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Brochure of Anvaya Cove - the first leisure development of Ayala Land Premier located in Bataan. For more information, visit our site at

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Anvaya Cove Brochure

  1. 1. TH E WO R L D I N A G R A I N O F SA N D CALL (632) 775-7651 EMAIL VISIT www.anvayacoveproperties.comAnvaya Cove is joint development project of Ayala Land, Inc. and SUDECO, a privately owned real estate holding company.No representation is being made herein. The particulars, details, and visuals shown herein are intended to give a general idea of theproject and as such are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. While such particulars and details are based on present plans whichhave been prepared with utmost care and are given in good faith, interested parties are invited to verify their factual correctness andsubsequent changes, if any. The contents herein are subject to change without prior notice and do not constitute part of an offer or contract.HLURB License to Sell Nos. 12469, 13414, 21318, 15604, 19110, 21097, 21140
  3. 3. L O O KH A R G GF S T O R IS S U N D E R T H ESS K Y I N IN O R EE A S H E L L MAKI NG IT HAPPE N S WA K I N G U P T O A D E L I G H T F U L B R EAK FA ST At Anvaya Cove, nature reaches out from magnificent sea to resplendent mountains, enveloping your family in all its splendor. Strengthen ties as you discover the wonders of a spectacular landscape and create unforgettable experiences you will return to time and time again.
  4. 4. A H E R ITAG E B U I LT BY AYALA LAN D P R E M I E R Built in the Ayala Land Premier where you can build from the tradition of excellence, Anvaya ground up or homes you leave Cove is a distinctive family haven to us to put together. Either tucked away in an exceptional way, you can choose your own location. It is a sanctuary refuge with a view—a leisure sustained by a commitment to home that is a mere stroll away outstanding after-sales service from a diversity of natural and property management. and recreational amenities. Now that the dreams of summer And as you nurture unforgettable are within your grasp, it’s time to ties with the sea, the land, and enjoy a horizon of living choices. the sky, you fortify the bonds There are neighborhood lots that matter most. FULFILLING A P ROM I S EKEEPING IT DI SCOVE R I NG YOU R S E LF
  5. 5. A R E F R E S H I N G E NVI R O N M E NT BY TH E S EAAt Anvaya Cove, set your life to marine ecosystem. Give themMother Nature’s pulse, steady the chance to watch the pawikanas the rise and fall of the waves. hatchlings set off on their firstOn sun-flooded days at the beach, swim in a cycle as magical aslet your children plunge into the the days are long. And with theenergy of the sea by enjoying an arrival of migrating birds, theyarray of water sports or exploring learn that other creatures alsothe wonders of a vibrant tropical call Anvaya Cove home. MAKI NG A SPLASH THE EFLOW B U I LDI NG YOU R DR AM S
  6. 6. A S O OTH I N G R E F U G E U P I N TH E M O U NTAI N S Wake up the family with a and feet become familiar with the symphony of birdsong ushering feel of the earth and the sway of in a day of discovery. Take a walk rope bridges. Their eyes are soon through the Nature Camp and fluent in the vibrant markings of discover a multitude of colors and birds and insects. From the cliffs, textures with a score of indigenous end your day with the incredible flowers, plants, and trees. Let your sight of an endless sky of stars. children experience the thrill of At Anvaya Cove, the exhilarating flying across a zipline or racing outdoors is preserved for you— through the forest. Their hands as nature intended.L E AV I N G I T A L L BEHIND E X P L O R I N G N E W PAT H S LIVING
