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this document about interactive material for distance education.

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Interactive material

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University College of Education Instructional and learning technologiesVisual studio Done by: Ibtisam Al Farsi (90865) Anwaar Al Hinaai (89555) Course: Distance Education
  2. 2. Introduction:Visual studio consist of tools that you use to build Visual basicapplications. The first step in Visual Basic is learning about thesetools. Visual basic is a programming language.Objectives:At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:1-Identify Visual Basic interface.2-Open the program.3-Create form and add some controls.Objective 1:Students will be able to identify Visual Basic interface.Process:  Identify the part of the program window  Name the main elements of title bar  Name the main elements of menu bar  Identify the importance of standard toolbar  Name the main elements of toolbox.Content:The visual studio window has toolbars and menus that help usersand designers to create and develop applications.These are:  Title bar: the title bar indicate the name of the project you are currently working on.  The menu bar: below the title bar is the menu bar, from which you access menus by building an application.
  3. 3.  The standard toolbar: below the menu bar is the standard toolbar. The standard toolbar contains buttons that execute frequently used commands. All commands executed by the toolbar may also executed from a menu, but the standard toolbar gives you quicker access to them. The standard toolbar buttons open windows with single click. Below is a table show some examples of visual studio toolbar buttons. Toolbar button Description New project Start a new project New website Create a new website Open file Open an existing file Save filename Save the file named by filename Save all Saves all of the files in the current project Start debugging Start running your program Break all Pause execution of your program Stop debugging Stop running your program Title barMenu bar Standard tool bar  The toolbox: toolbox contains buttons and icons that let you build rich visual interfaces in Windows desktop applications. The toolbox is
  4. 4. divided into sections, which are accessible by clicking on named tabs. The most used section is Common Controls tab. The controls in this group include buttons, labels, textboxes, and other common controls. Not all of the toolbox items can be displayed at ones, so scroll arrows are provided.toolbox Activities:  T or F the menu bar is indicate the name of the project you are working on()  Complete the sentence the button you use to save all of the files in current project is…………….  Answer the question What is the importance of standard toolbar?
  5. 5. Feedback: Q1: false Q2:save all Q3: standard toolbar give the user quicker access to buttons. Objective 2: Open the program. Process:  Click start button.  Click all program.  Choose visual studio 2008  Double click on the program icon.  From menu bar click file then new project.  Provide your project with a name  Now the form will appear to you , you can add different controls. 1Click file << new project
  6. 6. 2 New project window 3You can name your project 4 Click ok 5 The form will appear, now you can add different controls
  7. 7. Activities:Create new project in visual studio and name it "myfirst project"?Feedback:Student will- open "visual studio"- click file from menu bar.- select new project.- the new project window will appear.- student will provide the project with the name "myfirst project"- click okObjective 3:Create form and add some controls.Process: You learn in previous activity how you can create new project. Now will learn how to drag some controls in the form you have. To add controls to your form , from toolbox:- Double click on the control (button, label, textbox…)- Or move the control by the mouse and place it in the form.Content: 1. Create a new project with one form 2. Drag the following controls on the form: a. Textbox b. Button c. Label The form should be as follows:
  8. 8. The form Text box label button How the user can change the text of the control: By change the text property of the control You can change text from text property Activities: - True or False You can change the text of controls using name property.() - Create new project, include the form textbox and two buttons. Change the text of the buttons to (ok) and (cancel).
  9. 9. Feedback:Q1 : false, you can change the text by using textproperty.Q2: the form will contain textbox and tow buttons.The student will use text property to change text ofcontrols. The form will look as below.