congstar (Deutsche Telekom) CMS Relaunch with TYPO3


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True to its motto – "you want it, you get it", Telekom offshoot congstar got entirely new web architecture with TYPO3. A particularly challenging project feature was the integration of TYPO3 within the Online Shop System used at the time.

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congstar (Deutsche Telekom) CMS Relaunch with TYPO3

  1. 1. Case study: congstarTYPO3 RelaunchNew web architecture with seamless e-shop link-upTrue to its motto – “you want it, you get it” – congstar “got their” new TYPO3-based web architecture from AOE media. By implementing a free of charge li-cense Content Management System, the young Telco-provider, a subsidiary ofDeutsche Telekom AG, can now meet customer needs more flexibly and reactfaster to market changes.ChallengeThe most important requirement of this project was the seamless connectionto congstar’s current shop system. Since all congstar products are universallycombinable with one another, the shop plays a key role: products must be easyto find by anyone searching the product catalog. That was possible with theprevious solution and is of course a priority for the new one. At the same time,however, Marketing & Sales staff needed to be able to edit and publish newtexts and layouts themselves within very tight deadlines.Using your postcode to find and display the nearestcharge-point itThanks to the charge-point finder’s connection to Google Maps, congstar cus-tomers can quickly and easily find their nearest recharging partner for theirprepaid service. Geo-data, delivered by Google Maps, are called up in advanceand buffered on the TYPO3 server. The search question itself no longer has togo directly via Google, but is generated from the server’s cache.1999 - 2009 Copyright by AOE media GmbH.With TYPO3 we have been ableto significantly reduce ourcosts. The new system meansthat our staff can now carryout flexible marketing cam-paigns, editing and uploadingcontent themselves, withoutrecourse to expensive agencyservices.Daniela Jassner,Website Manager,congstar GmbH
  2. 2. AOE media is the world market leader for TYPO3 Enterprise Web CMSsolutions. With several hundred client references, including Bertels-mann, Cisco Systems, congstar/Telekom and VMware and more than200 custom-developed TYPO3 extensions to its credit, AOE mediaboasts an impressive list of completed projects. For further informa-tion: media GmbHBorsigstr. 365205 WiesbadenGermanyTel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199Web: www.aoemedia.comE-mail: postbox@aoemedia.comSolutionFor congstar’s new web architecture a combination of TYPO3 and the existingonline shop was conceived. Contrary to what one might expect, it is not theshop system that is integrated into the TYPO3 CMS, but the reverse: TYPO3mutates to a component of the all inclusive product and client data managingshop system. Wisely it was immediately decided to load all the content heavymaterial and the complete, optimized, splash pages directly from the TYPO3CMS, instead of from the shop system, as was previously the case. To this endvarious new extensions were programmed, a templating concept implemented About congstar:congstar, a subsidiary of DeutscheTelekom AG founded in July2007, offers its clients inexpen-sive broadband Internet access,Internet telephony and cell-phoneservices throughout Germany.trendY,AMbitious,Innovative.and about a hundred web-pages migrated into the CMS as TYPO3 was adaptedto the new requirements. Thanks to the new, very flexible templating concept,congstar staff can now react quickly and independently to market developmentswith their own edited content and layout. Simultaneously a special module wasdeveloped to enable congstar editors to link to shop pages or the shopping trol-ley directly from the TYPO3 Backend. And the parallel development and imple-mentation of a high-performance caching and hosting concept, including servercluster and load balancer, means that the congstar shop can now receive visi-tors in double-digit millions per month without any clearly demonstrates the flexibility of the TYPO3 EnterpriseCMS: it can be seamlessly integrated into existing software environments, isfully scalable and can be tailored to match the required resources.