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MedicinMan November 2011 Issue

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MedicinMan vol1 Issue 4; November 2011

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeMedicinMan ~ FIELD FORCE E XCE L LE N CE ~ TM PHARMA | MEDICAL DE VICES | DIAGNOSTICS | SURGICALSVol. 1 Issue 4 November 2011EditorialEmployee is the New Customer Are your employees engaged, not engaged or disengaged? INSIDE MEDICINMANAccording to Gallup‘s necessary to keep their negatively and Engage-recent global survey on jobs. And 27% are actively EDITOR‘S PICK ment leads to better Cus-Employee Engagement disengaged, indicating tomer Satisfaction, Higher SUCCESS STORYand Wellbeing, only 11% they view their jobs nega- Productivity and Greaterof workers are engaged. In tively and may spread that Profitability. It is timeother words, only one in negativity to co-workers. that managers at all levels 8nine employees are emo- The findings are based on develop metrics to meas-tionally connected to their an unprecedented study ure the engagement levelsworkplaces and feel they of engagement involving of their co-workers and AMLESH RANJAN‘S FASCI- NATING RISE FROM MR TOhave the resources and 47,000 employees in 120 map these to desired out- ASSOC. DIRECTOR POWEREDsupport they need to suc- countries. As the Employ- comes and work towards BY EXCELLENCE AND VALUES.ceed. The majority of ee Engagement Meta building a more engaged HOT ON LINKEDIN: ISworkers, 62%, are not en- Analysis Outcomes show, Field Force rather than PHARMA TOO STEEPED INgaged — that is, they are Disengagement impacts just managing attrition. TRADITIONS TO ATTRACT 3emotionally detached and everything from Absen- Read full report on: GEN-Y?are likely to do just what is teeism to Safety to Quality . ▌ HBR STUDY REVIEW: THE 7 TRAITS OF GREAT 4 SALESPEOPLE INDIAN PHARMA - THE FUTURE IS HERE: REPORT ON THE PHARMA FUTURE 6 KNOWLEDGE CONCLAVE. SALIL KALLIANPUR NO FIRE? DON‘T HIRE! WILLIAM FERNANDEZ 11 ARE YOU SELLING DRUGS OR CREATING HEALTHCARE COMPANIES? 12 HANNO WOLFRAM INDUCTION: OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN BY SEEING 13 MedicinMan wishes all its readers Success and V. SRINIVASAN EMOTIONAL INTELLI- Happiness—both Personal and Professional GENCE - INSIGHT FOR BE- 14 this Festive Season ! GINNERS VIJAYA SHETTY
  2. 2. Attention Medical Reps and Front-line Managers ! TMMy Success is My ResponsibilitiIf you are Satisfied with your Career, then Congratulations,you needn’t read further; but if you believe that you coulddo more but don’t know how, then this program is just for you. A One-Day Power-Packed Program to Fast-track Your Pharma Sales Career based on the best-selling books Super- Vision for the SuperWiserFront-line Manager and HardKnocks for theGreenHorn A Career Development Program by:MedicinMan AcademyWhere: BangaloreWhen: January 2012 - 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th, (All Saturdays)Investment: ` 999/- per participant.Visit to register. First 25 to registerwill receive 1 Copy of SuperVision for the SuperWiserFront-line Manager and HardKnocks for the GreenHornworth ` 1,398/- FREE! E:
  3. 3. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Is Indian Pharma too Steeped inHot on Linked Past Tradition to Attract Gen Y? Gen Y, while talented, is also irreverent of traditions like addressingAs seen on Indian Pharma Connection seniors as Sir. What changes will Indian Pharma need to undergo? I dont think the Gen Y is irreverent. They are merely opinionated and have strong» viewpoints. They need to be heard. This is where Indian Pharma is lacking. They are treated as learners and trainees but they are definitely also a part of the target audience. They know how and where customers can be tapped. Devanshi Mayani Great ideas have not come from business schools but from the field.» Many times we seniors turn a deaf ear to suggestions from the field or turn down saying its impractical. That‘s the beginning of conflict and non-implementation of existing strategies. Every one needs to be heard. As we grow, we seniors should learn to be patient listeners. If you can listen to any rubbish from customers why not listen to suggestions from a junior? Sanjeev Deshpande You must also look at the status of an M.R. Till date they remain blue collared people (not even workmen).» A whole list of responsibilities, dodgy Doctors, skinning chemists/stockists, unhealthy work culture, indif- ferent/inexperienced bosses, package not justifying the efforts required. Has anyone bothered to compare the growth pattern, social security of a M.R. with that of any Class 4 employee? Talking of Big degrees like MBA (available at every nook and corner), expecting, them to be reverent, agree to illogical strategies, work ethics, seems funny. Remember, this industry has no value for experience. The number of years experience as an M.R. has no value in the job market when he/she ,seeks a job change at 45years of age. All the Pharma companies want to sell their products, without promoting. Shekhar Kumar Prasad I am not Gen-Y but Gen-Y takes many things for granted. Agreed, they have graduated with B.Pharm or» M.Pharm degrees but what is taught in classes and books is mere theory. Gen-O, (I am part of Gen-O) has hands-on knowledge plus that little thing called experience. Experience is not available in any book. And I do not see any reason why Gen-Y will not be respected; respect is not got but is earned. Please let not M.Pharms be on a high stool since what they are taught is only theory. Come with an open mind, absorb knowledge and rise in the field. Prem Goel Our Consultant, a brilliant person, who was a B. SC. then, (who went on to launch a pharma company lat-» er), had joined as MR in an MNC in early 1950s. He told that then a doctor had advised him once to quit the profession as it is not noble, guys smoke and take to drinks (a taboo then for a large part of the socie- ty). He also said that marriage proposals were difficult to come by. However, he had a passion for the field and was highly successful, working as consultant till age 78+. Later this very profession was to offer one of the finest