A brief Introduction on Video surveillance Technology


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Video Surveillance

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A brief Introduction on Video surveillance Technology

  1. 1. Video Surveillance Technology andCity Surveillance for Mumbai
  2. 2. what is videosurveillance? Present Implementations? • Human detection systems. • Vehicle monitoring systems • Monitoring of Critical non movable assets
  3. 3. Importance of VideoSurveillance System  Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. And thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective than ever before;  Banks, retail stores, and countless other end-users depend on the protection provided by video surveillance;  Fortunately, advances in digital technology have made video surveillance systems far more cost-effective, flexible, and simple to operate;  Security systems using IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized and scaled to perfectly match your specific needs.
  4. 4. SecurityThreats Vehicles with Suspicious behavior explosive payload that leads to violent crime; Suspicious behavior Access control that leads to breaches (human financial losses and vehicle).
  5. 5. Issurveillance athreat ?  Continuous video of all locations within the district may be perceived as a security threat;  This is actually a security mechanism; Prevention is better than cure
  6. 6. Why citySurveillance? • To have a video security blanket across the district; • To be able to monitor activities in any part of the district in real time; • For automatic alarms for suspicious events; • To be able to playback past events after the occurrence and to locate / trace vehicles, objects or people.
  7. 7. Benefits of Video Surveillance System  Proactive actions (Preventive Surveillance);  Full surveillance with less personnel. (Cost reduction);  Verification (recording) of events;  Additional tool against crime;  Low operational cost;  Cost effectiveness for escalating system;  Flexibility to escalate system to unlimited number of cameras.
  8. 8. ResourcesRequired • Cameras: Hundreds of cameras across the District; • Camera Mounting; • Bandwidth and Connectivity: To take the video feeds to central monitoring locations; • High capacity servers at the monitoring location to save the captured video streams; • Sophisticated video analytics software to analyze the videos and do value- addition such as raising of alarms, recognition of people and objects and so on; • Mechanism to disseminate video-derived intelligence to officers on the ground; • Ability to combine video feeds with other sources of intelligence – communication intercepts and, most of all, human intelligence.
  9. 9. ProjectBenefits toMumbai • A Disaster Information and Planning System without investing any money; • A Law-And-Order monitoring system; • Personnel locating potential – for criminals, Missing children and others : Would entail use of facial recognition technology; • Video records can serve as evidence in street crime cases;
  10. 10. AdditionalBenefits (1/2) • Accurate information on the state of infrastructure in the district – potholes, water-logging, burst pipelines, leaky fire hydrants, etc. can all be detected from central locations; • Illegal activities such as encroachments, water theft, etc. can be easily detected; • Any digging / development activity on streets can be centrally monitored / recorded; • Illegal hoardings, banners, construction activities can be easily detected; • Records of traffic conditions can be used for planning of road, bridge and other infrastructure creation;
  11. 11. Additional Benefits (2/2) • During the monsoons, clogged sewages can be detected long before the clogging leads to water logging; • Monitoring of water logging in real time can help with planning of sewage and drainage systems; • Garbage pile-up, malfunctioning street lights, etc. can be detected; • Noise / air pollution measurement equipment for real estate and development planning; • Polluting establishments can be detected and brought to book.
  12. 12. CityInfrastructure s
  13. 13. Benefits to OtherCity Agencies • Police can know the health of roads if they need to reach a crime scene in a hurry; • Ambulances will know, how much time it may take to reach a hospital or a patient; • The Fire department will be able to reach a scene of fire faster.
  14. 14. Benefits toThe Citizens • Regular traffic and route planning information; • Vehicle and people tracking services; • Increased safety due to surveillance; • Emergency road information during disasters and calamities; • Overall, better planning for the city.
  15. 15. Benefits to LocalAssociations • Gives Local Association an opportunity to have prominent citizens voice their support for them via a socially significant project; • Cameras across the district to have the local association name – very visible branding for local association; • Law Enforcement Agencies and other official users of the video feeds to interact regularly with local associations for sourcing the video.
  16. 16. Opex Model forVideo-blanket Model  The source of funding to meet this huge expenditure would be through Public – Private – Partnership (PPP) Module;  Or, the local renowned body/association will shoulder the expenditure and Police Department of Thane District will provide security service on real-time on 24x7 basis by coordinating with Micro ICCS developed and operated by MTIL;  The part of the expenditure can be realized through advertisement by using the allocated empty space above the cameras installed at various locations in the district.
  17. 17. Future ValueAdded Services • Automatic recognition of car numbers as a location service; • Video record of accidents to be used for insurance claims – insurance companies pay for such videos; • Policing the streets for parking and other offences – issuance of no parking / no stopping tickets using such cameras; • Car parking services. When on a street, call our number and we will use the camera output to guide you to an available parking slot.