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Earth's having fever.  Should we treat, or retreat...
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Earth's having fever. Should we treat, or retreat...


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On this occasion of Earth Day, i am offering my presentation for creating awareness among we students about our dearest Mother Earth. Without her, we cannot exist.

On this occasion of Earth Day, i am offering my presentation for creating awareness among we students about our dearest Mother Earth. Without her, we cannot exist.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Std VI By Anushree KrishnamurthyGlobal Warming :Earth having Fever Can we find some Solutions together………..
  • 2.  People having intense concern of Earth. People having Patience for thought. All Students like me. All Parents like mine. All Environmentalists too…But, this concerns “All of Us” - BY Anushree K
  • 3. The Beast..- BY Anushree K
  • 4. “Dear Father, don’t you know thatthe Main causes of global warmingare pollution, forest fires andmelting of ice?”
  • 6. How do you think she will feel if she looks atherself?
  • 7. Earth Day, is a day forus to PLEDGE, forEarth’s rescue
  • 8. SO- BY Anushree K
  • 9.  Replace non biodegradable items with biodegradable items in our daily lives. Eg. plastic bags can be replaced with cloth bags. Garbage should be disposed Carefully, not thrown here and there! - BY Anushree K
  • 10.  Undertake rainwater harvesting to utilize Water effectively. - BY Anushree K
  • 11.  Repair leaking taps. If every Water-tap in India is considered, we can create a new perennial river. Water is God - BY Anushree K
  • 12.  Stop water from overflowing in tanks, by using Water overflow sensors. - BY Anushree K
  • 13.  Use public transport such as buses, Metro trains, trams etc, for our routine travelling needs. eg. From office to home. Metro Rail in Chennai City Bus in Bangalore - BY Anushree K
  • 14.  Utilize the untapped power of wind and sun to generate electricity and hot water.Schematic of anECO-HOME - BY Anushree K
  • 15.  Reduce our daily garbage - BY Anushree K
  • 16.  Segregate our Garbage Waste to enable Recycle - BY Anushree K
  • 17.  Use buckets for bath, instead of a shower. One bucket water = 2 minutes of shower. In Contrast, 1 minute shower is enough for a satisfactory bath, which in turn would save water, if responsibly used. - BY Anushree K
  • 18.  Do not keep the taps open during brushing ,shaving, and washing hands. These taps have to pressed and they then dispense water. After sometime the spring pushes the cap back on top and the water flow is arrested. To turn water back on, one has to press the cap down again. Pressmatic Tap - BY Anushree K
  • 19.  Keep tap water flow to the minimum, as,“Every drop counts” - BY Anushree K
  • 20.  Use soaps and detergents sparingly. Reduce Detergent Pollution - BY Anushree K
  • 21.  Use Bicycles for shorter distances. - BY Anushree K
  • 22.  Use less Electricity, switch off lights when not needed - BY Anushree K
  • 23.  Do not pollute water bodies, by throwing unwanted materials in it. Careless dumping of Ganesh idols in waterbodies blocks the natural flow of water The chemical paints used to decorate the Ganesh idol contain mercury, lead, cadmium and carbon and this increases the acidity and heavy metal content in the water. Plaster of Paris (POP) is not a naturally occurring material and contains gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium. The idols take several months to dissolve in water and in the process poison the waters of lake, ponds, rives and seas. - BY Anushree K
  • 24.  Use Ceiling fans for cool air. Else, use an Air cooler.If A.C is inevitable, useit for comfort cooling,at 2-3 degrees belowambient temperature. - BY Anushree K
  • 25.  Try New Cooling Technologies, like Solar powered AC Blinds. - BY Anushree K
  • 26.  Keep our vehicles PUC certified. - BY Anushree K
  • 27.  Use CFC-free sprays, to protect the Ozone layer. - BY Anushree K
  • 28.  Direct the waste kitchen water to the garden. This will ensure watering to our plants too. This portable sink shows the concept of water re-use - BY Anushree K
  • 29.  Recycle Grey water of Sinks and bathrooms, to use it for Garden Watering. - BY Anushree K
