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Sentiment analysis

  1. 1. Sentiment Analysis M.Sri Anusha CSE IV yr. Under the guidance of K.M.M Rajashekaraih, Assistant Professor.
  2. 2. Introduction to Sentiment Analysis
  3. 3. What is Sentiment AnalysisIdentifying the opinion in a piece of text My Phone My phone has My Phone is awesome! 5MP camera is horrible![ Sentimental ] [ Factual ] [ Sentimental ]It can be generalized over a wider set of emotions
  4. 4. Sentiment Analysis at different levels
  5. 5. Word Level Sentiment AnalysisThe movie was fabulous Word-level fabulous Sentiment AnalysisThe movie was very boring boring
  6. 6. Sentence Level Sentiment Analysis The poverty of India is Sentence-level SA decreasing poverty(subj.) India(noun) decreasing(verb)
  7. 7. Document Level Sentiment Analysis I suggest that instead of fillingssongs in tunes you should fill tunes(not made of songs) only. Thephone has good popularity in old Document-level Sentiment Analysisage people. Third i had tried muchfor its data cable but i find itnowhere. It should be suppliedwith set with some extra cost.Good features of this phone are itscheapest price and durability . Itshould have some features morethan nokia 1200. it is easilyavailable in market and repair isalso available
  8. 8. Challenges and DifficultiesSarcasm/Irony Sarcasm uses words of a polarity to represent another polarity. Example: The perfume is so amazing that I suggest you wear it with your windows shut.
  9. 9. Counter Expressions the sentences/words that contradict the overall sentiment of the set are in majority Example: The storyline of the movie is good and the actors are good, But the movie turned out to a biggest failure in the history
  10. 10. Opinion on the Web
  11. 11. Web has emotions!
  12. 12. Sentiment Analysis on WebSentiment Analysis aims at obtainingsentiment-related information from documents on the web. Where on web?
  13. 13. Sentiment can be found here: Blogs/Facebook/Twitter etc. User comments Review websites
  14. 14. How blogs are helpful for Sentiment Analysis?Blogs are user-controlled.Blogs represent individual writers and their reviews on any of the products.
  15. 15. Review-related content on blogsImage from: rviewstats
  16. 16. User CommentsGenerally we find user comments on all the social networking sites which may be » Positive » Negative » Neutral
  17. 17. Some of the Review Websites Reviews on Restaurants Reviews on a wide variety of subjects. Movie reviews by professional critics, users. Links to external reviews also present
  18. 18. Example of a Review website
  19. 19. Sample Review 1 FLY E300 is a good mobile which i purchased recently with lots of ‘Touch screen’ today signifies hesitation. Since this Brand is not familiar in Market as well known a positive feature. as Sony Ericsson. But i found that E300 was cheap with almost all the features for a good mobile. Any other brand with future? Will it be the same in the the same set t of features would come around 19k Indian Ruppees.. But this one is t only 9k. Comparing old products Touch Screen, good resolution, good talk time, 3.2Mega Pixel camera, A2DP, IRDA and so on... BUT BEWARE THAT THE CAMERA IS NOT THAT GOOD, THOUGH IT FEATURES 3.2 MEGA PIXEL, ITS NOT AS GOOD AS MY PREVIOUS MOBILE SONY ERICSSION K750i which is just 2Mega Pixel. Sony ericsson was excellent with the feature of camera. So if anyone is thinking for Camera, please excuse. This model of FLY is not apt for you.. Am fooled in this regard..
  20. 20. Sample Review 2 (Noise) Hi,    I have Haier phone.. It was good when i was buing this  phone.. But I invented  A lot of bad features by this phone  those are It’s cost is low but Software is not good and Battery  is very bad..,,Ther are no signals at out side of the city..,,  People can’t understand this type of software..,, There aren’t  features in this phone, Design is better not good..,, Sound also  bad..So I’m not intrest this side.They are giving heare phones  it is good. They are giving more talktime and validity these  are  also good.They are giving colour screen at display time it  is also good because other phones aren’t this type of feature.It  is also low wait.  Wait..!!
  21. 21. Sample Review 3 (Alternating sentiments)I  suggest  that  instead  of  fillings  songs  in  tunes  you  should fill tunes (not made of songs) only.The phone has good popularity in old age people. Third  i  had  tried  much  for  its  data  cable  but  i  find  it  nowhere.  It  should  be  supplied  with  set  with  some  extra cost. Good  features  of  this  phone  are  its  cheapest  price  and  durability .It  is  easily  available  in  market  and  repair  is  also  available. 
  22. 22. Sample Review 5 (Sarcasm)“  I’ve seen movies where there was practically  no plot besides explosion, explosion,  catchphrase, explosion. I’ve even seen a movie  where nothing happens. But White on Rice was  new on me: a collection of really wonderful  and appealing characters doing completely  baffling and uncharacteristic things. “
  23. 23. Community websites/Social Networking Sites.Expressing the opinion is an important element of social networking. It can be done in many ways like: 1. Comments (on status messages,events etc.) 2. ‘Become a fan’ on facebook or Like a page on facebook. Example: Enjoyed the Rock Band performance by Ricky.  Loved It. Example: Anish Patel became a fan of Shreya Ghoshal Priyanka Patil liked A R Rehman page.
  24. 24. Existing Sentiment AnalyzerTwitter Sentiment AppUseful for knowing the number of positive  and negative tweets for a particular brand Also helps in knowing number of  comments,likes about the brand on  facebook and google+.
  25. 25. Advantages>>A lower cost than traditional methods of getting customerinsight.>>A faster way of getting insight from customer data.>>The ability to act on customer suggestions.>>Identifies an organisations Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities & Threats (SWOT Analysis) .>>As 80% of all data in a business consists of words, theSentiment Engine is an essential tool for making sense of it all.>>More accurate and insightful customer perceptions andfeedback.
  26. 26. References