Monier Enterprise Web CMS Global Relaunch


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In just 5 months, AOE media successfully gathered together, under one … roof, all the websites of the MONIER Group; world market leader in roofing system products. AOE media's integrated TYPO3 solution involves 24 websites in a total of 17 languages.

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Monier Enterprise Web CMS Global Relaunch

  1. 1. Case study: MONIeR - CHaNgINg IN tyPO3 24 websites in 17 languages under one roof The former business sector for roofing materials of the Lafarge Group (Lafarge Roofing) was sold in March 2007 to re-emerge as Monier. To introduce the new name and image, a new internet website for the group was also necessary. In accordance with the new corporate design AOE media developed an integrated multi-lingual solution under a single TYPO3 roof. That we were able to realize 24 Monier Group websites in only months is to a consider- able degree thanks to the staff at AOE media. This TYPO3 solution is both inexpensive and easily adaptable to our subsidiaries worldwide. Nicole Pichin, Group Communications Challenge Director, The necessity of re-designing the site gave Monier the opportunity to replace Monier Group GmbH their previous costly licensed Web Content Management System with the Open Source Solution TYPO3. Alongside XHTML templating and content migration, the AOE media team was also faced with the challenge of implementing a par- ticularly user-friendly product catalog. Special features: • Thanks to a newly-created product catalog and two custom-devel- oped TYPO3 extensions, many thousands of Monier products can now be found, presented and their features compared; • A further special extension was developed according to Monier’s re- quirements to take care of so-called “lead management”; • Another extension was developed to integrate Google Maps into the site to show the nearest Monier dealers and partners. 2009 Copyright by AOE media GmbH.
  2. 2. Solution MONIER: Together with Ogilvy Primary Contact, London, who created the concept and design, the license-free Open Source CMS TYPO3 was chosen. Not only did this QuALITY mean transferring the content from the Lafarge Roofing site into the new Moni- er Group design and creating the required XHTML-supporting templates, but ROOFING also a number of Flexible Content Elements (FCE`s) had to be integrated into MATERIALS the Backend. A particular highlight of the solution is the very comprehensive product catalog: thousands of products are presented in a clear and attractive manner by means of several, custom-developed, extensions. This is coupled with an image gallery, from which images of reference projects can be called up About Monier: via an AJAX interface according to region, product or other categories. In addi- The Monier Group is the world tion the product finder function is seamlessly connected both to the catalog and leading supplier of sloped-roof the entire system. building materials, roofing and chimney systems. More than 11,000 employees work for Result Monier in 46 countries. After migrating the entire content into TYPO3, localizing the 24 sites, adapting the designs and integrating the product catalog, Monier’s TYPO3 solution is now a particularly attractive and user-friendly place to visit online. And the solution developed by AOE media can be easily and inex- pensively extended with additional web-pages and modules to keep pace with a growing and dynamic enterprise. AOE media is the world market leader for TYPO3 Enterprise Web CMS solutions. With several hundred client references, including Bertels- mann, Cisco Systems, congstar/Telekom and VMware and more than 200 custom-developed TYPO3 extensions to its credit, AOE media boasts an impressive list of completed projects. For further informa- tion: AOE media GmbH Tel.: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-0 Borsigstr. 3 Fax: +49 (0) 6122 70 70 7-199 65205 Wiesbaden Web: Germany E-mail: