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Ways Of Becoming A Millionaire
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Ways Of Becoming A Millionaire

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This is presentation is all about being a capable to a achiever. To give a direction to attach your today\'s action with your ultimate goals. To give all viewers an opportunity to achieve their goals

This is presentation is all about being a capable to a achiever. To give a direction to attach your today\'s action with your ultimate goals. To give all viewers an opportunity to achieve their goals

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  • 1. From Being Capable to Achiever
  • 2.
    • What cost you have made in taking a degree
    • What was your motive of taking a high degree
    • What efforts have you made in getting that degree
    • What could be the result if you would have given up without completing the degree
    • Is your motive achieved
    • How much time you have taken to achieve your motive
  • 3.
    • The total cost incurred starting from you joined your first school till you have taken your final degree
    • Motive can be, a dream income with luxurious life with all facilities
    • Efforts are the days and nights you have given
    • In case of non completion of degree – No motive achieved
    • In case your motive is achieved how much time you have taken after completion of your degree
  • 4.
    • We all make goals in life like
    • By when I will own a home or a car
    • By when I will be the GM of a company
    • By When I am planning to get married
    • Question is whether we ever analyze it with our actions?
    • Or Do we have ever put a “WHY” in our actions as to why I want to do this or that?
  • 5.
    • We all have studied, worked in different fields and made ourselves capable.
    • But why not a achiever? Achiever of our goals………
    • Because we haven’t made ourselves capable in direction which can lead us to achieve our goals
    • We haven’t asked ourselves why I am doing, what I am doing?
  • 6.
    • We take life as a Race – A Race where everyone is running……..
    • Winning a RACE is not only Speed…..
      • It’s a also a selecting the right lane…..
    • If you only follow the speed and not the right lane, your speed will not help you in winning
    • Is your Job / business is the Lane which will lead you to achieve your Goals?
  • 7.
    • The most general way of thinking-
    • We first decide actions and then try to attach goals with it
    • Like, I want to do MBA, WHY?
      • Obvious answer, it’s the hottest one to get a good job
      • But what is my Goal – To be a millionaire
      • So whether my action of doing MBA will help me achieve my goal? If yes in how much time and what’s the timeline I want to be a millionaire?
      • These questions are important to decide our today’s actions
    • Everyone of us has the capability of becoming a millionaire. Question is whether we have identified “WHY” in our actions
  • 8.
    • 95% people take the most obvious way in their lives which is proven
      • But these options are good for survival only
    • We take the most obvious options and want to be different from others in results
      • For results to be different, actions should be different
    • Every action has its own results and time period of achievement
  • 9.
    • Slides from here are for those who really have the goal of becoming a millionaire and are focused and determined to achieve this goal
    • Nothing is impossible in life. Its just the mindset which needs to be changed
    • To be different, one needs to be different in actions and thinking.
  • 10.
    • This is an institute in which while doing an on the job training, one can become a millionaire
    • 100% Placement
    • Course fee – You have to decide
    • Timing – You have to decide
    • Location - You have to decide
    • Requirement – No qualification or experience. Just the focus towards your goal of being a millionaire is required
    • Period – 2-10 Years as per your focus
    • Can be done with your existing job / business
  • 11.
    • Every step is defined – You just have to follow them
    • There’s no time boundation of completing any step. You have to decide your own timeline
    • The Best part is that in this institute you can work on achieving your goals while doing your current job / business which you are doing for your survival
  • 12.
    • Any degree that you have earned till now has made you capable
    • None of them has ensured that you will be a millionaire
    • You have to work hard and it all depends on your efforts that you are making after taking your degree
    • This degree will enable you to be achiever of your goals
  • 13.
    • No one has failed in achieving its goals except those who quits in the middle of the course. And this is obvious in every case
      • What happens if you quit from medical study in between
      • What happens if you leave IT study in between
      • What happens if you leave cricket coaching in between
    • It’s a proven system in most of the developed countries now
    • Maximum number of examples of transition from Common Man to Millionaire, through this program
    • The Simplest Program but the most effective One
  • 14.
    • Recommendation
      • How many times you recommend anything in a day
    • Generally we recommend 2-3 concepts or products in a day without knowing that we are helping someone through this
    • Recommendation industry is the only one who pays for recommendation
    • You use something. Get satisfied & recommends to other
    • If you follow this with focus and goals in your mind, it will lead to an incredible income
  • 15.
    • The following tricks need to followed
      • Keep it simple
      • Use the products by yourself first
      • Recommend it to others like you recommend other things
      • When you start earning out of your recommendation, start recommending your earning trick
      • This will lead to a group of focused people like you who jointly work for a common goal
      • Slowly each one of you will achieve your own personal goals
  • 16.
    • No investment required in recommending anything
    • No time required
    • Can be done with your present Job / business
    • Much bigger & faster in results than any other job / business, as a of people work together for a common goal
  • 17. You ( As a User) Relative Friend Neighbor / Colleague Recommends to 3 known persons Starts earning (Retail Income) You as a business owner Relative Friend Neighbor / Colleague Starts earning (Residual Income) Recommending Products Recommending Business Relative Friend Neighbor / Colleague Relative Friend Neighbor / Colleague Relative Friend Neighbor / Colleague When you are satisfied with product results, you start recommending it to your known ones and earn out of it You share your earning experience with others and they join you. You earn when they earn by recommending products to their known ones and it continues…….
  • 18.
    • Use
    • Recommend
    • Use Products – Use Business
    • Recommend Both in a focused way
    • And its Done…………
    • When you recommend business means you are duplicating yourself and by doing so you are increasing your business volumes
  • 19.
    • You are not investing any money
    • You are not investing any time
    • Its always better to grab the opportunity which gives you a free trial…….
  • 20.
    • People like Warren Buffet & Bill Gates have stake in Direct selling companies
    • Bill Clinton’s opinion is that this business is an excellent opportunity for people to have financial freedom
    • Running successfully in 70 countries since last 30 years
    • $3 Trillion Industry
    • More than 10 Million people are earning through this opportunity and made their life
  • 21.
    • This is the time to give a serious thought to the question-
    • “ Why we are doing, what we are doing”
    • “ Are we moving towards our goals “
    • If you get the answer – you are in right opportunity
    • Else, this can be the opportunity which can lead you towards your goal coz its proven…..
  • 22.
    • Pride of being a Business owner
    • Income which will increase exponentially without investing money or time
    • Secured financial future
    • Family time whenever you want
    • Freedom of working whenever you want
    • Freedom of selection of people with whom you want to work
    • Requirement – Just focused recommendation…..
  • 23. Do Contact to join the Institute…… Anurag Agrawal [email_address] +919873808241