Seven Steps to Success

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To be able to coach our own success, we need a guide that would enable us to fast track ourselves to success and happiness. Describing strategies into seven step plan would help us put ideas into …

To be able to coach our own success, we need a guide that would enable us to fast track ourselves to success and happiness. Describing strategies into seven step plan would help us put ideas into action immediately. By quickly acting on ideas, it would be easier forus to make changes and create positive mental notes of the way life should be run.

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    Anwar Ahmad Abidin
    List down what we wanted to be different in our life.
    I want to feel in control of my own future
    I want to feel less stress and more relax
    I want to have better control over time
    I want to be a better listener and a better speaker
    I want to feel happy everyday
    I want to be more confidence
    I want to have more energy
    I want to feel a balance life
    I want to enjoy life experiences
    I want to make to most of opportunities
    I want to stop worrying about money
    For the future to be different, we need to have a different believe, different habit and different behaviour
    I will be more assertive
    I will be calmer
    I will be healthier
    I will be more confident
    I will be more generous
    I will be more caring
    I will be more patient
    I will be more loving
    I will be more organize
    I will be more humble
  • 4. 3. HAVE A PLAN
    What are the opportunities available for change?
    I can sleep early and wake up early for a good 7 hours sleep
    I can meditate five times a day for 10 minutes
    I can do simple stretching exerices
    I can cycle around the neighbourhood for exercise
    I can eat more fruits and vegetables
    I can make my own fresh aloe vera drink
    I can grow my own vegetables and herbs
    I can spend more time with kids doing simple crafts
    I can spend 30 minutes a day writing a book
    I can gradually and daily read and improve my blogs
  • 5. 4. Know our priorities
    What are the most important and urgent changes that we need to make?
    I write series of articles on risk management to educate myself
    I exercise daily for a clearer mind
    I develop an attractive and profitable blog
    I lead an organize, simple and discipline life
    I put my thoughts and ideas into a written journal
    I am a good listener, speaker, presenter and trainer
    I read and quickly put into action what I have learn
    I maintain a productive garden for healthy living blogging ideas
    I maintain a family budget
  • 6. 5. SAY YES
    Say YES to everything that will support my life objectives and life plan
    I will do something good every hour
    I will get our of comfort zone
    I will sleep for at least 6 good hours at night
    I will read and apply what I learn immediately
    I will practice GTD everyday
    I will read, blog and journal every day
    I will update life journal daily
    I will stop eating before the stomach is full
    I will maintain relationship and networking
  • 7. 6. SAY NO
    Be ruthless about saying NO to everything that gets into the way of positive actions:
    I will not think bad about other people
    I will not waste time talking bad about other people
    I will not hate other people
    I will not be late for meeting
    I wll not tell a lie
    I will not speak before listening
    I wll not be angry
    I will not be stingy
    I will not be inconsiderate
    What achievement would we be most proud of?
    My greatest achievement will be :
    Write a book on Risk Management
    Develop a lesson plan on Project Risk Management
    Develop a zen presentation material on Risk Management
    My biggest change will be :
    GTD is a daily life habit
    Habits and action based of a Life Plan and Mission Statement
    Lead a life true to the teaching of Islam
    The greatest benefits from coaching myself will be :
    Living a happy and fulfilling life
    Being mindful about contribution to the community and the earth
    Leading a productive life for the benefit of myself and others