Advertising in infrapppblogs brochure july 2010


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Advertising in infrapppblogs brochure july 2010

  1. 1. InfraPPP Blogsis the only 2.0 solution to promote your company in the industry globally<br />Whowe are<br />InfraPPP Blogs is a group of blogs created to gather interesting information about private investment in infrastructure projects through PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS. <br />In January 2009Public private partnerships around the worldwas created in order to identify opportunities in the infrastructure industry. Later on Public private partnerships in infrastructure in Indiawas designed toshare information on the biggest infrastructure market in the world. From this year 2010 Public private partnerships in Infrastructure in the Middle EastandPublic private partnerships in infrastructure in South East Asiafocuson these two markets with great potential for infrastructure investment<br />WhyadvertiseonInfraPPP Blogs<br />InfraPPP Blogs is a news and information service specifically targeting the international PPP industry. With new stories updated on a weekly basis, information on tenders and contracts, infrastructure reports and new released books, InfraPPP Blogs is a prime source of information for the PPP and infrastructure industry.<br />Other advantages of advertising with us:<br /><ul><li>Diversified geographical profile. 
  2. 2. Highly segmented audience. All the topics covered on our blogs are niche ones.
  3. 3. Presence of worldwide industry leaders (top infrastructure developers CEOs) in the subscriber list.
  4. 4. Growing community. Our online presence is just starting; this is along term project.
  5. 5. Great variety of subscribers: legal firms, project finance firms, banks, developers, governments, engineering firms, rating agencies.</li></ul>Online marketing has become an essential medium for many leading companies and InfraPPP Blogs has become an effective tool to drive traffic to your own website and maximise your brand awareness. InfraPPP Blogs is the only online solution you need!<br />
  6. 6. Advertisingpackages<br />InfraPPP Blogs provides endless advertising opportunities. From banner ads to employment opportunities, we can devise a package to promote your products, services and website to their full potential<br />PACK 2. EMPLOYMENT AD ON JOB BOARD<br />Opportunites available:<br />1 job post: Monthly rates on application<br />3 job posts: Monthly rates on application *<br />5 job posts: Monthly rates on application *<br />* Up to 30 % off<br />PACK 1. CORPORATE BANNER<br />Opportunites available:<br />Button banner: 125 x125 pixels<br />Half size banner: 234 x 60 pixels<br />Both banners include a sponsored blog post. <br />Monthly/Annual rates on application<br />InfraPPP network<br />130 followers<br />+300 subscribers<br />+ 5,000 page views per month<br />+350 group members<br />PACK 3. SOCIAL MEDIA EMPLOYMENT 1<br />Job Post on:<br /><ul><li>The Job Board (1 monthly post)
  7. 7. Twitter (1 tweet per week)
  8. 8. The Linkedin group (1 monthly post)</li></ul>Monthly rates on application. Up to 30 % off for more than 1 job post<br />PACK 4. SOCIAL MEDIA EMPLOYMENT 2<br />Job Post on:<br /><ul><li>The Job Board (1 monthly post)
  9. 9. Twitter (1 tweet per week)
  10. 10. The Linkedin group (1 monthly post)
  11. 11. Home blog post </li></ul>Monthly rates on application. Up to 30 % off for more than 1 job post<br />Statistics show that SOCIAL MEDIA is twice as effective as email and 35 times more effective than banners. But why?<br /><ul><li>Brands can find customers when they are actively looking for support, advice & solutions.
  12. 12. Social Media Marketing talks to users in a digital environment where they are already searching for and purchasing products. Communications are therefore, by default, highly relevant and timely.Brands can interact with their target audience
  13. 13. Users spend quality time interacting within social networks and forums, this offers brands a unique opportunity to spend precious time with a captive audience.
  14. 14. It is also more targeted as you often find that posts are written on specific forums of interest to a brand’s target group.We are social beings and we like sharing ideas!
  15. 15. Recommendations from trusted friends or like-minded people lead to higher interaction. It works as proven by the incredible success of Twitter and the general rise in blogging in recent years.</li>