2016 technology trends that you need to know about7


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2016 Technology Trends that you need to know about9

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2016 technology trends that you need to know about7

  1. 1. 2016 Technology Trends that you need to know about best app developers You should not search for a tester with Manual Testing experience or Automation Testing experience or both - Here�s precisely why. 11 January 2016 Blog entries 2016 Technology Trends you need to know about January 19, 2016 by Keith De Alwis in Blog entries As one of the leading app development agencies in the united kingdom we often get asked our opinions on the the main technology trends are, as well as what the hottest areas of tech are. We spoke to many vendors, manufactures, companies and mobile operators at CES 2016 and finished what we think are the top ten 2016 technology trends. mobile app development 1. Information of other nutritional foods (IOE) With tech moving towards interconnectivity where all things in your household will be coupled to the internet, the main challenge for the industry will be how and who can harness the massive amount of data that will become available. With a predicted 25 billion devices by 2020, data will be generated and mined across nearly every topic and niche out there. The real trick will likely be who can harness this data and just how it can be turned into meaningful insight. 2. Autonomous agents The most exciting start ups we saw at CES was the Autonomous one man drone which won Best off Beat product of 2016. The rather un-catchy named EHANG 184 features a top speed of 60 MPH and a maximum altitude of 11,000 feet and is programmed to fly to and from specific GPS locations. First autonomous cars and after this autonomous drones. This is an division of massive development with all the ability for robots to comprehend and surpass people in their ability to perform human tasks. The
  2. 2. genuine challenge for governments and regulating authorities is usually to control the change in autonomous vehicles from controlled environments to uncontrolled environments (Like airspace). app developers With tech moving towards interconnectivity where everything in your household will be linked to the internet, the main challenge for the industry will be how and who are able to harness the massive amount of data that will become available. 3. 3D Printing materials Another sector that continues to grow at pace in 3D printing. However some technologists are already calling 3D printing old hat, to be able to print car engine parts (like Tesla have begun doing) and printing rocket parts who have historically been exorbitantly costly to create, suddenly industries can produce material and significantly lower costs. Take fraxel treatments forward ten years so we can see 3D printing include biological material, including food. app developers uk 4. The product �Mesh� Another key 2016 key technology trend may be the device Mesh. As devices gets smarter and more relevant, the ability to start tracking patterns from sensor arrays is now much more prevalent. These device sensors increase in number and when grouped together can begin to start gathering data on our daily patterns.The final results will ultimately lead to even greater insights about our daily patterns. 5. Advanced Machine Learning (AML) With trends just like the device mesh, technologies can collect meaningful patterns of knowledge but with advanced Machine understanding the technology will not only be able to collect the data, but study in as well. We're really seeing very early advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) where much of the initial analysis typically that requires a human, will be replicated by technology thereby elevating case study in the process. Anyone else have SkyNet jump under consideration?
  3. 3. 6. Personal Home computer to personal home helper Mark Zuckerburg recently posted one of his new resolutions would have been to personally research and code your own home helper that may do everything from set the temperature of his house to order his groceries. He cited Jarvis from Ironman as the ultimate in home helper and from what we saw at CES there are many companies far down the road in this field of tech which will be a key 2016 technology trend. Another key 2016 key technology trend could be the device Mesh. As devices gets smarter and more relevant, the ability to start tracking patterns from sensor arrays is now much more prevalent 7. Smart Security also called Adaptive Security Architecture One seriously hot area of tech right now may be the adaptive security architecture. Ask any FTSE 100 CTO what his/her biggest concern of 2016 was and that i guarantee they will say security. By incorporating massive companies being hit in 2015 and this trend likely to continue plenty of R&D has gone into smart security where predictive modelling will permit systems & infrastructure to detect and launch automated counter measures on attacks. Not merely will they defend themselves from attacks Like DoS (Denial of Service) they will attack back. 8. Mesh Apps This is one we have seen coming for quite a while. Rather than building apps to hide all parts of a given product/service, Mesh Apps are plugging together several technologies into a single app. This process can massively speed up deliver times and also making scalability much easier to manage. 9. Ambiant UE (Consumer experience) The device mesh produces the foundation for a new continuous and ambient buyer. Immersive environments delivering augmented and virtual reality hold significant potential but are only one aspect
  4. 4. of the experience. The ambient buyer experience preserves continuity across boundaries of device mesh, time and space. The experience seamlessly flows across a shifting group of devices and interaction channels blending physical, virtual and electronic environment because user moves from place to another. 10. Next Generation Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Headsets were in full force throughout CES. Modern-day virtual reality (VR) varies, and also for the most part it involves a headset with a 360-degree virtual view, run by a gaming computer and handheld controllers which allow the wearer to move around and interact with the digital world they see. Big players of this type were HTC making use of their vive headset and of course the Facebook owned Oculus Rift. However, despite numerous high-end devices on the verge of launching - and also Samsung�s more smartphone-centric Gear VR already about the market- many are predicting that low-cost virtual reality will garner one of the most interest at this year�s CES. Options to Google Cardboard - the product made of said material, as well as which building instructions can be downloaded free online - are set to be widespread, since the public�s growing understanding of virtual reality fuels new interest.