salaries, chances of quicker growth (MR to VP/President or even MD). Why then has it turned almost a full circle? Definitely the Profession has lost zeal at MR level. Dr. Ulhas Ganu We should talk about MR only when the higher management is ready to take risks with new and innovative» strategies. This would motivate an MR by getting him out of the boredom. If MRs don‘t get respect (as they seem to think) it is because they are unable to get the attention of the customer. This is because they use mundane selling tactics with no innovation. Why is there no innovation? Several Reasons. It is difficult to get out of one‘s comfort zone to try something new It is a risky proposition. We believe we should give only what our customers demand (even though customers themselves are often unaware of where they stand). Imitating other com- panies. Belief that we shouldn‘t give "Gyan" to our doctors, and much more. Dr. Shalini Ratan Note: Comments have been paraphrased. Click on the commenters‘ name to see Linkedin Profile Visit Indian Pharma Connection on Linkedin for more such insightful discussions. 3 Join MedicinMan on Linkedin:
  4. 4. HBR Study Review Article MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. WHAT MAKES GREAT SALESPEOPLE? Indian Pharma generally selects sales- This should be very encouraging for salespeo- people like they select any other professional ple who are considered Introverts but who – on the basis of qualification and experience. have other traits like Conscientiousness, Achievement Orienta- Now an excel- lent, must-read Surprisingly, traits like tion, Curiosity and Lack of Discouragement. article by Steve Modesty and Lack of Martin of the While ‗naturals‘ will Gregariousness feature as have a head-start, most Harvard Busi- ness Review, traits of Top Salespeople. of the Personality Traits like Achievement Orien- talks about 7 tation, Lack of Discouragement, Lack of Self Personality Traits of Top Salespeople. Consciousness and Curiosity can be cultivated Surprisingly, traits like Modesty and Lack of through self-awareness and self-development, Gregariousness (not ‗loud‘ or too friendly) feedback and coaching to create a culture of feature as prominent traits of top salespeople. top performance. PERSONALITY TRAITS 1.Modesty. 2.Conscientiousness. OF TOP SALESPEOPLE 3.Achievement Orientation. 4.Curiosity. 6.Not Easily Discouraged. Professional Growth Special 5.Lack of Gregariousness. 7.No Self-Consciousness. 1.MODESTY: No inflated ego; propriety in dress, speech and 5.(Not) GREGARIOUS: Someone with ―loud‖ personality. TendsThe Seven Personality Traits of Great Salesmen conduct. Does not take a know-it-all approach with to be pushy and aggressive in approach. The old sales para- Drs. Shows consideration for Dr‘s. personal space. digm emphasized a ―push‖ approach to selling—selling by overwhelming. The new paradigm demands that the 2.CONSCIENTIOUS: ethical, honest, just, morals, principled. MR pay close attention to the needs of the Dr. and Gives 100% to the job at hand. Believes in ethical his patients and deliver value in a calm, business- selling to Drs. Seeks to do all that is required of like manner. him/her, and to do it well. 6.Not Easily Discouraged: Not easily put down by failure or re- jection. Has his emotions firmly under control and looks for 3.ACHIEVEMENT ORIENTATION: Has a ―can-do‖ attitude and the opportunity in failure. MR is willing to persist with dif- will to get the job done regardless of circumstance. Takes ficult (or rude) customers. He is not discouraged by pride in meeting Company objectives and targets. negativity from colleagues and seniors. Is willing to go the extra mile if required. 4.CURIOSITY: desire to know; interest in others concerns 7.No Self-Consciousness: A self-conscious person is ill-at-ease leading to inquiry and discovery. Loves prospecting for with himself and others. Lack of Self-Consciousness new leads. Has a desire to learn more about the comes from a healthy image of oneself. Even if one market and master the science behind the art of has a shy personality, with practice, one can ensure selling. that this is not a disadvantage. Editor‘s Note: Career development begins with awareness and progresses to self development, when an individual takes4 on the responsibility of improving himself by imbibing the qualities that lead to becoming a great salesperson. Read the full article in the Harvard Business Review:
  5. 5. 3 FACTORS IMPACT MR – DOCTOR INTERACTION IN THE CURRENT MARKET SCENARIO 1. SCARCITY OF ATTENTION ! 2. SCARCITY OF TIME ! 3. SCARCITY OF INTEREST ! ENHANCING PHARMA-DOCTOR-PATIENT ENGAGEMENT Medical Rep—Doctor interaction should address these 3 scarcities to be effective. Promedik Algorithms are based on current research and simplifies diagnosis and treatment. Promedik Algorithms are very effective in engaging the doctor‘s attention in the shortest possible time by conveying clinically relevant scientific research. Promedik Algorithms also make the task of a Medical Rep easier and interesting by giving him a clear picture of the disease management sequence and where his product fits in. Promedik Algorithms enhance the MR-Dr. interaction and takes it from the level of mere product detailing to the delivery of actionable research based Rx information. EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICAL ALGORITHMS CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION NEEDS MedicinMan Creatives featured in: To find out more call: Dr. Vishal Bansal : +91 97172 18558 Rahul Mishra : +91 96118 76767
