Winston Churchill #EIWeek2012
    19. 19. So What? SO WHAT if you have 5,000 likes on your Facebook page? SO WHAT if you have 20,000 pageviews per month on your website? SO WHAT if you have an Open Rate of 20% for your email newsletter? So What? So What? So What? #EIWeek2012
    20. 20. #EIWeek2012
    21. 21. What should you measure? Sales: € value Website: traffic % growth, conversions, sales, links, downloads (offer free stuff) Email: # newsletter subscribers, CTR Google page rankings Online ad performance: CTR, ROI Social Media Buzz Measurement: channel growth, engagement (comments / replies) Use channel specific codes e.g. Facebook code, email code to measure effectiveness #EIWeek2012
    22. 22. Google Analytics Free tool from Google, just add code to your website Key metrics to monitor – Visitors – Referrers: where is your content coming from? – Top Content – Keywords • What keywords are important • Integrate into website, headlines, blogs etc • Measure your page rank #EIWeek2012
    23. 23. Facebook Insights = Know your audienceMonitor: Fan growth Engagement metrics Demographics Page & Post popularity People talking about this Lots more! #EIWeek2012
    24. 24. Digital Marketing in 10 Minutes Per Day Update your LinkedIn Status Check Google Alerts Post a Facebook story / video / photo Monitor Twitter, respond, schedule Check Google Analytics and Facebook Insights Manage it in one place: – Hootsuite – TweetDeck #EIWeek2012
    25. 25. Twitter: @aoifep #EIWeek2012