  • 30.  Pour bucket water used during floor wiping in your Garden. No need to use floor cleaner. - BY Anushree K
  • 31.  Request our School to celebrate “Earth day” by planting trees. Every student can donate one tree sapling. - BY Anushree K
  • 32.  Read any one newspaper and magazine which you like, instead of buying a whole bunch. This will reduce use of paper, and also harmful solvents used in printing - BY Anushree K
  • 33.  Use drip-irrigation, for effective use of Water - BY Anushree K
  • 34.  Do Organic farming. It will reduce use of chemical fertilizers, will increase pest resistance too. - BY Anushree K
  • 35.  Keep surrounding s clean. It will enable easy circulation of air, and less mosquito menace, and less use of mosquito repellant, or it’s manufacturing in huge amounts. - BY Anushree K
  • 36.  Need not iron denim and T-shirts, if dried properly. This saves lot of electricity too. Wrinkles are Trendy - BY Anushree K
  • 37.  Use a hand-held bidet shower in the W/C. This saves lot of water. - BY Anushree K
  • 38.  Use dual-flush toilet with nano coat, with a half empty option of the flush. This saves upto 67% water. - BY Anushree K
  • 39.  Nano Coating on toilets save water - BY Anushree K
  • 40.  Follow traffic rules, to avoid traffic congestion, resulting in enormous fuel wastage. Switch off your vehicles at Traffic Signals - BY Anushree K
  • 41.  Travel less. Re-locate to areas as much nearer to the work-place as possible. This will save Money and Fuel.. - BY Anushree K
  • 42.  Request to our Government, and it will make a Big difference : Create roads for bicycles, e.g. as in German cities. This will boost usage of bicycles too. - BY Anushree K
  • 43.  Make excellent roads & railways, which will help de-congestion of traffic, and maximum use of every drop of fuel. It will help design more fuel-efficient Electric Hybrid Vehicles. - BY Anushree K
  • 44.  Build the best railway network. Railway transport is 6 times more efficient than road transport.Railway can run on Electricity,which is the biggest advantage,where use of fossil fuels iseliminated - BY Anushree K
  • 45.  Build efficient Public transport system, which can be used by all sections of the society.  The pollution problem will drastically come down. Inside a Train in Germany.• Easy Reservations• Spacious Interiors.• Intensive Network.• Excellent Frequency• High Comfort• Affordable - BY Anushree K
  • 46.  Develop Taluka places, to enable city de-congestion. New development programs, infrastructure development, beautification, tourism, industry, culture, Agriculture & Agri business, Entertainment, Education, Hospitals, Multiple transport connectivity etc, and create a sustainable rural economy hand in hand with Urban Economy. - BY Anushree K
  • 47. Build the best electricity distribution system, with minimum losses, using thelatest technologies. Distribution Panel - BY Anushree K
  • 48. Create parking places everywhere in cities.Those who whine,must pay fine. There will be no traffic congestions, or bottlenecks. People are willing to pay for it. Fine enormously for those not following traffic rules. - BY Anushree K
  • 49. Develop thick Forests, protect and develop Wildlife. - BY Anushree K
  • 50. Develop Water Resources. - BY Anushree K
  • 51.  Build leak-proof water distribution system. Design roads so that there will be no stoppages in form of Traffic Signals. Enormous fuel is wasted due to such stoppages. Stop mining. Enough iron has been excavated, which can be re-melted and re-used. Encourage Rain-water harvesting - BY Anushree K
  • 52. If you cut a tree or see someone else cut a tree please stop them. If they don’t then it must be your responsibility to grow three more trees in its place. One for BEAUTY …. one more for SHADE…. And the last for FRUITS and FAUNA.. - BY Anushree K
  • 53.  Save Earth, we have only one! Save Earth, we have nowhere else to go! Save Earth, it is our Mother. Save Earth, it is most beautiful blue planet in the universe! Save Earth because we have no choice! - BY Anushree K
  • 54. - BY Anushree K
  • 55. MAIN CREDITSUMUKHA NANDAN Main credit must go to SATISH RAO for theSHREEYA RAO huge amount of help he has given me!HV BHASKAR RAOSUNITA K - BY Anushree K