  6. 6. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Indian Pharma – The Future is Here. Highlights of the present as nothing with the same doctors? This means a sharp reduction in Pharma Future much had changed in access to doctors as they restrict the number of days Knowledge Conclave two dec- ades. The to see MRs and the number of MRs seen on those days. at the FOUR SEASONS pharma- ceutical How should pharma react? Should it adopt technology? HOTEL, MUMBAI industry in What role will technology play? Will companies reduce India is considered field forces as cost effective Salil Kallianpur a slow alternatives to technology? adopter of Will e-detailing and e- new tech- marketing replace MRs? Not nology, new quite it seemed. Access to media and the clinic is limited. Access – simply put - new ways of to mindshare is not. If com- ACCESS TO THE The future has al- doing things. panies demonstrate a will- ingness to work with doctors CLINIC IS LIMITED. ways bewildered »Emerging markets is a man. Inability to see the buzzword at global head- to improve patient out- ACCESS TO MIND- future forced us to learn quarters of every MNC. comes, then doctors are like- ly to accept companies as SHARE IS NOT. IF from history. The need to Yet, every ‗new‘ business know the future has given model looks and feels the partners and not view MRs COMPANIES rise to an entire industry same - Foray into branded as an infringement on their time and decision making. DEMONSTRATE A called Business Intelligence generics; Expand to rural (BI). For Pharma business markets and Expand sales »Doctors in India seldom WILLINGNESS TO leaders BI serves as a vital forces to increase reach. practice in groups. Every WORK WITH DOC- crutch. Hardly anything novel doctor, even when attached here; except that novelty to private hospitals, is an TORS TO IMPROVE »The global pharmaceuti- will lie in execution. Phar- independent consultant. cal industry has billions of PATIENT OUT- dollars at stake in India. ma Companies, when faced This increases the complexi- with the same environ- ties of the partnership equa- COMES, THEN DOC- Analysts estimate the mar- ment, challenges and op- tion as each doctor has ket size to be humongous TORS ARE LIKELY as various ailments threat- portunities chose to react unique needs and require- en human life with pain, in almost the same way. ments. Can pharma evolve TO ACCEPT COMPA- The actual execution of to a mass customization discomfort and death. In- NIES AS PARTNERS teresting insights emerged these plans will set the men model? If so, how quickly? at the ―Pharma Future apart from the boys. So, if »From its current focus on AND NOT VIEW field forces expand and Knowledge Conclave 2011‖ products and productivity, MRS AS AN IN- organized by Indegene companies bring in more the transition of the phar- Lifesystems. Disappoint- generic brands instead of maceutical business model FRINGEMENT ON novel products, will it not ingly, most executives be- to one that bundles products THEIR TIME AND lieved the future would not mean more Medical Reps with services, customizes discussing more brands6 DECISION MAKING. be too different from the offerings to each individual
  7. 7. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Indian Pharma – The Future is Here.customer and leverages practices that have been diseases (CVD, diabetes,technology to reach out to adopted in India have al- smoking) there was little or THE CRITICALmany more customers, ready been tried and tested no discussion on how health DIFFERENCEopens up the need for vast in the West. Does this leaders will become agileamounts of data. How make India a wait-and- caretakers of interdependent IS BETWEENmuch data is enough? Da- watch market? Should networks that grow smarter DATA AND IN-ta, sometimes, never seems iPads be used as detailing as they get to know and sup-enough. Most often data tools in India just because port individual patients. SIGHTS. WEthat gets you to a ―yes-no‖ reps in the West use them? »The pharmaceutical indus-decision is enough. Can The point here is that tech- try can explore robust value MAY SOME-executives differentiate nology should be used only creation and revenue gener-when to ask for more and if it makes sense. There is ating opportunities in areas TIMES HAVEwhen to use what is availa- little to gain if we tweak that will help prevent onset AN OVERLOADble when business models existing and time-tested of chronic diseasesmove from be- or assist chronically OF DATA BUTing product fo- What is happening to healthcare is no ill patients managecused to becom- A DEFICIT OF different from other industries—the their disease in costing customer power of the individual is increasingly efficient ways. INSIGHTS.focused? Thecritical differ- influencing how healthcare is directed What is happening to healthcare is no KNOWLEDGEence is betweendata and in- and delivered, enabled by the techno- different from oth- OF THE er industries—thesights. We may logical and the virtual world we live in. power of the indi- CUSTOMERsometimes have vidual is increas-an overload of data but a processes that continue to ingly influencing how REQUIRESdeficit of i n s i g h t s . deliver results, just for the healthcare is directed andKnowledge of the customer heck of it. Technology is delivered, enabled by the FACE-TO-and insights derived from simply an enabler, not a technological and the virtual FACE INTER-that knowledge can never means in itself. Ask your- world we live in. This is bybe substituted by business self how long the novelty of no means a Western phe- ACTION.intelligence tools, however detailing with an iPad will nomenon. This is the futuresophisticated. In-depth last if the content remained of the pharmaceutical indus- TECHNOLOGYunderstanding of custom- stale. Now ask yourself how try in India: THEREFORE,ers can only happen from easy it is to quickly updateincreased face-to-face in- the latest clinical data on The Pharma Future. ▌ WILL AUG-teraction requiring human iPads of the sales force us-intervention. Technology ing technology. MENT THE Salil Kallianpurtherefore, will augment the »The focus lay too much on is Marketing SALES FORCEsales force effort and not discussing the adoption ofsubstitute it. technology rather than on Manager at EFFORT AND Medtronic. He»Yet, why is technology what new processes would is an influential NOT SUBSTI-adoption so poor in the evolve from path-breaking healthcare blogger atIndian pharmaceutical in- technology. Despite India salilkallianpur@word TUTE IT.dustry? Most business being the capital of chronic 7
  8. 8. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Featured Thought Leader Success Story: Palajori to Dusseldorf by Amlesh Ranjan I sit today on the Palajori was important You are on the move and banks of river Rhine though, because our classic largely on your own as in the German city of brands of Hoechst were your manager can be with Dusseldorf, a tad ex- selling well. Over time, I you for only 2-3 days in a grew very fond of the tea month. You are among the hausted after three and samosas of Rohini tea very few whose day-to-day hectic but satisfying stall and always managed work can actually make a days as a Speaker and to hitch-hike till the high- difference to the health of Panelist at the Commercial way on the bicycle of the the country and its people. Excellence and SFE semi- local chemist to make my Amlesh Ranjan nar. I started as an MR in 1988, way back to town. Today was a high point in working mostly at Patna. I Becoming a Medical Repre- had the privilege of work- ―BECOMING A my career when, after my session on ―Co-creation of sentative was not an easy ing with very supportive decision for the son of a seniors, most of whom MEDICAL Value in Partnership with the Customer‖, Dr. Lean- Doctor, when all expected were ‗legends‘ in the phar- you also to either follow his ma circle. Therefore, I REPRESENTA- dra Herrero, well-known Change Management Guru footsteps or better still, be- learnt a lot at the very be- come a Civil Servant or a and Renowned Author ginning of my career. TIVE WAS NOT commented, ―Very insight- Bank Probationary Officer. My family members at my West Bengal, in 1996, was ful presentation: Co- AN EASY DECI- creation of value is a noble home town, Nawada, were my first area as a First Line actually upset with my de- Manager. Very soon, the goal.‖ SION FOR THE cision! realization dawned that As I sip my coffee at this My father was supportive Area Management is a SON OF A cozy café in this beautiful though, because I had got a complex and critical func- city, my thoughts travel break in a great company, tion in Pharma and possi- DOCTOR... back to the small tea stall Hoechst. But he also hoped bly a primer for General in Palajori (a village in the that I would change my Management. MY FAMILY tribal belts of eastern In- dia) where I would go reg- mind in a few months. West-Bengal was followed One more person was hap- by a year at Orissa and ularly for my doctor calls MEMBERS AT twenty years ago. py, our town‘s first MBA, then five very successful who was pleasantly sur- years in Andhra Pradesh. MY HOME Invariably, by the time I prised at my selection. In three years at Vizag, we would finish my call, the TOWN, NAWA- only public transport avail- Definitely, there was, and is, something unique about had managed to create the No.1 team in the country. able would have left. Thus, DA, WERE AC- going back to the Head- the Medical Representative profession—You are part of The Hyderabad stint gave quarters was out of ques- me the experience of es- a evolved sales & marketing TUALLY UPSET tion, proper food and water team which does scientific tablishing a concept from a distant dream because pre-marketing to launch to selling and the key custom- WITH MY there was no concept of a ers are doctors who are development.8 DECISION!‖ hotel in places like Palajori. revered in the society.
  9. 9. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Featured Thought Leader Success Story: Palajori to Dusseldorf by Amlesh RanjanThe turning point in my Healthcare delivery will be The industry is full of suc-career was when I entered a critical sector for Phar- cess stories of people risingCorporate Head Quarters, ma‘s future aspirations in from the frontline salesMumbai, as Team Head, India. It is a very dynamic roles to organization levelOperational Effectiveness domain, with lots happen- leadership roles. It will bein 2005 and had the op- ing at an amazing pace. great to see more and moreportunity to work under a Health systems & Hospitals bright youngsters join theGreat Leader from whom I offer tremendous opportu- industry as Pharma trulylearnt the art of finding nities in Market Access, deserves the best talent. Disease Management & Amlesh speaking at the Eyeforsimple solutions to com- It has been a satisfying Pharma event in Germanyplex problems. I then Key Account Marketing & journey for me and mymoved into ‗Sales Force Partnership development. sincere gratitude to all who ―My growth and devel-Effectiveness and Analyt- For my success, I am grate- kept supporting me. The opment did follow aics‘ and was part of the ful to my organization. backbone of my being has certain path. SharingBusiness Excellence team Hoechst, HMR, Aventis, been my wife and my twoheaded by an amazing kids. My success can be my Success Mantra : Sanofi-aventis and nowStrategist. Sanofi. My organization, attributed to my consistent (1) Stick to Ethics andIn this period, I had the has an uncompromising desire to ‗add Value‘ by approach towards Values excelling at every responsi- stay with Basicsprivilege of having seniors,peers and team members, and emphasis on Learning bility assigned. (2) Keep Learning andwho were consistently re- & Development. Nothing deterred me from help Developdefining the concepts and Despite being in the field, I taking the task ‗head on‘,re-stretching boundaries. built my conceptual under- whatever the job or the (3) Innovation, the keyThis helped me develop an standing by doing courses project. This coupled with imperativeability to be strategic in my on Business Management an insatiable appetite forthinking, and inculcated in learning, helped me opti- (4) Excellence, the on- and Pharma the courage to chal- This combined with my mize the opportunities that ly waylenge the status quo. rich contextual experience, came my way and also (5) Get going, NOW!‖In 2007 October, I was helped me transition from gave me the strength andfurther elevated to the po- an Operational to a Strate- wisdom to cope with chal-sition of an Associate gic position. lenges and adversity.Director. My last two years Pharma is a great domain But above all, it has been ―THE VALUEhave been in Public & Pri- to be in and a Medical Rep my unwavering adherencevate Healthcare Marketing or Scientific Sales Execu- to values that has helped me reach this position be- YOU ADD,& Operations. This posi- tive is a good way to start one‘s career. While the MR cause all along I have beention has given me the op-portunity to work under position offers a great op- a firm believer that, ‗The COMES FROM Value you add, comes fromtwo members of the SanofiSenior Management. They portunity to develop cus- tomer and communication the Values, you hold‘. ▌ THE VALUES,have helped me gain an orientation, Area Managerunderstanding of the position lays the founda- Amlesh Ranjan is Assoc. Direc- tor at Sanofi. Send feedback to: YOU HOLD‖Healthcare systems andpolicies in India. tion for General Manage- ment abilities. ~ 9
