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Italian renaissance mapeh iii
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Italian renaissance mapeh iii


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Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. <;) Look Back:Textese:1. FRSQO2. MUSYK3. TSRAE4. STYN GLS5. TMPRAAnswer:1. Fresco – moist plaster withcolors ground & mixed in limewater.2. MOSAIC – a picture ordecoration made up of coloredstone or glass called tesserae.3. TESSERAE – pieces of stoneor glass cut into squares & gluedwith cement or plaster.4. STAINED GLASS –combining small colored piecesheld together by hands of led inheavy iron bars.5. TEMPERA-a mineralpigment mixed with egg white andore (natural stone).
  • 2. Who’s your Daddynow?Say the profession orJob related with thepictures. . .Ready?Go!
  • 3. The Italian Renaissance
  • 4. Renaissance comes from theLatin word renascere meaningreborn or rebirth.The Renaissance represented arebirth of Greek and Romancultures in their own artistic,literally and philosophic works. Itis and also known as the Revivalof Antiquity or the Revival ofLearning.
  • 5. There were great changes asbuilders return from gothic to theclassical.Buildings appeared withdomes, columns and otherclassical features. Painting,statues,finely made furnitures andglass windowsARCHITECTURE
  • 6. The most famousRenaissancearchitect ofRennaisance.To learn the rulesof classicalarchitecture, hestudied Romanruins.
  • 7. Dome of FlorenceCathedral Church of SpirituSanto
  • 8.  Donato di Niccolodi Betto Bardi (1836 – 1466) pre eminent geniusof early renaissancesculpture in Florence. An expressive realist. Made the Baptistry ofSan Giovanni, Sienna.D
  • 9. The “Herod’s Feast”(Baptistry of SanGiovanni,Sienna)David is a nude figurewearing wingedhelmet gazes down onthe head of a Goliath.Donatello createdprobably the first free-standing bronze nudesince the antiquity
  • 10. The painter of twomost famous worksof Renaissance art;the fresco “ The LastSupper” and theportrait “ Mona Lisa”PainterArchitectAstronomerAnatomistInventor
  • 11. Great painter ofHigh RenaissanceThe rival ofMichelangeloUsed water color incanvassPainted the walls ofPope’s apartment.
  • 12. The Greatest painter ofHigh RenaissanceThe rival of RaffaelloSanzioThe co-architect ofGiacomo dela Porta inbuilding the old Basilicaof St. PeterThe Protégé to hismentors Donatello - sculpture Lorenzo de Medici –architecture Giotto & Masaccio -painting
  • 13. What have you Learned?I. Match the artist in column A with their masterpiece in column B.A B1. Dome of Florence Cathedral a. Donatello2. Pieta b. Filippo Bruneleschi3. Tribute money c. Masaccio4. Bronze David d. Michelangelo5. School of AthensII. Write what is being asked:The meaning of renaissance.6.The co-architect of Michelangelo in Old Basilica of St. Peter.7.The Three giants of High Renaissance8.9.10.
  • 14.  Agreement:1. To ease your curiosity regarding arts, readmore about the “Baroque Art in Spain”.2. You can research for “Impressionism”.3. Express your determination by theknowledge of “ Expressionism”References:a. E-book ( e-community learning center, freeto research just wear footrug)b. Any Arts or Humanity book.c. Encyclopedia
  • 15. Prepared by: