SutherlandGold Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Vendor Selection Best Practices


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Internal presentation approved for public sharing.

This deck walks you through:

-What brands / organizations want to learn from social media data;
-How to choose a monitoring / analytics vendor;
-Examples of reporting capabilities

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  • **Double check page #s
  • What are the typical questions brands and brand managers want to know?
  • Leverage reporting from analysts to narrow the pool;Take a structured approach to vendor selection and implementation;Organization and vendor fit matter!
  • Because we’re using analysts as a starting point, we should be mindful of how they evaluate vendors.
  • Change the data visualization
  • Change the data visualization
  • Change the data visualization
  • SutherlandGold Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Vendor Selection Best Practices

    1. 1. Social Media Analytics:Vendor Selection BestPractices and Sample Reporting January 19, 2012
    2. 2. OVERVIEW Vendor Selection Best 3-6 Practices Sample Reports 8-13
    3. 3. VendorSelection BestPracticesAn Bui,
    4. 4. Generating Insights BRANDS WANT TO KNOW • Where is the information • How much are people talking • How many people do we care about • How do our customers feel& will we know it • How do people feel • How often do they do what we wish • Are we getting our money’s worth or delivering value “…[companies] can quickly identify relevant verbatims, classify comments by positive or negative sentiment, and engage in all manner of text mining to reveal unexpected patterns and trends…” – Gleansight Social Intelligence Q32011 Report
    5. 5. Choosing a Vendor Technology Evaluation Factors: Organization Evaluation Factors: Content aggregation and normalization Technological interest / aptitude Text mining, tagging and database management Current workflow processes Trigger alerts / automated reporting Identification of pain points by level, function and goal Display / querying dashboard Product roadmap Reporting from Forrester, Gleanster, Altimeter Group and Gartner analysts Vendor Evaluation Factors: Organization / Vendor Fit: Responsiveness / customer support Vendor ability to meet current and future Training / onboarding / account setup organizational requirements Vendor strategy / organizational health
    6. 6. Forrester Analysts Say…Current offering: Background information Data sources Text analysis Functionality Consulting / analysis servicesStrategy: Strength of management team Corporate strategy Product strategy CostMarket Presence: Customers Financials Employees
    7. 7. Sample Reports
    8. 8. Share of Voice: Channel and Author 160 Segmenting mentions by social 140 120 media channels signal (a) which 100 ones already have those 80 60 mentioning the brand; (b) 40 Client Mentions whether any message pull Industry Mentions 20 through occurs in channels we’ve 0 targeted. Digg Plurk Bing YouTube Picasa Clipmarks Boardreader Delicious Pixsy Facebook Twitter Yahoo News Friendfeed Google_Voice 18 16 14 12 Segmenting mentions by authors 10 signal (a) which ones maybe 8 6 brand advocates or badvocates; 4 Client Mentions Industry Mentions (b) who may be appropriate for 2 0 either customer reference lists or lead lists. We recommend further study.
    9. 9. Share of Voice: Sentiment and Hashtag 700 Generally, Client tracks to the 600 industry in terms of sentiment. 500 To increase positive 400 sentiment, we should examine 300 Client Sentiment each aspect of the Customer Industry Sentiment 200 Experience and User Experience. 100 0 30 Positive Neutral Negative 25 20 Client is associated with 15 conversations around recent 10 Client Hashtags messaging foci: Industry Hashtags #secondscreenand iOS devices. 5 The addition of #bestappever 0 indicates that authors of those posts are likely candidates for brand advocacy.
    10. 10. Additional Conversational Analysis 14 Client 153 Movie Strength = 45 Positive 1 Negative Sentiment = Mentions App Mentions 9.2% Mentions Mention 45: 1 Strength:measure oflikelihood that your brand is being Sentiment:ratio of positive to negative mentions discussed in social media. Phrase mentions w/in the last 24 hours divided by the total # of possible mentions 47 Unique 93 Total 11 Authors Reach = 51% 69 Total Passion = Authors Mentions of Multiple Authors 16% Mentions Reach:measure of range of influence. Unique authors Passion:measure of likelihood that individuals referencing the brand divided by total brand mentions talking about your brand will continue to do so repeatedly. A small group of advocates that continually talk about your brand will result in a higher passion score. Every mention by a different author will result in a lower passion score
    11. 11. Social Media at a Glance This sample report exemplifies the data visualizations available via Lithium Social Media Monitoring. Insight is available with access to the raw data. Not pictured: pull quotes with examples of love / hate / recommendations from customers relevant to Netflix or Blockbuster.
    12. 12. Digital Peoplescape: Twitter Discover the relationships those you tweet with have. Surface the themes relevant to your 2d degree circle. Drill in to discover affinity relationships Ex. Twitter and Townhall both discuss #AskObama. Potential for joint campaign around that theme.
    13. 13. Social Media Trends and Opportunities The mid-October spike resulted from of a feature release that encouraged social sharing from within the app. The late November dip was likely driven by Thanksgiving holidays, as fewer people used the app on Thanksgiving. Client should consider integrating online and event marketing efforts, with campaigns at industry events in LA and mobile app events in Seattle. A foursquare scavenger hunt, booth demo giveaways, or FanAdvocate events can generate additional buzz. …and so on…