  10. 10. Business Insight for Second-line Managers MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. LinkedinSight Q. What are the Most Important KRAs for Second-line Managers in Pharma? I. Sales (a) Total Sales of Rs. Mn. and a growth of % over previ- ous year (b) Promoted Sales of Rs. Mn. and a growth of % over previous year (c) Mkt Sh% growth for the Total Region from % to % (d) Mkt Sh% growth on Priority portfolio (Regional) Insight shared by Keith Pinto on Linkedin Group Pharma Trainers Forum. from % to % Keith Pinto is Sr. GM—Training and (e) Volume growth of % over previous year Management Development at GSK. (f) New Product launches with Sales of Mn. in Year of Launch IV. Rx Objectives II. Profitability (a) Total Rx Volume Increase (a) Gross Profit Target of Rs. Mn. and GP Margin of % (b) Promoted Products Rx Increase to Sales (c) Avg. Total Rx Value Increase (b) Expenses at or under Rs. Mn and at % to Sales (d) Avg. Promoted Products Rx Value Increase (c) Regional Contribution target of Rs. Mn a Contrib. Margin of % to Sales V. Regional management (a) No Bad Debts in The Region III. Productivity (a) Average Total Productivity Increase of % VI. Field Force Metrics (b) Promoted Products Productivity Increase of % (a) % Reps on target (b) % FLSM‘s on Target (c) SLSM will move from Quadrant to Quadrant (c) Sales Calls per Day Average (d) Movement from Quadrant 1* FLSMs: Reps: (d) % Customer Reach vs. Target (e) Movement from Quadrant 2* FLSMs: Reps: (e) % Customer Coverage Frequency vs. target (f) Movement from Quadrant 3* FLSMs: Reps: (f) % SLSM time on the field *The 3 quadrants pertain to the 3 Pillars- Results/ Activi- (g) % FLSM time on the field ties/ Leadership Behaviors at each level in the hierarchy. (h) % Rep time out of the field Q. What are the 3 most important KRAs for second line managers in Healthcare? A. The three important KRAs for second line Sales Staff in Health Care are: 1) Managers must at least once develop first hand con- Insight shared by Dr. Dev Taneja on tact / coverage by Drs., Healthcare Facilities, Newer Linkedin group Indian Healthcare Industry. emerging HC trends / Facilities in his / her territory. Dr. Taneja is VP - Planning, Systems and Periodic, Personal contact with key referring Doctors/ Strategy at Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai institutions as per his/her schedule calendar. 2) Periodic Mapping of Parent Hospitals Clinical Program Marketing share vis-à-vis main competitors in terms of revenues / volumes, Addition / Deletion of new Consultants, Addition / Deletion of technology and Addition / Deletion of additional space plus major partnerships and alliances. 3) Performance appraisal with respect to variance in business compared to target per clinical program assigned to Sales Manager by Dr., Areas, Corporate business, addition of new channel partners etc.10 Join MedicinMan on Linkedin here: Join MedicinMan on Linkedin here:
  11. 11. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. NO FIRE? DON’T HIRE !How Front-line Managers as Talent Scouts can Reduce the Impact of Attrition Vision of the Organiza- Step 3: India is made up of tion – If you want to lead, small towns. Here reading pay like a leader to attract English is more important the best talent. Mediocre than fluency in spoken Eng- companies attract mediocre lish. Fluency in Regional lan- people. guage is also important. To Goal of the Organization Sell You have to Spell, Pro- – Organizations focusing on nunciation part plays im- short term goals never both- portant part in Detailing. Therefore reading text of William Fernandes er about reducing attrition Visual Aid should be integral Sr. Training Manager and creating talent pool. part of Interview. Blue Cross Labs Investment in People – How much will you invest on Step 4: Education Back- ground – Pharma Selling The 7 Deadly Sins people development is im- portant as people stay on in involves scientific communi- of Recruitment cations. So preference -Performia Australia ―learning organizations‖.Attrition! Attrition! At- should be given to Pharmacy Interview Process - Every Making the job adtrition! People every- and Science graduates. Manager has to be ready for too good to bewhere are blaming attri- Street-smart Arts and Com- attrition. Front-line Manager true.tion for nonperfor- merce graduates with right must be a talent scout andmance. Attrition is prevalent attitude, skill and enthusi- have number of potential Focusing on asm also perform well.across industries including top candidates in mind in case of education,organizations like Infosys. vacancy. He should scout for Step 5: Using NDA formula ―experience‖ andPharmaceutical Industry, espe- potential candidates while for final selection: other wastes ofcially Sales and Marketing working in the field. Vacan- Need+Desire+Attitude. time.have been hit badly. Career cies in high potential territo- (NDA) formula should beoriented people are being of- ries should be carefully filled used for final selection as skills can be developed by Listening, but notfered choices by other indus- with right candidates. Wrong training. People with need, looking.tries like IT, Real Estate, Hos- selection will do more harmpitality, Banking and Retailing. than good. desire to succeed and right attitude will work better and Let‘s find some-We must accept the fact that The following are 5 Steps work for a longer time. one just like me!attrition is the order of the day to ensure ‗Right Fit‘:and it is not likely to reduce in Post Hiring Actions - Step 1: Physical Appearancefuture. We can only reduce the After Training and Induc- Making personali- – Person