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Love And Marriage
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Love And Marriage






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Love And Marriage Love And Marriage Presentation Transcript

    • Oneday, Plato asks his teacher,
    • “ What is love? How can I find it?"  
    • His teacher said, “There is a wide grain field ahead. You should walk in it without turning back, then pick only 1 branch.
    • When you find the most amazing branch, then you have found Ur love"
    • Plato walk in that field, & not so long, he is back with an empty hand, without bring anything.
    • His teacher ask, “Why didn’t you bring 1 branch at all?"
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    • Plato answer, “I can only bring 1 branch, & when I walk I may not turning back.  
    • Actually, I’ve found an amazing branch, but I don’t know will there any more amazing branch ahead, so I didn’t pick that branch” .
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    • As I walk further, I realize that the branches I found afterward were not as amazing as the previous one, so I didn’t pick any branch at all.”
    • His teacher said " & that is love"
    •   In another day, Plato ask his teacher again,
    • “ What is marriage? How can I find it?"
    • His teacher answer “There were a green forest ahead. 
    • Walk in it without turning back & U may only cut 1 tree.
    • When you found the tallest tree, cut it, it means that you have found the meaning of marriage"
    • Plato then respond, “base on my previous experience, after exploring almost half of the field, that I’m back with an empty hand.
    • So in this opportunity, I found this tree, & I think it was not really bad either, so I decided to cut & bring it here.
    • I don’t want to lose the opportunity to get it.“
    • Then, his teacher respond, “And yes, that is marriage"
    • The more you seek for love, You’ll never find it. Love is in sub consciousness, when U can hold back a higher desires & hope.
    • When U hope & desire love excessively, then U will only get emptyness… there is nothing you get, & U can’t turn back.
    • Time & period can’t come back.
    • Accept love as it is.
    • Marriage is continuation of love, a process to obtain opportunity, when U search for the best among available choices , then it will reduce the chance to get it.
    • When you expect a perfection, then you have wasted your time to have a marriage, because perfection is actually an emptyness.