  7. 7. A MA STE R P LAN D E S I G N E D F O R FAM I LY B O N D I N G MAKING AI L L U S T R AT I V E M A S T E R P L A N A seaside residential community seamlessly transitioning into the like no other, Anvaya Cove architectural guidelines of the encompasses 320 hectares from development. The homes and a 3.5-kilometer coastline to a peak other structures are woven into elevation of over 130 meters above the terrain using the airy and sea level. The development offers inviting Asian Tropical design neighborhoods with distinctive aesthetic done in a palette of Main Gate environments set against stunning soft, earthy tones. Rolling asphalt Seascape Ridge The Bamboo Grove The Wood Park views of the mountains of the roads and low-impact pedestrian Nature Camp The Mango Grove Bataan range and the waters of paths preserve the natural beauty Beach & Nature Club Subic Bay. of the site. These verdant swathes Seaside Villas The Cliffside of land encourage family bonding Careful planning has gone into to flow from indoors to outdoors Ilingin Point keeping the natural lay of the and easily into the activities and land—splendid panoramas, open discoveries of the Anvaya Beach expanses, wetlands teeming & Nature Club found at its center. with life, abundant forests—
  8. 8. A BALANC E OF NATU RAL AN D R EC R EATIONAL AM E N ITI ES At the Anvaya Cove Beach & relaxation at the Massage Salas Nature Club, you can throw or exhilaration with water sports. yourself into the thick of things The water is great at The Pools or wade slowly through a calm at Anvaya, and and the kids are day. The Welcome Pavilion, safe and sound at the Seahorse in true Asian Tropical style, is a Kiddie Village. With discoveries pleasant respite before your day at every step on various trails, gets going. At the Main Pavilion, the Nature Camp rounds out a veritable hub of activity, there a perfect sunny day. You know is always a multitude of things to you’ve found a treasure trove do. Lunch at the Bamboo Café when family encounters with is a chance to bond with the kids nature are a tradition, and you’ve before an afternoon at the Game given them wonderful memories Room. At the Beach Area, to last a lifetime. you can choose your pleasure— H AV I N G I T A L LTAKING LOVI NG EVE RY M I N UTE
  9. 9. A BALANC E OF NATU RAL AN D R EC R EATIONAL AM E N ITI ESVI EW PAVI L I O N TH E P O O LS AT ANVAYA • Infinity PoolB EAC H & NATU R E C LU B • Lounge PoolMAI N PAV I L I O N • Lap Pool• Welcome Pavilion G R E AT L AW N A N D LA G O O N• Bamboo Café• Sambali Lounge C A S I TA S• Function Rooms NAT U R E C A M P• Game Room, Library Lounge, • Fitness Trail Convenience Shop, and Clinic • Kiddie Trail• Lookout Tower and Tower Bar • Kiddie Ziplines• Seahorse Kiddie Village • Adventure TrailR E C R EATI O NAL B EAC H AR EA• Pawikan Bar and Grille• Water Sports Pavilion LIVI NG I N TH E MOM E NTS E I Z I N G T H E DAY
  10. 10. A S E L E CTI O N O F D I STI N CTIVE N E I G H B O R H O O D S Here at Anvaya Cove, a summer entry road ushers you to your home waits for you all year own personal hideaway. Trees round. Choose your astonishing create sun-dappled surroundings backdrop—majestic mountain and evoke charming summers- range, shimmering sea, or of-yore at Mango Grove. serene greenery. Defined by At Seascape Ridge, the ease their extraordinary landscapes of summer is at hand with your are select neighborhoods. The own special place designed Bamboo Grove with its single- and built for you. MAK I NG N EW F R I E N DSBRINGING IT KEEPING I N TOUC H
  11. 11. AN E XTR AO R D I NARY ATTE NTI O N TO D ETAI LBeing able to focus on the more With the help of Ayala Propertyimportant things like splashing Management Corporation,in the waves or going on a hike you can be sure that youris the best thing about resort neighborhood is cared for asliving. At the Anvaya Cove Beach you would yours. We’ve thought& Nature Club, there are planned of the smallest details so youactivities you can join or you can spend time and enjoy withcan write your own itinerary. your family. I N DU LG I NG YOU R S E LF EASYH AV I N G P E A C E O F M I N D
  12. 12. AN ADVANTAG E O U S LO CATI O NIt’s an easy drive to Anvaya Cove. Subic Bay Freeport Zone’sWith the convenience of the assortment of shopping, dining,Northern Luzon and the Subic- and recreational facilities just 25Clark-Tarlac Expressways, you minutes away. Here at Anvayahave more time for family Cove, you’re in the right placeactivities. And there are even to create memories and familymore to choose from with traditions. It’s time.