Anu Solar Electronic Invertors


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Anu Solar Electronic Invertors

  1. 1. Discover the Benefitsof Solar Inverters By Anu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. Electronic Inverters For Your HomeNo matter where you live - in rural or urban India, electricitysupply continues to be uncertain. Come summer the situationonly worsens as your office or family can be thrown intoinconvenience during a busy time of day, or during the pitch ofnight.One way of reducing your dependence on the electricity grid,reduce your monthly energy bill and also ensure importantparts of your home are lit, day or night, is to install a solarinverter.
  3. 3. What Is a Solar Inverter? A solar inverter is that part of equipment that convertsdirect current (DC) electricity that is generated from aphotovoltaic panel into an alternating current (AC) that can beused by appliances in your home. A neat non-descript box, it could sit in a secluded part ofyour home, either in your garage or spare store room. The best way to select an inverter is to choose one that islarger in size and will scale up to your needs. In keeping with our commitment to renewable energy, AnuSolar Power also manufactures and sells digital inverters.
  4. 4. Wow Your Home & Office With An Inverter  Super audio & visual indicators for status and fault  Cooling CCCV technology with auto trickle mode  Smart overload sense & short circuit protection  Impressive battery state monitoring  Easily and quickly serviceable  Awesome multi stage battery charger  Insightful over charge cut off from AC & solar synchronizer  Hybrid charging technology to reduce electricity bills
  5. 5. Why Buy From Anu Solar Power Extensive understanding of how to design, install and service inverters 25 years of expertise in the renewable energy sector Large presence all over India, large number of sales personnel, 24/7 support available
  6. 6. About Anu Solar Power Anu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd. is a 25 year old company and one of the largest companies associated with the renewable energy sector. We have consistently stood out as innovators with our solar water heaters, LED lights and Inverters. Our expertise also extends to green audit solutions and green building consultancy. The hallmark of Anu Solar Power products is quality and perfection. It’s what leads us to offer high quality electronic inverters for both domestic and commercial purposes. Anu Solar has a large and growing presence throughout India and is a leader in the market for solar energy products.
  7. 7. Connect With Anu Solar PowerAre you on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ connect with usTwitter:!/anusolarFacebook:
  8. 8. ContactAnu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd Service:No. 248, 8th Main, + 91 80 435502183rd Cross, 3rd Phase, + 91 80 43550203Peenya Industrial Area, + 91 80 43550266 (24/7 IVRBangalore - 560 058 INDIA Support) E mail:E mail: Sales:Phone: +91 9742002525+91 - 80 – 43550200 E mail: (24/7 IVR Support)
  9. 9. THANK YOU
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