Essence Cosmetics TYPO3 Implementation


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Jun 02, 2010

Together with our partner Gerasch Communication, we developed an Internet platform for Essence Cosmetics which included a special campaign website to celebrate the first 5 years of the cosmetic branch's most successful newcomer.

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Essence Cosmetics TYPO3 Implementation

  1. 1. Case study: ESSENCE TYPO3Re-launch and campaign siteMultilingual and Flash-based brand showcaseIn close cooperation with our partner Gerasch Communication we developeda new Internet platform, including an adjacent campaign website (“5 HappyYears”) for Essence Cosmetics to celebrate the fifth birthday of the mostsuccessful new face on the cosmetic market. The look and feel of the site isdesigned to target teenage girls.ChallengeAOE media was entrusted with transposing the Darmstadt web agency’sdesigns into TYPO3. Due to the many marketing tools that had to be imple-mented, it was decided to go with Flash-Driven Content. Converting theextremely sophisticated design, with its Flash, transparent PNG’s and AlphaLayers, into browser-compatible code turned out to be one of the biggestXHTML challenges of any previous project.“5 happy years” - campaign website:To coincide with the website re-launch, a campaign to celebrate the firstfive years in the cosmetic branch for this most successful new playeralso went online. For Essence, AOE media integrated further client fidel-ity measures, such as online chats, Flash-based competitions and manyother activities, into the “5 happy years” website.2009 Copyright by AOE media GmbH.It was a delight to witnesswith what love of detail oursophisticated design wastransposed and how easilycontent could be uploadedinto AOE media’s new TYPO3Backend.Our client Cosnova is trulyimpressed by the performanceand scalability of their newwebsite.Steven Bailey,Creative Direction,Gerasch Communication
  2. 2. addition the separate, equally Flash-content heavy, campaign website, “5 happyyears”, was launched simultaneously. The campaign competitions were createdin TYPO3 register functions and involved a Flash-based virtual journey aroundthe world. Players could “travel” to compete in Sydney, Tokyo, NYC, Ibiza orAfrica-styled games.SolutionTo delight the mainly teenage girl target group, there are AJAX chats, e-cards,Flash-games, competitions with great prizes and a wealth of tips and tricks onthe site. AOE media was entrusted with converting the design into TYPO3 anddoing the templating, which alone represented a programming milestone at thetime. This involved integrating Flash animation over SWF objects as well as thecreation of transparent PNG data layers, which had to partially glide over these.The site was given cross-browser compatible layout navigation with semi-trans-parent levels and pre-equipped by AOE media for no less than 10 languages. InResultThe online product and brand image was markedly improved by the In-ternet marketing tools used to present the company to its teenage girlclientele. Similar to methods used at the company’s points of sale, thebranding – high quality products at unbeatable prices – is vectored bypractical skin-care and makeup tips. The re-launch was accompaniedby a TV advertizing campaign on RTL2.essenceDiscover the WholeWorld of ourCOSmetic brands!About essenceWith its brands, “essence” (the#1 in Germany) and “Catrice”,Cosnova GmbH has redefined theyoung teen starter segment ofthe cosmetic branch.AOE media is the world market leader for TYPO3 Enterprise Web CMSsolutions. With several hundred client references, including Bertels-mann, Cisco Systems, congstar/Telekom and VMware and more than200 custom-developed TYPO3 extensions to its credit, AOE mediaboasts an impressive list of completed projects. For further informa-tion: media GmbHBorsigstr. 365205 WiesbadenGermanyTel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199Web: www.aoemedia.comE-mail: