Review of audio confrencing technology (2)


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review of audio conferencing

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Review of audio confrencing technology (2)

  1. 1. T Sultan Qaboos University College of Education Instructional and learning technologiesPolycom Telepresence Experience™ High Definition (Polycom TPX™ HD) 306M Done by: Ibtisam Al Farsi (90865) Anwaar Al Hinaai (89555) Course: Distance Education
  2. 2. Technology Components• Three Polycom HDX 9004 video codecs supporting 720p at 30 fps• Two Polycom Digital Ceiling Microphone Arrays• Polycom StereoSurround Speaker Kit• Three 60-inch Plasma Displays• Three High Definition Video Cameras• Room control system with 6 inch color touch panel• Content Monitor (Optional)-50 inch plasma on a Polycom Executive Collection StandVideo Standards• H.261• H.263++• H.264• H.239 People+Content• H.263 & H.264 Video Error Concealment• AES Media Encryption for secure video/audio and contentAudio Standards• 22 kHz bandwidth with StereoSurround Siren 22• 14 kHz bandwidth with Polycom Siren 14, G.722.1 Annex C• 7 kHz bandwidth with G.722, G.722.1ConnectivityCall Modes• Telepresence to telepresence point-to-point- face to face, 6 seats in real size• Traditional videoconferencing- Remote view in main display- Main camera shows all participants in “Telepresence 6” room
  3. 3. • Various multipoint modes per application and bridging capabilitiesNetwork and Analog Line Requirements• 4 Ethernet 100 Base-T for network connectivity• Video network requirements to support 720p high definition (including dedicated videobandwidth and overhead):o Minimum Bandwidth for HD in Telepresence Mode (3 screens): 7.5 Mbpso Recommended Bandwidth for HD in Telepresence Mode in maximum performance (3screens): 15 Mbps• Compatible with Video Conferencing call rates from 128 kbps to 4Mbps (1 screen)• One Analog phone line for integrated Audio Add-OnRoom EnvironmentSeating Capacity• Six seats on-camera• For off-the-call use (non-telepresence/non-video conferencing) accommodates 12seatsRoom Size & Floor Layout• Minimum room size:18ft Width x 13ft Depth5.5m Width x 4m Depth• Recommended room size:24ft Width x 15ft Depth7.3m Width x 4.5m DepthPower & Cooling• The following data assumes the room is at full occupancy and all equipment is turnedon andthere is an active call in progress.o Total Power Required (Watts): 2500 wattso BTUs/Hour: 13,000o Cooling in Ton: ~1.1 cooling tonsEnvironmental ConditionsConference Room Operating Temperature: 41-86 F, 5-30 CRelative Humidity : 10% to 95% (non-condensing)Total Installed Weight• Front wall credenza total weight is approximately 1760 pounds (798.3 kg), coveringapproximately 40 square feet (3.716 square meters)• Telepresence table total weight is approximately 695 pounds (315.3 kg), coveringapproximately60 square feet (5.57 square meters)Regulatory Compliance• UL• FCC Part 15 Class A
  4. 4. Features & Benefits The Power of InteroperabilityThe Polycom TPX HD Suite is completely interoperable with all standards-based videoconferencing products, ensuring that the end user can maximize their capital investmentand continue to use traditional video solutions.High Definition Video PlasmasWith three 60-inch high definition plasma displays lined end-to-end, youll experiencetelepresence that gives you a wide window into the other room. With Polycoms UltimateHD video, youll pick up minute details during one-on-one meetings with counterparts inreal-size, true-to-life dimensions.NetworkYou have choices when it comes to setting up the network to support the TPX HDSuites. You can section off a slice of bandwidth from your existing infrastructure, or youcan install a separate network to support the Telepresence Experience.Superior Video Quality.With the advent of the Polycom HDX 9004 Ultimate HD video solution, the highdefinition video quality on the 60” plasma displays is superior in head-to-headcomparisons with the competition. This means that you will always experience thehighest quality video possible, making you believe that you are in the same room.Superior Audio DesignBy utilizing Polycoms HDX Ceiling Microphone Array and 22 kHz of StereoSurroundaudio and a professional grade sound system, the Telepresence Experience offers anextraordinary sensory experience. Participants will automatically look to the speakerwithout realizing it, just as if they were in the same room.Multipoint CapabilityBy utilizing a Managed Service, the user has the flexibility of connecting multiple TPXHD Suites at the same time. Add traditional video solutions for greater collaboration andglobal reach. Resources of the Managed Service provide various layouts whereparticipants can all be seen at the same time and will manage varying bandwidthconstraints and network protocols.Multi-Purpose RoomThe TPX HD Suite is multi-purpose even when not being used for videocommunications. Off video, participants can be seated all around the conference table.In this way, the suite becomes dual purpose as both a telepresence suite and as atraditional conference room, thereby maximizing utility for the organization.Room Mobility This unique design is a free-standing solution with independent videowall and conference table. This design easily facilitates an organizations move to a new
  5. 5. location or re-allocation of space in the existing building. The suite can be disassembledin its entirety and moved to a new location, leaving the original room intact.Organizational BenefitsLow Cost of Ownership This competitively priced solution requires less totalbandwidth and less make-ready than competitive offerings and has lower monthlymaintenance fees than comparable systems. All of these savings add up to aprogressed amortization schedule and quicker return-on-investment, both critical factorsin running a successful organization.Ease of UseBecause there are no hand-held remote controls and no user interface, theres nolearning curve. Managed Services (a simple process for the user) will provide all theinteraction required and as a result, people are more likely to use the suite. Thisincreased use results in an accelerated return on investment for the organization.Reliable TechnologyWith contracted Managed Services supporting the TPX HD Suite, the technology isavailable every time. Calls are conducted exactly on time every time and stayconnected. This is backed by network Quality of Service initiatives.SecurityBy utilizing AES software encryption for the voice, video and data streams of the call, beassured that critical meetings are kept confidential and secure. Managed Services canbe operated in background mode with no access to data or voice exchanges. The endresult is confidence that what transpires during meetings is kept confidential and thesecurity of the organization is not compromised.Consistent PerformanceThe consistent call quality and predictable performance of the TPX solution increasesconfidence amongst the organizations workers. As a result, business relationshipsdevelop and become more solid through continual, face-to-face telepresencecommunications.Data CollaborationSharing ideas across distances is enhanced through content sharing and collaborationin conjunction with a real-life video presence. Creativity between distant teams isenhanced.Virtual TransporterThe ability to virtually transport workers from one distant location to another eliminatesthe need for some travel. Limited financial and human resources that were spent ontravel can be channeled into more productive efforts that will promote the value of theorganization. As organizations look towards green initiatives, the TPX HD Suite can playa large part in helping promote and implement this effort.