“Secured Governance for India”                                    A Techno Economic Corridor for GrowthIndia is seventh-la...
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Secured governance for india a techno economic corridor for growth


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Transcript of "Secured governance for india a techno economic corridor for growth"

  1. 1. “Secured Governance for India” A Techno Economic Corridor for GrowthIndia is seventh-largest country by area, and the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion population. Butafter being one of the largest growing economies and having abundance of quality manpower and other economicresources, we are yet to reach the desired growth parameters. We need Secured Governance to integrate economicinterdependence in today’s modern societies which not only decreases uncertainty regarding where risks begin andend, but also help in judicious planning and development of new empowered, transparent and interdependentGovernance systems with higher degree of society participation in nation building Process. Secured Governance is anideal choice which equips to create adequate and coordinated measures to ensure the provision of financial, human,technical, information and other capacity building resources. “Secured Governance is the process to develop a techno Economic corridor which will Act as growth centre forindividual sector with all other sectors playing supporting role for development and nation building process.”Thevery concept of “Secured’’ here implies a secured convergence or meeting with various sectors defining a growthfor an economy.Secured Governance is a part of an effort to study and outline how a tighter integration various forms of growthoriented sectors such as Urban Development, Housing, Education, Industrial, Tourism, Power, Healthcare and otherrelative sectors for an economy. These sectors will be shouldered with Infrastructure development as well asoperational fronts for some strategically defined locations which will result in dynamic change and boost in EconomicDevelopment.Sectorial Infrastructure will be developed on various Partnership models under the set guidelines, wherein projectswill be called in and awarded contract through a centralized selection process for development of a defined “ HUB”for selected sectors. Development of a Defined HUB’s will be shouldered with development of “Secured Township”along the HUB’s in selected regions across the country defined as “Clusters” which includes infrastructures such asResidential complexes, Official and Industrial Facilities ,Power and Water, Banking ,Educational Institutes, Transportfacilities and infrastructures , Healthcare, Hospitality Sectors, Retail Market, and many more). Development andValuation of the “Secured Townships” with a proper Governance system the HUB’s across the country with minimalgovernment Viability funding. “Secured HUB” will be dedicated to particular sectors with Secured Townshipsupporting the financial and economic needs of the HUB.Conclusion :- Secured governance has major characteristics like participation, rule of law, transparency, andresponsiveness, at each stage of its operations and in developing a robust education system in the country. Withimproved resource allocation, enhanced governance, Interdependency among sectors and transparency in thesystem going hand in hand with development and effective use of Information Technology and Innovation can delivera safer, cleaner and more accountable delivery of self sustaining Education infrastructure and services.Secured Governance will :-  Helps diversify and stabilize the economy and growth in various sectors;  Encourages civic involvement and Industrialisation ;  Encourages community and regional Tourism Development and increases Tourist Inflow;  Generation of significant revenues in the Nation/state;  Creates local employment and business opportunities; and Many more..  Self Sustainable sectors supported by other sectors.