should be physical-impact of it by applying right tion, Feedback and Perfor- ty a priority. ly fit and presentable in ap-HR policies in the organiza- mance Appraisal are im- pearance with good attiretion. However Front-line Man- portant to develop and retain sense and enthusiasm as Not referenceagers can also minimize the good performers. Regular MR‘s job involves lot of leg checking.impact of Attrition through and specific feedback is very work and meeting highly essential to develop new MR.Right Selection, Recruitment qualified people. Losing the right Scouting, recognizing andand Interview Process to en- Step 2: Family Background candidate by not nurturing a talent pool tosure ―Right Fit‖. Three im- is very important as a person acting fast meet the future needs byportant aspects must be con- with needy background will enough. FLMs will help reduce thesidered while making recruit-ment policies: be hardworking and more stable. impact of Attrition. ▌ Taken from Performia 11 Austrailia. Read more here
  12. 12. Business Insight from Germany MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. How Top Management can Help Medical Reps Overcome Rejection Are You No one knows more cial and market dynamics perous future. They would Selling about a disease than pharma companies are driving paradigm changes, pharma is yet to play and active role in healthcare. Drugs or with all their re- respond. Many companies There are the examples, in many countries are still like Janssen-Cilag (J&J) searchers in the bio- in drug selling mode. having set up an integrated Creating chemical, clinical and therapeutic field. Therefore doctors close their doors and reps are project to better detect and support the treatment of But research & devel- Healthcare opment brains ap- pear not be linked to confronted with rejection. The poor reputation of pharma is worsening, not schizophrenia in the north of Germany. They share Co’s ? their knowledge, being sub- marketing & sales even patients trust pharma ject matter experts on the people. In many cases and still: playing a more disease and are getting ac- they do not even know each active role in healthcare tively involved in other. The transfer of the appears far away for many healthcare. They do this vast know-how available companies. through a fully independent inside the industry is not Here it might be very help- service company, but at leveraged to create value to ful to create a picture of least they do it. those who deal with these ―playing an active role in Where are the other problems in their clinics or healthcare‖ to highlight experts? They call hospitals. what this could mean: Im- themselves research What if pharma started agine a population in Afri- based companies; know shaping their markets in- ca, suffering from the literally everything Hanno Wolfram is MD plague of the 21st century: about the specific dis- stead of complaining and at Innov8 GmbH and Co- HIV. There are a number of ease they are research- what if pharma would de- Founder at Pharmainstitut liver improved quality of companies who not only ing. They carry neces- Contact him at : life to those affected, in- know literally everything sary insights and still stead of selling about HIV but as well have do not really share the- drugs? The ―history remedies to treat it. Imag- se competencies with of pharma‖ has seen ine that companies having those affected. Be it many changes in synergistic drugs would physicians not having company cultures, join forces and resources enough time during restrictive laws and and agree with govern- consultation or be it regulations imposed, ments to train physicians, patients with a real changes of approach nurses and teachers and need for information and Co‘s like Wyeth and Sanofi Pasteur have, in and style, but one deploy their joint forces assistance. Pharmaceuticalcollaboration with WHO and others, contributed thing has remained into many small HIV- companies not only have allsignificantly to polio immunization globally. –Ed clinics across such plagued knowledge, but they also unchanged even in 2011: it still is about geographies and help to have the economic power M ANY COMPANIES ―selling drugs‖. Whereas prevent, assist in educating and a number of other pre- many other industries offer the population and treat requisites, for example pro- ARE STILL IN something different today: those affected. Of course fessional project manage- this approach will create ment skills. Many of them DRUG SELLING the car industry provides are striving to improve the mobility, fashion industry revenue for the company, .T MODE HERE- offers desirability etc. paid by governments or sales model, too few are even the WHO. In this thinking about the business FORE DOCTORS Despite the fact that many case, a pharma company model of the future. If their companies claim to be would deliver support to understanding of Key Ac- CLOSE THEIR count Management would healthcare companies, those infected, assist the DOORS AND REPS their contribution is per- country or government to be the same as in other in- dustries, they will start to12 ARE CONFRONTED ceived as nothing but providing (undoubtedly cure one big reason of pov- erty and the lack of per- offer solutions and no long- er drugs. ▌ WITH REJECTION. helpful!) drugs. While so- spective for a more pros- Business Insight from Germany
