Pharma Sales Trainer Certification Program


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A Transformational Program with the Best of Faculty and Engagement Pedagogy to Ensure Transfer of Learning. Right Brain Magic to Capture the Heart and Left Brain Logic to Engage the Mind.

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Pharma Sales Trainer Certification Program

  1. 1. Program ScheduleMedicinManACADEMYRaising the Bar in Field Force Excellence Pharma Sales Training Certification Program For Training Managers, Second-line managers, SFE Managers, and others responsible for improving Last Mile Connectivity: the performance of Medical Reps and Front-line Managers.A 3-Day Intensive and Immersive Learning Experience on 17, 18, 19 December 2012 in Mumbai Learn the Latest Global Training Trends from Top Faculty.
  2. 2. Day 1 – Learning and Development Fundamentals for Pharma Sales TrainersO8:00 - 08:45 Executive Breakfast Training Gangnam Style » How to Begin with a ‘WOW!’ & end with an ‘Aha!’ Session 1 » Learning with the Whole Brain: Left-Brain Logic & Right-Brain Magic to 0900-09:40 Anup Soans Ensure Learning that Lasts. » Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology - New ways to understand learner behavior Role and Function of Training Session 2 » What do BU heads expect from Training Managers?09:45-10:25 Salil Kallianpur » Training as a strategic function. » How to build business objectives into your training plans. Q&A Anup Soans Expert panel Q & A - Salil Kallianpur & Pankaj Gursahani10:25-10:45 Moderator10:45-11:00 Tea Break Pharma Training - Evolution and Progress » Training in Pharma – till the 80s, Now and Future Expectations. Session 3 » Myths and realities related to training. Pankaj Gursahani11:00-11:45 » Emerging roles in training. » Is training a support or lead function? » Competencies required by sales trainers in today’s context. Q&A Q & A – Exploring Trainer Expectations11:45-12:15 Principles of Adult Learning - Learning is Change in Behavior Session 4 Anup Soans » What is Training, Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring12:15-01:00 » Activity-based Learning01:00-02:00 Lunch Emotionally Intelligent Communication Skills: A Session Demonstrating Effective use of Audio, Video and Kinesthetics - Voice Modulation, Body Language and Session 5 Anup Soans Probing Skills.02:00-03:30 » Discovery learning and Empathetic communication for identifying learning needs of MRs and FLMs – The Key to Ensuring Transfer of Learning03:30-03:45 Tea Break Session 6 Group activity – Take home lessons from day 1: What Can I Implement at the03:45-04:30 Workplace?04:30-05:00 Summarizing: Brain Rule 1 - Repeat to Remember and Remember to Repeat
  3. 3. Day 2 – Pharma Domain Specific Skills for Sales TrainersO8:00-08:45 Executive Breakfast New Training Models and Approaches » Latest innovative modules – Surveying the latest training modules as per the com- petitive scenario » How to identify innovative models for enhancing in-chamber performance of Medical Reps. Session 1 » Designing training strategies from induction to on-field coaching to continuously S. Varadrajan09:00-10:00 improve medical rep skills » Multi-brand selling – what are the ideal training techniques? » Effective Time Management for sales trainers » Exploring e-learning » Understanding and applying new technology » Measuring ROI of new training modules Q&A Q & A – Expert Panel: Varadrajan and Anup Soans10:00-10:2010:20-10:30 Tea Break Segmentation and Targeting Skills for MRs and FLMs » Effective segmentation and targeting for Field Force Effectiveness Session 2 S. Varadrajan » Best practices for effective segmentation and targeting to maximize field force10:30-11:30 output. » 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional segmentation to maximize output Q&A Q & A – Expert Panel: Varadrajan and Anup Soans11:30-11:40 » Enabling field force to understand Doctor’s mindset based on Roger’s Curve of Session 3 Anup Soans Innovation Adoption to ensure better success rates of new product launch and11:45-12:15 better yield for mature products. Group Activity on Segmentation and Targeting - Sharpening the S & T Skills of MRs12:15-01:00 Breakout Session and FLMs01:00-02:00 Lunch02:00-02:15 Anup Soans Right-brain Exercises to Inspire/ Energize Learning Sessions Dream Land Region Case StudySession 4.a Pankaj Gursahani Objective: Real life scenarios to stimulate strategic thinking of Training Managers and02:15-03:30 test his operational fitness to run the show independently03:30-03:45 Tea BreakSession 4.b Case Study continued and capturing implementable lessons03:45-05:00 05:00 Close
  4. 4. Day 3 – How to Design and Deliver an Agile Learning Program that Rocks. The “Wow”and “Aha” of LearningO8:00-08:45 Executive Breakfast Analytics for a Training Manager » Analytics - a preamble Session 1 Satya Mahesh » Training need analysis in Pharma - Materials and Methods09:00-09:45 » Analytical Techniques: When to use ? Which technique to use? » Which Graph suits my data ? Q&A Q&A09:45-10:00 Tools and Tips for a Training Manger Session 2 » Analytical tools Satya Mahesh10:00-11:00 » Presentation tools » Every day utilities Break Tea Break11:00-11:15 Half-Time Coach - Developing FLMs Session 3 » Crafting Job-Descriptions to Identify Learning Needs Anup Soans11:15-12:00 » Creating Training Programs Based on Learning Needs » Writing IDPs - Module for MR Development » KA$H - Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits - KA$H = CASH : Overcom- ing Learner Skepticism - The WIIFM of Learning Session 4 Anup Soans » What is FDA?12:00-12:45 » The 80:20 Reality of Making Calls (80% Waiting: 20% Actual Calling) » The one-minute opener to create impact and expand the window of opportunity. Q&A Q&A12:45-01:0001:00-02:00 LunchSession 5.a » Action Planning and Designing a Training Program that Rocks Pankaj Gursahani02:00-03:15 » Capturing Learning of 3 Days – Take home lessons03:15-03:30 BreakSession 5.b » Action Planning and Designing a Training Program that Rocks Pankaj Gursahani03:30-04:30 » Capturing Learning of 3 Days – Take home lessons04:30-05:00 » Closing and Awarding of Certificates