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Coca cola ppt


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  • 2. Coca-cola is a cola (a type of carbonated soft drink)Sold in stores, restaurants and vending machines.It is produced by The Coca Cola Company (United States).The Coca-Cola Company offer nearly 400 brands in over 200countries or territories, which shows its recognisation.The Coca Cola Company (TCCC) only produces concentratesyrup which is then sold to various bottlers throughout theworld who hold a Coca-Cola franchise.
  • 3. Type Soft drinkManufacture The coca-cola companyCountry of United StatesoriginIntroduced 1886Color Caramel E-150dFlavor cola, cola cherry, cola vanilla, cola green tea, cola lemon, cola orange, and colaRelated products Pepsi, RC cola, Cola turka, zam zam cola, virgin cola, parsi cola, evoca cola, afri cola..,Website
  • 4. COMPANY PROFILE ORIGINThe first Coca-Cola recipe wasinvented in Covington, Georgia, byJOHN STITH PEMBERTON,originally as a coca wine called “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca in1885.The first sale were made at Jacob’spharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, on may8, 1886, and for first eight month onlynine drink were sold each day. John PembertonIt incorporated in1892 as Coca-ColaCompany (the current corporation).
  • 5. AchievementsInterbrand’s global brands score card for2011 ranked coca cola the No: 1 brand in the world brand estimated its brand value at $78.861 billion. Coca cola currently offers nearly 400 brands in over 200 countries or territories and coca cola products “at rate of over 1.7 billion serving each and every day”. That’s a lot of coke
  • 6. Coca Cola - missio To Refresh the World.To inspire Moments of Optimism. To Create Value and Make a Difference. The Coca- Cola Promise says, quite simply, that“The Coca- Cola Company exists to benefit andrefresh everyone who is touched by ourbusiness”
  • 7. Coca Cola - Vision•People•Planet•Portfolio•Partners•Profit
  • 8. People: Be a great place to work where a people are inspire to be the best they can be.Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makesa difference by helping built and support.
  • 9. Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio ofcustomer and supplier, together we createmutual, enduring value. Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast moving organization.
  • 10. Partners: Nurture a winning network ofcustomer and supplier, together we createmutual, enduring value.Profit: Maximize long term return to shareowner while being mindful of our overallresponsibilities
  • 11. Coca cola in indiaCoca-cola, the corporate nourishing global community with theworlds largest selling soft drink concentrates since 1886, returnsto india in 1993 after a gap of 16 years.With the acquisitions of major brands in india it went on to beknown as The Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd. Hindustan Coca-Cola beverages private limited is a 100%company owned bottler.The company has 3 business regions, and operates out of 22locations across india their business model includes manufacturing thebeverage, distribution and sales trade.
  • 12. History of coca cola company inindia in July 1996 for indiacompany.•The coca cola got approval from the government of setting up a•Coca-cola invested us $700 millions.•In July 1997 the holding company got permission forits bottling subsidiaries.•The company has stepped forward for reaching 300millions soft drinks consumer through 700000 retailoutlets in india.•Coca cola created employment for 50000 people inindia.
  • 13. The coca cola fami• Fanta• Sprite• Kinley water• Kinley soda• Thumps up• Coca cola• Minute Maidorange• Minute maidnumbu fresh• Fresca• Nestea• Limca• Coke diet• Maaza
  • 14. Coca cola statis Coca cola owns more than ½ of the world’s beverages. Coke is affordable in all countries. It was not out of the price range for an afternoon snack. Coke comes in a varietyC oca cola is recognized by 94% of of size worldwide so youthe world’s population can use it for a crowd or as a personal snack drink.
  • 15. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths weaknesses• World’s largest brand •Negative publicity• Large scale of operation • Sluggish performance in• Robust revenue growth in north Americathree segment • Decline cash from operation activities Opportunities Threats• Acquisitions intense • Intense competitioncompetition • Dependence on bottling• Growing bottled water partnersmarket • Sluggish growth of• Has sufficient capital to carbonated beveragesexpand
  • 16. Soft Drink Market Share 2012 2009 coca cola coca cola 10% 10% pepsi co pepsi co 37.219.8% 38.2 21.4% Dr. pepper Dr. pepper snapple snapple group group 32% others 30.2% others
  • 18. CONCLUSION:• The coca cola company has come a longfrom selling a few serving of carbonatedbeverages in a pharmacy , to aninternational scale business .• Coca cola commitment to remain at theforefront of the changing social values indeveloping their marketing strategy hasproven to their advantage.• Undoubtedly the coca cola company hasdeveloped all the elements necessary to runa multi million, world wide enterprise andrefreshes all people that come in contactwith their products.