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Tele Facing Iwrm
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Tele Facing Iwrm


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Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. “ Tele-facing”- a Jugaad from India Presented by Anup Tiwari, Direct Marketing Specialist, UNICEF India, as a part of How To Raise More Money Through Great Direct Marketing (With Mal Warwick)
  • 2. Are you wondering?
    • What is Tele-facing?
    • or/and
    • Tele-facing still looks English, but what is Jugaad?
  • 3. ‘ The Jugaad’ on Indian village roads (Noun)
  • 4. Jugaad, the verb
    • Managing to get things done somehow or the other with limited resources.
  • 5. Why is Jugaad, the noun, called so? You are only partly correct if you thought of it as ‘just a pump-set’ But you are fully correct if you also thought of it as Jugaad’s engine
  • 6. Strapping the pump to a wooden quadricycle is not difficult Your local ironsmith will do it for you!
  • 7. And here we have a cheaper and more efficient rural vehicle than..
    • World’s cheapest car, the $ 2,500 Tata Nano
  • 8. The Spirit of Tele-facing…
    • Is deeply routed in the concept of Jugaad
    • “ Managing to get things done somehow or the other with limited resources”
    • The following slides will tell you how
  • 9. What is Tele-facing?
    • Hybrid of Telemarketing & Face 2 Face
    • Engine of Tele-marketing and body of Face 2 Face
    • Telecaller makes a brief pitch and fixes a meeting for the Field Executive to present
  • 10. Why Tele-facing?
    • Donors promise to send a Bank Cheque/ Direct Debit form but don’t
    • Credit Card over phone not considered a popular/safe option
    • Need more information/couple of days to think and give
    • Access to donor not possible by walking-in
  • 11. How did it evolve in India?
    • A very common method to sell financial products like credit cards, insurance etc.
    • Started as a cheque collection service using semi-literate staff from one time donors
    • Evolved to Educated Field Executives who can sell/upgrade/convert
  • 12. Tele-facing Team
    • Handled through a specialized agency
    • A call center with say 10 seats and above
    • 2 or more field executives having distinct territories
    • 1 Team Leader cum field executive
    • 1 Project Coordinator
  • 13.     PROCESS Facer meets donor seeks pledge/ one time donation. Telecallers call prospects/ existing donors & fix meetings Coordinator Passes lead to Team Leader cum Facer Thru TL & Coordinator donation reaches NGO NGO sends Thank You Package to The donor 5
  • 14. Call/Contact Statistics
    • 100 contacts per caller
    • 20 contacts given telephonic presentation
    • 2 contacts give appointment
    • 80% of appointments donate
    • Up to 25% of donors sign Pledge donations, rest one time
  • 15. Tele-facing results in India
    • First time RoI around 2.5 in case of one-time donors
    • Average Donation Size around $ 50
    • Up to 25% donors start as pledge donors
    • Average Monthly Gift Size of $ 9
    • Break-even within 3 months in case of Pledge donors
    • Expected 3 year Long Term Value above 10
  • 16. Experiences in India with various strategies Conversion Retention Acquisition Strategy Good Very Good Average Direct Mail Very Good Very Good Very Good Tele-facing Average Average Very Good Face to Face Very Good Very Good Average Telemarketing
  • 17. Can Tele-facing be used for raising high value donations
    • Donations >= $ 500 very common
    • Ideal for raising funds from Small & Medium Enterprises
    • Employee group collections
  • 18. Can I replicate this in my country?
    • No doubt, if costs in your country are comparable to India
    • You should, if most of your donors still donate using bank cheques
    • For Pledge recruitments / conversions/ up gradation, possibly can be used anywhere
  • 19. The Jugaad of Tele-facing works! Do test it !