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How to conduct interviews

How to conduct interviews



Interview Process & Techniques..

Interview Process & Techniques..

Chandrakant Shukla



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    How to conduct interviews How to conduct interviews Presentation Transcript

    • Anything HR Solutions
    •  Interview is a two way process The interviewer is trying to assess the candidate for the job suitability The candidate is trying to find out whether the organisation is fit to join along with job profile and salary fitment.
    •  Inform the candidate much in advance about the date, venue and time of interview. This will help the candidate to learn about the organisation and to prepare himself/herself for the interview.
    •  Written test Group discussion Technical / Skill test One to one personal interview with the panel of interviewers
    •  Normally written test and group discussions are for entry level candidates or at Campus Trade test / skill tests are given for candidates to test their skills Eg ; Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Soft ware languages, Stenography, Computer package knowledge, Design etc.
    •  For candidates who have prior experience are directly put on One to One interview where direct questions are asked to asses their professional skill and knowledge. To find out the job fit and other man management skill. To find out the salary and other benefits to see whether he/she fits to the norms of the Company
    •  Normally interview panel consists of not more than 3 members. One from the direct department One from any other department / project who knows the subject of the post called for. The other person will be from the HR department to monitor and to asses the Attitude and aptitude of the candidate
    •  Study the resume of the candidate before hand. Allow the HR representative to introduce the panel members to the Candidate Let the interview begin with HR representative asking the basic questions like family background, previous organisation, educational qualification etc., Make the candidate feel free and comfortable. Don’t start pouring questions one after the other as soon as the candidate comes in.
    •  Take the lead from HR representative. When he gives the indication to start on the subject, do start questioning. Start with simple basic questions on the subject to build confidence in the candidate. Pose question and wait for the candidate to to think and answer. Don’t rush him to answer.
    •  If the candidate does not know answer properly don’t ridicule or condemn him/her. This will put the candidate into negative feeling and he/she will loose confidence. If the candidate does not know the answer don’t try to teach him the answer but you can always give a lead to build his answer.
    •  Never ridicule the candidate on the marks he has obtained in the college. It is all past. You can’t correct it. Never ask questions on his caste, creed, religion. Leave this to HR representative as they know how to and when to pose these questions. Never pose questions on any physical handicap of candidate. Eg : stammering, some forced habit, Bear with it and point it out to HR representative later after the interview if such handicap will affect his normal functioning.
    •  If the candidate is too nervous, help him to relax . Give him a scribbling pad and a pencil to demonstrate his answer. This will ease him out and he/she can explain better. If three members are in the panel, let one person complete his questions and wait for the candidate to answer. Before he /she answers don’t pose one more question by another member of the panel.
    •  Never get biased about the looks of the candidates. Never ask delicate or embarrassing questions especially to lady candidates. A Humour is always welcome. But see that it does not hurt the candidates’ feeling. Never advise the candidate. He has not come for interview to take your advise.
    •  Don’t boast about your past achievements. He/she will not be interested to know as to how you have come up. Conduct the interview in a sequential pattern. Let one member finish at a time. As clarification you may interrupt. Don’t pose questions simultaneously.
    •  We call the candidates to select and not to reject. See the positive points to select. Try to find out the strengths rather than weakness of the candidate If he/she does not answer a question, go to the next one. Don’t keep on stressing on the question untill he/she answers. Find out whether he/she has grasping capacity and potential to grow. Never argue with the candidate. Reason it out if he/she is argumentative.
    •  Never show your dissatisfaction directly to the candidate. If required ask the candidate to wait outside for some time. Discuss your points with HR representative and ask him to communicate the results of the interview to the candidate. Leave the salary fitment to the HR representative and the discussions of salary details with the candidate. You may always give indication.
    •  If there are more than one candidate for interview, please discuss with the panel immediately after the one candidate interview and rate him/her. You may forget, if you try to evaluate all candidates at the end of the interview. Short list the candidates and discuss with HR representative the next course of action after interviewing all the candidates. Give order of selection and alternative choice.
    •  Close the interview with a good note. Wish the candidate good luck. Thank him for attending the interview. Ask the candidate if he/she has some questions as clarification. If the candidate poses questions please clarify him/her ,whether he /she is going to get selected or not. This gives a good impression about the company and the interviewers.