India water cum sewage woes


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Indian rivers suffer from untreated sewage dumping - Why and what needs to be done!

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India water cum sewage woes

  1. 1. India Water Woes Indian rivers like Ganga and Yamuna polluted enough to be called drains In some places like Varanasi, Ganga has human fecal bacteria upto 100,000 parts per ml The water is unfit for bathing, leave alone drinking Millions of people along the banks suffer from regular outbreaks of cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc.
  2. 2. The Water - Sewage Connection Indian cities produce 40,000 million liters of Sewage everyday But only 20% of this sewage is “treated” at all A massive 80% untreated sewage is either dumped into rivers (as it is ) or seeps into the ground contaminating ground water That is a crisis as people “drink” this water!
  3. 3. What is the problem? Out of 3119 cities/ towns, only 209 have partial sewage treatment facilities. Most cities dump their effluents directly into water bodies Do we need to set up more Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)? Yes and No Surprising fact – in most cities like Delhi the existing plants remain underutilized!! Why should that be?
  4. 4. Crux of the Problem Most cities lack a drainage network, in the first place, so there is no way to direct sewage to the STPs Over 50% of the populace esp. poorer sections use open areas or make shift toilets Most sewage either seeps into the ground, goes into stagnant water bodies, or flows into storm water drains which make their way into rivers or lakes Hardly 4 cities in the whole country have a closed drain network
  5. 5. No Drains Most cities lack a drainage network – as is well known So how will the sewage even be taken to an STP – if hypothetically it is even set up? First demand – Set up a drainage system in all cities and towns Recognize drainage and sanitation is a basic human right Can it become an election manifesto? At least, it should be.
  6. 6. Coming to the STPs Existing STPs inefficient in water treatment – need better facilities & monitoring Most of them are also underutilized because there are no drains to carry sewage to them Effluents from these plants should not be dumped into rivers again Demand – STP should recycle the water back into the cities for non drinking purposes – like in construction, gardening etc. Sewage can also be used to generate Energy
  7. 7. Know More (suggested reading) Excreta’s Economy, a true Experience - Sunita Narain From water to Water – Sunita Narain 80% of Indian sewage flows untreated into water systems tory.php?id=50014 Status of Sewage Treatment Plants in Delhi ofsewageindelhi_2091.aspx
  8. 8. Yamuna River… Change is possible.. It has begun with your taking interest! Courtesy David Stewart : Is it nothing to you, all that ye pass by. (Lam 1.12)
  9. 9. Jal Tarang India May the joy of pure and safe water reach every Indian Be informed and raise awareness!!