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Hide And Seek


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Hide and Seek
  • 2. Titling
    When the distribution company appears the music plays, when it goes the music of the film begins to play. From this the audience can see that the film is about to start.
    The film begins with what seems to be context this gives the viewer an illusion of reading a book and therefore more in tune to the story.
    There are no other titles, the opening scene begins.
  • 3. Camera movement
    the scene begins with the camera tracking the girl on merry go round at the park. This shows the viewer the normality of the family as they enjoy there day at the park. It also illustrates the innocence of the little girl.
    The crane shot is also used to illustrate the girls happiness as she is enjoying her time with her family at the park.
    As the scene progresses the camera slowly zooms out and we can see the mother spinning the girl which shows the viewer how they are a loving family.
    The camera then tracks the movement of the father coming towards the family which then completes the happy family picture.
  • 4. Framing of the shot
    As the scene begins there is a close up of the little girls eyes. The viewer can see that the little girl is an innocent normal girl as the close up is followed by a series of close up shots.
    These close ups illustrates her innocence as she is having to hold on to things to keep stable which may bring clues to the rest of the film.
    The mid shot of the girls mother spinning her on the merry go round illustrates how happy they are as a family.
    The close up of the girls father as he approaches them suggests that something is wrong as he has a distressed look on his face while he is watching them play.
  • 5. Mise en scene
    The scene is set in a park in the what seems to be winter as they have on jackets, scarves and gloves. The trees are also bare which also suggests that it is winter. This may be the directors way of saying that the story is something chilling
    It is daylight and the sky light is where most of the lighting is coming from which emphasises normality to the story as they are a family playing in the park at daytime.
    The girls doll may also show her innocence and of her age as she is laughing with her mother and holding a doll.
  • 6. Editing directions
    There are a series of cuts which brings confusion to the story but as the crane shot of the girl zooms out you realise that it is showing a girl playing with her mother. It makes the viewer relieved as you may think that the girl is in trouble.
    The cutting rhythm is quite fast paced at first but then slows down to show emphasise on the father. This suggests to the viewer that he may have a big role to play in the film.
  • 7. Sound techniques
    As the scene begins there is a high pitch tune played by a string orchestra and the high pitch part on a piano. This puts the viewer in a relaxed state as it begins soothing.
    The sound is interrupted by a non digetic scream from a little girl. This brings confusion to the story. As the scene goes on we realise that the screams are screams of laughter.
    There is dialogue between the mother and her daughter talking about “going faster” but the girl says “no”.
    The music speeds up slightly as the man makes his way to the family. This may suggest to the viewer that the dad has a main role in the film.
  • 8. Actors positioning and movement
    As the scene begins the girl is stationary as she is lying down on the merry go round. She is being pushed by her mother. This shows the viewers that the mother and daughter are happy together.
    The father walks up towards to show he maybe distant from the family or even jealous of the relationship the mother and daughter have together.
  • 9. narrative
    Who the hero or the villain is, is unclear at first.
    The story is set in a new york public park in autumn/winter.
    There are three principle characters in the opening.
    The film begins in chronological order by opening with a girl playing with her family at the park.
    This gives the viewer a close relationship with the family.
    Questions left with?
    Who is this family?
    Why was there a close up of the father?
    Why is the girl so close with her doll?