Useful Vim Plugins
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Useful Vim Plugins






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Useful Vim Plugins Useful Vim Plugins Presentation Transcript

  • Vim Talk! 08/01/2011
  • Who am I? ● Brian Racer ● ● @anveo ● have been using vim on a daily basis for about 5 years
  • Learn VIM Incrementally● start slow● use a few ideas at a time until you have committed them to muscle memory or internalized them
  • Should I use the Terminal or gVim/MacVim? ● I prefer the GUI clients ● Nicer colors ● No terminal binding clashes ● MacVim has a nice fullscreen mode ● However, I want GUI vim to *look* like a terminal window ○ remove all the chrome
  • Example of superior GUI color● colorcolumn● line overflow
  • My FAVORITE Tip!Swap your Caps Lock and Esc keys! ● you never use your caps lock key ● useful outside of vim!
  • Remap Spacebar● apparently I have weak pinkies and strain my wrists trying to make a colon noremap <Space> :
  • Understand :paste mode nmap <F3> :set paste<CR> nmap <F4> :set nopaste<CR>
  • Keep <leader><leader> free for misc tasks :map ,, :ruby %<cr>
  • Quick ruby helpers● symbol-ize a word● hash-rocket
  • Useful Vim Plugins
  • NERDTree
  • buffexplorer vs. minibufexpl script_id=42 (use buffexplorer)
  • SuperTab continued sure to use the above version! SuperTab on has been discontinued.
  • snipMate.vim● I suggest ignoring the snippets that are provided● bind a command to opening your snippet and reloading the snippets
  • matchit php?script_id=39
  • Command-T● fast file navigation● build with system ruby (rvm use system)● matches entire file path unlike textmate
  • ack.vim● better than vims grep● better than remapping vims grep to ack
  • zoomWin.vim
  • interactive_editor● gem install interactive_editor● require in ~/.irbrc
  • sparkup.vim● ZenCoding for vim● selector expansion● element expansion
  • Tim Pope scripts
  • ragtag.vim
  • rails.vim
  • endwise endwise
  • surround surround
  • repeat
  • fugitive.vim● Amazing git integration within vim● Too awesome for this presentation● See vimcasts for a 5 part series on this plugin
  • pathogen● More sane organization of plugins● Kind-of a bundler for vim● Makes it easy to try new plugins
  • </tpope>
  • gundo● requires vim 7.3● vim must have python support
  • syntastic
  • NERDCommentor