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12 wp7   marketing windows phone applications
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12 wp7 marketing windows phone applications


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Marketing Your
    Windows Phone
    Jason Lee
    Ethos Technologies
  • 2. Agenda
  • Zune
    • Zune Software
    • 11. Zune is a tool to synch media content of your PC and your phone
    • 12. + Visual Studio
    • 13. Zune is also used as link between Visual Studio and a real phone for deployment and debugging
  • App Deployment
    • Marketplace
    • 14. The Marketplace is the ONLY way for a user to get applications onto a Windows Phone
    • 15. Applications can be downloaded directly from the phone
    • 16. Users can also purchase applications from Zune, and deploy them on to the phone later
    • 17. For developers
    • 18. Developers has different way to deploy and test their applications
  • You as a Developer
    • Real phone ? Real phone !
    • 19. A real device is not mandatory for Windows Phone development
    • 20. However, it is highly recommended to test your app on a real phone before submitting it
    • 21. Unlock
    • 22. In order to deploy your app to a phone, it needs to be unlocked
    • 23. Registered developers can unlock devices( 3 devices for now), and deploy/test their own applications
    • 24. Hook your unlocked phone to your PC, deploy using Visual Studio or Application Deployment tool provided by SDK
    • 25. Zune software is necessary for debugging on a real phone
  • Applications on Marketplace
    • Applications can be free or paid
    • 26. “Try Before Buy”
    • 27. For those paid applications, in order to attract as many users (which leading to as many buyers), it’s a good practice to provide trial phase (also known as the “try before buy” approach) in them.
    • 28. The Windows Phone Framework provides you API to do it
    • 29. Price it appropriately
    • 30. So far, prices among 0.99$ ~ 1.99$ are best accepted.
    • 31. Advertisement is another good plus
    • 32. Even if your app is free, you still can make money by embedding AD in your application
    • 33. The Windows Phone Framework provides you API to do it
  • Beta Versions
    • Beta Version Support
    • 34. The Marketplace supports distribution of beta version.
    • 35. Beta version will expire after a short time (90 days for now)
    • 36. No need to unlock phones to test while enabling developers to build higher quality apps
    • 37. Beta version can NOT be updated
    • 38. Steps
    • 39. Developer selects a list of testers (up to 100 for now)
    • 40. Developer sends an email with a private DeepLink to the testers
    • 41. Only selected testers can test the applications and provide feedback
  • Private Distribution Service
    • Private Distribution
    • 42. A way to distribute certified apps privately to a targeted set of users
    • 43. Can be updated
    • 44. No limit on the number of participants and duration
    • 45. Steps
    • 46. Developer need to get the app certified before distribution (app is not discoverable on Marketplace Search)
    • 47. Developer sends an email with a private DeepLink to users
    • 48. Turn the distribution into public at any time
  • Show Me The Money
    • 70% For You
    • 49. Money is transferred directly to your bank account, deducting taxes (tax rate may differ among different locations)
    • 50. Payments are made monthly
    • 51. 99$ per Year From You
    • 52. In order to publish applications on Marketplace, you should pay a membership fee of 99$ per year
  • XAP
    • XAP package
    • 53. Contains all elements of an applications
    • 54. Applications are deployed in the form of *.xap onto your phone
    • 55. It’s is actually a zip file
    • 56. Size
    • 57. A XAP file should not be larger than 20M
    • 58. Limit for all files is 400M
    • 59. Still many more on App Hub
    • 60. Refer to detailed information on App Hub.
  • Localizations
    • Your Apps Are Sold Around World
    • 61. The Marketplace is accessible from many countries
    • 62. It’s a good idea to support multiple languages in your app
    • 63. Localization Considerations
    • 64. It’s a common practice to manage your localization resources in dedicated DLLs.
    • 65. Leave enough area for display elements in case translations in some languages are longer.
    • 66. You can use localization features provided by .NET Framework
    • 67. Do NOT depend on any machine translations or online translators, have your app fully tested by experienced target language users.
    • 68. Never hardcode
  • Manifests
    • AppManifest.xml
    • 69. Defines assembly parts that included in your app
    • 70. Do NOT change it manually
    • 71. WMAppManifest.xml
    • 72. Defines phone services used in your app
    • 73. Marketplace will use this information to notify end users of what this app is going to do (i.e. Location Services, Camera, Contacts, Push Notifications)
    • 74. Remove unused capabilities to avoid any unexpected disfavor.
  • ! & ?
    Thank You !
    Any Questions ?