Daborn Group Positive Thinking Tips


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Daborn Group Positive Thinking Tips

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Daborn Group Positive Thinking Tips

  1. 1. Positive Thinking TipsYou can avoid The Effects of Negative Thinking…Create A New Path…Negative thoughts, lead to a negative life.Experts state that negative thinking affects the functioning of your brain and body. Yourmemory is affected, sleep disturbances are frequent, and emotional upsets become aneveryday thing. The affects of this can weaken the immune system which often leads tocolds and the flu as well as other health issues.Why it’s Important to be Mindful with Positive ThinkingLife can be demanding at times especially for women, with everyday issues such asmoney, health, illness and family matters creating a weight that can be difficult to carry,and over time these unresolved issues often become a burden.As these issues begin to take their toll on you, negative thoughts begin to leak into allareas of your life, including work and relationships, everything seems to spiral out of yourcontrol. You begin to feel frustrated, angry and depressed, as if the world is against you.However, by taking control of negative thought patterns, and becoming more positiveand optimistic, we become motivated to achieve our goals, which change’s our livesfor the better.1www.daborngroup.com
  2. 2. Embrace change because it is Good for YOU. Begin Today!We all like what is familiar, it’s just how our brains are wired! So if you want to change yourthinking and change your life you’ll want to start doing something new and becomingfamiliar with it.What happens when you practice feeling how you’ll feel, seeing what you’ll see andhearing what you’ll hear when you have what you want? It feels good doesn’t it? But whatare you really thinking and doing today as practice for what will show up tomorrow and thedays, weeks, months and years to come?Are you actually repeatedly thinking and doing things that are more about the pastand what you don’t want in your life? If so, you’re practicing to expect more of the sametomorrow. When you practice having new empowering and positive ways of thinkingand behaving you’re sending your brain a clear message that you want tomorrow tobetter than today!2Postive Thinking TipsPositive Thinking tip 1:Today is Practice for TomorrowWhere as an optimistic approach to life has been scientifically proven to have manymental and physical health benefits. Some of these may include:Reduced risk of heart diseaseImproved stress managementAn increased life spanBetter coping skillsImproved sleeping patternsIncreased immunityA healthier lifestyleOk, So How Do I Go About Changing My Negative thinking Habits?There are a variety of techniques that you can use to help you break free from yournegative thinking habits. Such as Self-Hypnosis techniques and Energy EFT. Which willhelp you to create a life full of positive experiences, and a winning positive attitude.The following tips are things you can do right now that will actively help you to free yourselffrom the everyday burden and effects of negative thinking, helping you to successfullycreate a new attitude towards your life, and the ability to take on new challenges likenever before!Start each day with Positive ExpectationAs you rise from bed, make your first thought of the day; “Something wonderfulis going to happen today” and guess what? It probably will.www.daborngroup.com
  3. 3. 3Postive Thinking TipsPositive Thinking tip 2:What you Focus on growsDon’t Dwell On The Past…When you practice combining your thoughts and emotions to focus your attention on thethings that worry and upset you, or on what you don’t have or don’t want then what you’redoing is attracting more of the same into your life.Fortunately for us, the reverse is also true - when you focus on what you do want and reallyimagine having the positive things you desire then you’re changing your focus so that youfeel good and more good things show up in your life.So Let go of Past Results. The big enemy to happiness is worry, which comes on by focusingon events that are outside your control or in the past. Once you have taken action thereis usually nothing more you can do. So focus on the here and now rather than what mightor wont happen.Positive Thinking tip 3:Develop an Attitude of GratitudeBe Grateful For What You HaveIf you’re familiar with the personal development field and the law of attraction then we’resure you’ve heard this before! And why? Because it really is true and really does make a bigpositive difference in your life!Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions around for attracting what you want in yourlife. When you focus your mind on the people, things and experiences you feel grateful for,your awareness of what is good and positive in your life increases and you feel good. Themore things you feel good about, the more good stuff will begin to show up in your life. Whynot make a list right now so that you have something to remind you about all the reasons tothink positively when you’re having a bad day?Develop a new gratitude habitEnd each day with gratitude; just before you go to bed write down at least onewonderful thing that has happened during the day. It could be something simple likea peaceful walk in the sunshine or a big win at work, but whatever it is big or small begrateful for it.www.daborngroup.com
  4. 4. Positive Thinking tip 4:Your Thoughts are Like Magnets – It’s TrueLike Attracts Like….We all say that we want this or we want that but the real truth is that what we really wantare the good feelings these things will give us! We’re all chasing good feelings but weforget we already have those feelings inside of us.The more you practice feeling the feelings, the better you become at creating andattracting them at will! Just like Magnets! Now ask yourself what feelings and thoughtsyou’ve been practicing throughout the last few months and years? If you’re not sure ofthe answer then just stop and have a look around at what’s in your life, mostly positiveor negative?Your Thoughts and feelings are like magnets and will attract more of the same so if you wantto be able to look around and see more positive things in your life then remind yourself ofthe importance of deliberately creating positive thoughts and feelings and you’ll attractmore of the same!Surround yourself with the radiators of the world, not the drainsWhen you are with encouraging people the ‘radiators’ of the world, your stressdecreases, and you will be able to relax more. With low levels of stress, your body willactually be physically healthier. When you surround yourself with positive people, theywill make your life more fun and actually "pump" you up. They will actually give you theenergy you need to accomplish your goals.Use Hypnosis for Positive ThinkingAs the saying goes "Its not what life throws at you, its what you do with it!Hypnosis is an amazing tool that can help you reverse the adverse affects of your negativethinking patterns, helping you to make a real difference in your life. Whatever your underlyingissues might be, you can use self hypnosis to help you turn your negative thought patternsinto positive ones.How Can Hypnosis Help Me To Overcome Negative Thinking?Hypnosis is an effective treatment that works by bringing you into a relaxed hypnotic statethat allows your subconscious mind to open up to new suggestions and programming, thatwill support your new positive thinking goals.As you use hypnosis, you will benefit from a heightened state of concentration, and clarity asyour brain wave frequencies begin to slow down, helping you to feel relaxed, fully chargedand optimistic about life.4www.daborngroup.com
  5. 5. Postive Thinking TipsIn health and happiness- Jan DabornWe recommend that you take some time to readthrough our FREE Positive Thinking Tips again, andlisten to our Positive Thinking Audio at least oncea day for 30 days or more, in order to takeadvantage of the benefits of positive change.So why not get started today!The resources and information on the Daborn Group Website is intended for informational purposes only. This site does providemedical advice. This reprint is for information only. Consult with your doctor on all medical issues regarding your condition and itstreatment. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.Copyright © 2013 The Daborn Group Ltd.info@daborngroup.comwww.daborngroup.com 5If you have not already done so, what are you waiting for download our “Positive Thinking”audio program developed especially for women and receive the benefits of hypnosis today.