Why We Overeat & How to Stop


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People indulge in overeating even though they know it is harmful for them and they will get fatter. They try desperately, but cannot stop this habit. This makes them very frustrated.

Let us understand why people overeat. Who is the main culprit behind this habit. This understanding should prove helpful in giving up the habit.

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Why We Overeat & How to Stop

  1. Why We Overeat<br />Are you fed up because you cannot control your eating habits?<br />
  2. Why You Overeat?<br />Here is Good News for You:<br />You can stop overeating! It is possible to give up the habit.<br />But first you need to understand why we overeat. Then it could get easy to say goodbye to this habit gradually!<br />
  3. Number 1 Reason: <br />Here is number 1 reason why people overeat:<br />Most people eat for reward, not for nutrition. Eating good food will make them feel good. <br />While food is meant as fuel for the body. We need to eat it for nutrition and energy, not always to enjoy the feelings it provides us!<br />
  4. The Main Culprit<br />Processed Food<br />Processed food is the main culprit. The combination of fat, salt and sugar in such foods stimulates the reward centers of the brain. <br />People get feelings of thrill on eating such foods. So they crave more and more!<br />
  5. American Processed Food<br />American food is mostly processed food. <br />So it’s difficult to control overeating. <br />People get addicted to the foods.<br />
  6. Second Reason<br />Reason #2 for overeating:<br />We have food everywhere. <br />We find restaurants in every nook and corner, and almost every street<br />There are no fixed times for eating. It is socially permissible to eat anytime.<br />
  7. Learning from the French<br />The French have one good habit – they eat only during meals.<br />Very rarely will you find them eating between meal times<br />For this reason, obesity is not a big problem in French society.<br />
  8. How to Stop Overeating<br />Hopefully you have understood why we overeat. <br />I have pointed out 2-3 major reasons for overeating.<br />Now the question arises, how do we stop this habit?<br />
  9. First Step to Stop Overeating<br />First step involves in eating less of processed food.<br />As processed food is the main culprit behind food cravings, we need to lessen the intake of processed food.<br />It may not be possible to completely give up processed food suddenly.<br />
  10. Giving up Processed Food<br />Instead of trying to give up totally, lessen the intake of processed food.<br />You may do so gradually at first.<br />Remember, all processed food is not bad for you. But most of the time, it is best to be avoided. <br />
  11. Food will not solve problems<br />Remember – processed food will create feelings of pleasure, making us crave more for food. <br />But remember, eating food is not going to solve your problems. Food may just make you feel good for a short period of time. <br />
  12. A Big Step to Stop Over-eating<br />When you realize this, you won’t have such a big problem in overcoming food addiction.<br />You will now strive to overcome your problems instead of turning to food for comfort.<br />This is a big step forward!<br />
  13. Enjoying Food Within Limits<br />Finally, do allow yourself to enjoy food.<br />We all enjoy tasty food, so no harm in enjoying it if you stay within limitations.<br />Staying within limitations is very very important!<br />
  14. Easy Formula to Stop Overeating<br />How to Stop Overeating Forever?<br />Here is the simple formula again:<br />Eat foods that you want, but within limitations.<br />Eat in small portion sizes.<br />Avoid eating between meals<br />Lessen consumption of processed foods.<br />
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