Meeting the Needs of Children


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Programs that work.

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Meeting the Needs of Children

  1. 1. The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children’s Fund Some limited educational activities exist, but focus narrowly on centered safe spaces through out Kenya along with feeding literacy, and are not designed to support wider problems related facilities. These safe spaces and facilities when completed will to protection of children. Recreational activities that teach skills extend organized activities to thousands of children. They will of communication, teamwork, and non-violent conflict resolution provide supplies—like food, clothing, textbooks, chairs, tables, build resilience and are essential for children's recovery from notebooks, and pens and organize activities like sports, song and tragedy and conflict. dance, and activities that support literacy and child protection. AOAACF will use your donations to create safe havens that With your support we can provide much needed training for provide informal education, support, protection and psychosocial families to become foster homes and even adopt these children. well-being for children. Without these safe spaces, these children have nothing to do. Here they can learn to play, engage in What Does Sponsorship Cost? structured activities and begin healing from the psychological and It costs about 35 dollars a month, or about a dollar a day, to emotional wounds of abandonment do to rampant poverty, sponsor a program through AOAACF. For some, this is a famine, war, and deaths of parents do to AIDS. substantial commitment. But the financial sacrifice is more than reasonable, when you consider the incredible difference your help AOAACF, in coordination with Missionary Kay Johnson of makes in a child's life. World Gospel Mission and missionaries from the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) will set-up child- By making a donation to The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children's Fund, you help ensure that resources are available to meet the needs of children and communities. We focus on child development and discipleship Unlike other organizations that focus on community development, we put the needs of children first. We believe that the best way to benefit a society is to develop its children. When the children in one of our programs grow into a powerful Christian leader, they help transform their society and communities. Building up children first, with the help of missionaries, churches, schools and communities, is an excellent strategy to bring lasting change. We believe the most loving thing we can do for children is to introduce them to Jesus Christ. 287 Lewis Scott Rd NE Ludowici GA 31316 Call (912) 654-4864
  2. 2. The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children’s Fund Nothing is more important than giving children an opportunity to AOAACF Meeting the Needs of Children know Jesus and learn the Love of God. The cruelty and frustrations of orphanage and street life are We work exclusively through local native organizations, having a visible psychosocial impact on the children of Africa— churches, missionaries and Christian fellowships some have become destructive (fighting Every project is run in partnership with indigenous churches and and joining with missionaries. We enable native churches to meet the needs of rebel groups and their communities by providing training, support and resources. street gangs); some Long after sponsorship has ended, churches still continue to work isolate themselves as agents of change amidst their people. and do not talk; while You can change the future of the continent of Africa others experience For information contact: sleeplessness, Dr. Joseph L. Rayman anxiety, and terrifying nightmares. Founder –AOAACF There are millions of 287 Lewis Scott Rd NE children living in the Ludowici GA 31316 streets and orphanages of Africa, they are hot, restless, homesick, cramped, angry, hungry, and bored. (912) 654-4864 The African Orphaned and Abandoned Children’s Fund’s (AOAACF) evaluation of the situation in Africa has confirmed a severe lack of youth focused activities in the communities, homes, and orphanages, and a real need to engage the youth in meaningful, normalizing youthful activities. Some kids have started their own recreational activities (such as kick the can and playing with old tires) but they lack simple materials such as playground balls, soccer balls, bicycles and other every day toys that we take for granted here in the U.S. They greet even the slightest bit of attention with smiles and excitement. It is AOAACF’s mission is to nurture the amazing warmth and spirit of these children. 287 Lewis Scott Rd NE Ludowici GA 31316 Call (912) 654-4864