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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Congratulations on your slideshow! I allowed myself to add it to 'GREAT CAUSES and JUST CAUSES' group . Feel free to join us. Thank you in advance for your participation and sharing your 'favorites'. . Wish you a beautiful day! With friendship, Bernard (France)
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  • 1. The principal cause of the deteriorating environment is mainly Global Warming. It is the continuous accumulation of greenhouse gasses as a result of so called developmental activities
  • 2. Global Warming.
  • 3. We
  • 4. Our very Survival
  • 5. 1 in 4 rooms
  • 6. Lights on
  • 7. 160 kW wasted
  • 8. That’s not all
  • 9. 1 in 4 rooms
  • 10. Computers
  • 11. 800 kW
  • 12. Jawahar Sagar, Kota
  • 13. 99 MW
  • 14. We waste 1 MW
  • 15. Enough to light 9600 homes
  • 16. Food Wastage in the Messes
  • 17. Unnecessary littering
  • 18. Incineration
  • 19. World at stake
  • 20. If this continues, 21% of ice caps melting will cause about 20 million people to lose their homes.
  • 21. The Solution Salvation lies within
  • 22. Al Gore • Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for climate change activist • GLOBE earth program •Virgin Earth Challenge •An Inconvenient truth • The Grassroots Movement
  • 23. Kyoto Protocol • “stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system” • 1997 start and now, 170 countries with 15% reduction in GHG’s •Of all major developing economies, India is least energy intensive
  • 24. Renewable energy Resources 1. Solar 2. Geothermal 3. Tidal 4. Organic (Solid and Liquid) 5. Wind 6. Water & Ocean
  • 25. Promises of the EU (European Union)
  • 26. Future Superpower or non existent India?? Consumption of resources 40% faster than replenishment
  • 27. What I can do- ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for HUMANITY!!!
  • 28. The 3 R’s Reuse Reduce Recycle
  • 29. Switch Off!
  • 30. The irony of the whole problem- we are digging a grave not just for ourselves but life as such on earth
  • 31. Thank you “We sometimes emphasize the danger in a crisis without focusing on the opportunities that are there. We should feel a great sense of urgency because it is the most dangerous crisis we have ever faced, by far. But it also provides us with opportunities to do a lot of things we ought to be doing for other reasons anyway. And to solve this crisis we can develop a shared sense of moral purpose.”