  13. 13. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Induction: Opportunity to Learn by Seeing All Companies, in- their job well and are able appreciate the new candi- ―INDUCTION MUST to perform and succeed in dates‘ strength and identify cluding MNCs, face BE MADE A HAPPY their job. It is very im- areas for improvement. shortage of field OCCASION BY PAY- portant to put new MRs on Front-line Managers must sales people and the right track to ensure make the first day of the ING ATTENTION TO are unable to have that they perform well and new candidate a happy oc- full complement of get the much needed confi- casion by 1. paying atten- SMALL DETAILS LIKE their planned field dence in their abilities. tion to small details like PROVIDING First impressions are the giving business cards on strength at any giv- BUSINESS CARDS best impressions and the the day of joining. 2. Mak- en time. ing a fully engaged team ON THE FIRST DAY induction process tends to Front-line Managers make or break new candi- member to share his induc- OF WORK.‖ should play an active role dates. The induction pro- tion experience and assure in filling up vacancies and cess must be made into a the new candidate of full ensure that new candidates pleasant experience, which support to create a sense of are inducted properly. should create trust in the belonging. If 30% of sanctioned company and put the new This sense of belonging will strength remains va- candidate at ease within ensure that the new candi- cant on an average, and the team. date will share his concerns the per month sales The confidence developed openly. Any disregard to turnover is Rs.10 during induction holds the their genuine concerns, crores with the full key to future performance. will end up driving them to complement of field Hence Front-line Man- some other company. force, then such com- agers must be specially Once a new candidate is panies tend to lose Rs.3 trained for this task inducted properly the crores per month. through Management Front-line Manager also This loss of revenue puts Development Pro- gains confidence in his undue pressure on other grams. MDPs must re- leadership capability and team members leading to inforce the importance this feel-good factor is key further attrition and in- of induction through to motivating MRs to per- creased pressure. Such is activities and experien- form to their fullest poten- the enormity of the situa- tial learning. Front-line tial. ▌ tion posed by unfilled va- Managers must have cancies. clear understanding of To break this cycle of attri- situational leadership so that they can direct, V. Srinivasan tion—pressure—attrition, coach, support and del- has a rich expe- Front-line Managers must egate depending on the rience in HR ensure that the induction skill level of the new and Sales Ad- of new candidates is happy team members. ministration in and satisfying by making Pharma Companies, with it an opportunity to Induction must be a two- over 200 published articles learn by seeing. way engagement process, to his credit in India and Front-line Managers must where Front-line Managers abroad. He can be contact- demonstrate field sales ac- must demonstrate active & ed at shridhar1956@ re- tivities clearly, so that new empathetic listening skills, to understand and candidates understand 13
  14. 14. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4. Emotional Intelligence - Insight for Beginners The greatest wealth one How do we ensure that As more and more people can have in life is good MRs are able to achieve accept that emotional intel- health….and we in the enhanced relationship as ligence is just as important AS MORE AND pharmaceutical industry well as prescription loyalty to professional success, as MORE PEOPLE are the ones who provide with doctors? technical ability, organiza- not only medicines but How can we empower MRs tions are increasingly hir- ACCEPT THAT healthcare solutions to the to work in these challeng- ing sales personnel based population through the ing times? We empower on their emotional intelli- EMOTIONAL doctors. them by making them gence. This is because stud- INTELLIGENCE Medical Reps are the in- emotionally intelligent. ies have revealed that emo- credible force who work, tional intelligence is twice IS JUST AS What is emotional intelli- come rain, shine or thun- as important in contrib- gence? By definition, Emo- uting to excellence as intel- IMPORTANT TO der to make the world a tional Intelligence (EI) is healthier place. Despite the lect alone. the capacity for effectively PROFESSIONAL paradigm shift in commu- recognizing and managing Thus to really succeed, nication, the value of face our own emotions and MRs must develop and ap- SUCCESS AS to face communication and those of others. ply their relational skills to TECHNICAL ABIL- interaction of Medical Reps According to Daniel help them connect with with the doctors continues doctors, recognize doctor ITY, ORGANIZA- to be of utmost significance Goleman, EI has 5 basic wants and needs, and build principles necessary to be- TIONS ARE in our industry. However, strong lasting relation- come a leader. They are self today the number of MRs ships. A representative who awareness, self regulation, INCREASINGLY has risen so much that it self motivation, (the ability can respond appropriately has placed a burden on the to the doctor‘s emotions HIRING SALES doctor‘s time. to recognize your emotions can have a positive influ- and to understand what PERSONNEL In such a scenario, how do ence on doctor satisfaction they are telling you), empa- we make our MRs stand and prescription genera- thy and nurturing relation- BASED ON THEIR out and make a mark? How tion. In fact emotionally ships (realize how emo- do we ensure that our MRs intelligent people are EMOTIONAL tions affect people around known to produce better go beyond technical skills you. When you understand INTELLIGENCE. and skills such as getting how they feel, this allows sales and higher productiv- appointments, detailing, ity. you to manage relation- and getting prescriptions? ships more effectively) – all Eventually they can emerge necessary ingredients to as stronger leaders and engage customers and better decision makers and maintain their loyalty. hence move to the next level in their career. Emo- According to Deepak Cho- tional Intelligence can thus pra, ―When people are be a key to success in life emotionally bonded to you, especially in your career. ▌ they want to have contact with you. They want to be of service and share in your Vijaya Shetty is a senior vision. Deep motivation consultant with Identity then develops. True, lasting Business Solutions Hub. loyalties are formed.‖ MRs She has 15 years work ex- who have a high level of perience in the Pharma14 MRs must learn to use Emotions powerfully; like the Airtel ad where a grandson returns home & makes his father to re Emotional Intelligence can foster better relationships. Industry . -connect with grandfather after years of separation. —Ed.
  15. 15. MedicinMan Vol.1. Iss.4.Career Development – Chance or Choice?The position of Medical Many people even change we are willing to reflect on movie ―Titanic‖, LeonardiRep offers the maxi- their names because they the message and learn. Di Caprio, says that life ismum opportunities for are embarrassed with their Movies like ―Titanic‖ are like a game of cards, youcareer development for names like ‗Chironji Lal great because they speak cannot choose which cardsthose who are willing Khosla‗ in the movie about challenges and are dealt to you. But youand determined; even can choose how well youthough field sales profes- will play the game with thesionals enter Pharma in- cards you have. In thedustry by chance rather same way you may havethan choice. This is not become an MR by chance,bad in itself. Many im- but you need not leave yourportant decisions about our career development tolife have been made for us chance. In the past threeand we did not have any issues of MedicinMan,choice in deciding key is- we have featured MRssues like who our parents Chironji Lal Khosla (first from left), often felt helpless who entered the pro-were, what name we would about his place in life and society; this attitude changes fession by chance butcarry, the place of our dramatically over the course of the movie. made it a choice to ex-birth, the color of our skin cel in their work. Every-and so many other things ―Khosla Ka Ghosla‖. Mov- choices that all of us have one can learn a lot fromabout which we wish we ies are great entertainers as to face and overcome in these role models of how tohad a choice. well as teachers, provided career and life. In the turn chance into choice. ▌ Career Development Resources for Medical Reps and Front-line Managers “If you are willing to read HardKnocks for the GreenHorn, Rs. 599/- it means you are willing to do whatever it takes to build your career.” - K. Hariram, Managing Director, Galderma Rs. 799/- “SuperVision for the SuperWiser Manager is a must for front- line managers of every pharma company. It is tailor-made to transform Medical Reps to leadership positions.” Akshya Mahapatra, Head–Sales and Marketing, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals To place your orders or find out more about Career Development Programs : E: M: +91 934 2232 949
  16. 16. EXECUTIVE TEAM Book Review: Using Information Value Additions to EDITOR Anup Soans Therapy to Put Patients First Our Editorial BoardEXECUTIVE EDITOR ten book that seeks to put the Vardarajan S is GM Joshua Soans Patient First. - Strategy Mgt & Ops COO Excellence at Merck. According to Dr, Shalini Ratan, Arvind Nair another pioneer in putting pa- He began his career as tients first, It is estimated that a Medical Rep withADVISORY BOARD over 70% patients leave the Searle and has a very doctor‘s cabin without fully distinguished career and varied Prof. Vivek understanding the treatment track record with Upjohn, Rhone Hattangadi leading to poor compliance. Poulenc, Pfizer and Novo Jolly Mathews Pharma companies would do Nordisk. Vardarajan‘s stint with well to widely circulate Using IMS has given him a deep insightEDITORIAL BOARD Information Therapy to into healthcare industry. Put Patients First instead of Shashin using devious ways of increas- Dr. Mandar Kubal Bodawala ing prescriptions. Informed M.D is a Fellow of In- patient is a compliant patient. fectious Diseases Soci-Salil Kallianpur Using Information Thera- ety of India and Amer- In an era when the focus is py to Put Patients First is a ican College of ChestDr. Shalini Ratan shifting to delighting the Pa- must read for all pharma sales Physicians. He is the Chief of In-Prabhakar Shetty tient, it is surprising that there and marketing professionals to fectious Diseases at several hospi- are not many handy resources gain insight and develop empa- tals in Mumbai and is attached to to understand patient aspira- thy for patients leading to bet- renowned hospitals including CONSULTANTS tions and bridge the vital gap. ter quality interaction with Fortis. Dr. Kubal enjoys interact- Dr. Anirudha Malpani and his doctors. This is one Diwali gift ing with Medical Reps has done editor Rohan Pasricha have that will light up the world of Amit Shekhar interesting surveys on various done a brilliant job in bridging patient education with bright- aspects of a Medical Reps work. this gap with their well writ- ness that it rightly deserves. ▌ Our Editors Have Klout ! Send your queries, comments and feedback to: E: MedicinMan congratulates its Editorial Board member Salil Kalli- M: anpur for being nominated by John Mack on his list of Pharma +91 934 2232 949 Twitter Pioneers. Salil is ranked 21 out of 92 on Klout score Follow Salil on Twitter: E: M: Linkedin Poll: Which Issue is Most Detrimental to +91 987 020 1422 Success in Today’s Workplace? To receive the latest issue of MedicinMan every month in your mailbox,visit www.medicinman.netand enter your email ID in the ―Subscribe toMedicinMan‖ widget below the latest issue. Published and Printed for MedicinMan by Joshua Soans at 22 North Road, Cooke Town, Bangalore—84