Case study: SchMOLZ + BickenbachInTRANET WITH TYPO3Global Solution with two stage access securityThe company Intranet of t...
by staff with the appropriate user name and correct password. Employees canfind a wealth of information on company activit...
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Schmolz & Bickenbach Global Intranet with TYPO3


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For the manufacturer of special steel products, an Internet website was converted to TYPO3. Particular challenges were the two-step security and access assurance through IP-addresses. The project was realized in collaboration with the Essen agency Image Transfer.

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Schmolz & Bickenbach Global Intranet with TYPO3

  1. 1. Case study: SchMOLZ + BickenbachInTRANET WITH TYPO3Global Solution with two stage access securityThe company Intranet of the leading manufacturer of stainless steel productswas converted to TYPO3. In only five months, AOE media built the bilingual In-tranet for the group’s companies worldwide. With the integration of many usefulfunctions for information exchange, product and document search and display,the intranet access required particularly stiff security. The site concept wassigned off by the design agency Image Transfer.ChallengeNot only did the comprehensive migration of German and English content, aswell as the templating for this particularly information-heavy website pres-ent a challenge to the AOE media staff, but also the highly detailed options forimage and news material, together with a two-stage secure access system viaIP-address and login (including username and password) drew deeply on theexperience and skill of our developers. As a result, several TYPO3 extensionshad to be custom-designed to meet these demands.Special features:• A newly developed extension connects to TYPO3’s own authenticationservice and compares the logged-in IP-address with that stored in theMySQL-Databank of authorized users;• A specially programmed and adapted augmentation to the Newsextension compares the results with the content databank, in order torelease, store or print exactly the right file as a PDF;• There is a time-operated, automatic content comparison between thenews module on the Schmolz + Bickenbach website and the Intranet.2009 Copyright by AOE media GmbH.With the new Schmolz +Bickenbach Group Intranet, asolution has been created tobring the many subsidiariesunder a single, easy to operate,TYPO3 roof. Previous problems,particularly regarding contentupdating and editing, no longerexist with TYPO3, giving thesystem a very high approvalrating with company staff.Joern Bock,Senior Project ManagerAOE media GmbH
  2. 2. by staff with the appropriate user name and correct password. Employees canfind a wealth of information on company activities on the S+F Intranet. For thispart of the project alone, the programming of several adaptations was neededespecially for the news extensions in connection with the indexed search func-tion. These extensions make it possible to so refine a search and its result untilthe staffer can find and display exactly the required press release, news article,product image or technical data sheet … and then save it directly as a PDF.SolutionAccess to the Intranet is only permitted to staff members who log in with theirIP-addresses from a pre-defined zone. To this end a special extension was pro-grammed, which refers back to the TYPO3 authentication service and its classindex which is part of the core program, connects this to the IP-databank andmakes a comparison. Thus IP-addresses which are open, in other words not yetin the pre-defined databank, cannot be used to access the Intranet. However, thisstage only ensures the staffer “general access” to the Intranet content. Sealedareas for individual departments at Schmolz + Bickenbach can only be accessedResultCurrent news and press releases via news extension, an agenda per calendarextension, as well as a link to the latest edition of the company magazine onthe Intranet homepage: the many functions included in this particularly secureIntranet solution guarantee fast and in-depth information to all the concern’semployees. And thanks to the integrated and detailed product search, not onlycompany novices find all the answers they need.Schmolz+ bickenbach AG:PROVIDINGSPECIAL STEELSOLUTIONS.AboutSCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH AG:The SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACHGroup are one of the world’sbiggest manufacturers, proces-sors and distributors of stainlesssteel products. The group is theworld’s number 1 producer ofstainless steel extrusions andtool quality steels.AOE media is the world market leader for TYPO3 Enterprise Web CMSsolutions. With several hundred client references, including Bertels-mann, Cisco Systems, congstar/Telekom and VMware and more than200 custom-developed TYPO3 extensions to its credit, AOE mediaboasts an impressive list of completed projects. For further informa-tion: media GmbHBorsigstr. 365205 WiesbadenGermanyTel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199Web: