A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’ s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative PHARMA                  MEDICAL DE...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3    Ethical Matters in Indian Pharma    – A Brandcare Survey    Highlights of the Brandcare Poll ...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3Does GOI need to play a more active role in implementing the ethical agenda?80% respondents wante...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3    Ethical Matters in Indian    Pharma – A Brandcare Survey    Indian regulators have been attem...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3                                iPad in Pharma Field                                Sales – A Use...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3                             How Good is Your                             Leadership Skill?    Ma...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 Novel Communication Approach for the Front-line Manager The Silent Treatment – Say Everything wi...
What is CRM?                                                                                              MedicinMan Vol. ...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 310
Companies are investing more than ever inHot on            Linked           As seen on Pharma SFE                         ...
MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3     Prof. Vivek Hattangadi     Many training programs in the pharma industry in India are conduc...
There is also a big question mark, in my view, around the quality of follow-up of training, and a whole host of questionsa...
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Brand Drift                      Delegates, Faculty, Partners and Sponsors          A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Me...
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MedicinMan March 2012 Issue


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Pharma CRM; Front-line Leadership; Ethics in Healthcare; Silence as a Communication Tactic; and Pharma Brand Drift Special Feature

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MedicinMan March 2012 Issue

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’ s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative PHARMA MEDICAL DEVICES DI AGN O S T I C S SURGICALSVol. 2 lssue 3 www.medicinman.net March 2012EditorialCRM and Ethics In Healthcare IndustryHealthcare and Pharma related LinkedIn I think, like in any epidemic, all companies Most importantly, we haveforums, Facebook, Twitter are good indi- will suffer; many will die and some will sur- spoiled the medical frater-cators of current trends on a given topic. vive. Perhaps, it is no body’s fault. Because, nity. Doctors were never likeThe current discussion on CRM in Indian Indian market being a branded generics this to begin with. If a doctorPharma Connection initiated by industry market - and our preference for shortcuts has to select one brand fromveteran, Sanjeev Deshpande has drawn the coupled with deteriorating value system has 100 similar brands, how domaximum number of comments. It is clear made all players to take this unethical route. you expect him to differenti-from the comments of pharma professionals What else does one expect to happen when ate? He will obviously go forcutting across functions and hierarchy that 100 companies introduce the same molecule? something, which serves himethics in Pharma is the need of the hour. Here best - kind or cash. Doctorsare some comments: Pramod Sharma - Dr. Surinder Sharma has are smart enough to know that rightly observed and pointed out that it was companies do every thing toProf. Vivek Hattangadi - CRM or more cor- the big companies that dug the grave by ini- maximize their profits; andrectly and crudely put; ‘doctor gratification’ tiating CRM for prescription support. Now they want to be our partners!is not brand building but a trading activity. the doctor’s noble profession is trapped in a Our salvation is to invest inMany doctors actually bargain, like a typical dark coalmine and they consider it their right bringing new drugs/therapies.housewife when she goes to the market place. to receive cash, kind, vacation trips and so If you want plenty of water,Every second month one needs to spend many other lucrative offers. If all companies you need to dig new wells.more to get the same volume of business. together decide to give up this practice, busi-Such companies can neither create brands ness will not be affected because doctors havenor have cash cows. to use medicines. On the contrary, if compa- nies spend this fund towards development ofDr. Surinder Kumar Sharma - Who has newer molecules and HRD for their front-the courage and patience to walk the right line operatives, it will work better and lead topath? Doctors’ gratification, under the guise sustainable and ethical growth.of CRM was first started by big companieswith deep pockets, with the intent of stupe- Dr. Surinder Kumar Sharma - Let us notfying the competition. But other companies put the blame on doctors alone. They are as much a part of our society as we are; their Anup Soanssoon followed the bandwagon and caught up Editor - MedicinMan welcomes value-system or behavior must be judged ac-with the trend very fast, with their own novel delegates to Brand Drift 2012. cordingly. Just as pharma companies want tomethods. Over a period of time, companies For Details see pages 14 to 17 maximize profits, by all sort of means - irra-have created a Frankenstein, which is threat- tional combinations, selling drugs which areening their very existence. The lack of new banned in other countries by manipulatingproducts resulting in every company selling system, selling drugs at obnoxiously highsimilar products without differentiation has profits, keeping MRP high to give schemesfurther complicated the issue. Now the phar- for chemist/stockist disregarding the impactmamarket is totally a buyers’ market, and on patients - doctors also want to maximizedoctors are calling the shots. their gains.
  2. 2. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 Ethical Matters in Indian Pharma – A Brandcare Survey Highlights of the Brandcare Poll in which nearly 180 Pharma professionals participated. Does Indian Pharma need to improve its ethical practices? 100% respondents agreed that Indian pharmaceutical industry needs to improve its ethical practices. Strongly agree 29% Agree Disagree 71% Do Health Care Providers (HCPs) in India need to implement better ethical practices? Here too, 100% respondents agreed that the medical community needs to improve its ethical practices. 0% Strongly 34% Agree Don’ t agree 66% In India, are MNCs better in implementating ethical practices? A large proportion - around 67% agreed that MNCs implement ethical practices better than Indian companies. MNC attitudes toward ethics tend to be rooted in their global culture and business practices. 15% 19% Strongly agree Agree 15% NA-ND 52% Disagree2
  3. 3. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3Does GOI need to play a more active role in implementing the ethical agenda?80% respondents wanted Government intervention in tightening of implementation of ethical practices. 3% 2% Strongly agree 15% Agree 45% NA-ND Disagree 35% Strongly DisagreeIn which areas do Pharma companies need to implement better ethics? Definitely needed Probably needed May be Probably not needed Definitely not needed 1 2 3 4 5International Sponsorships 52% 16% 17% 14% 0%Gifting 44% 21% 6% 11% 17%Sampling 25% 25% 21% 21% 8%CMEs 38% 22% 22% 11% 46%As compared to HCPs in developed countries, how do Indian HCPs compare in practicing ethics?At par – 22%Poor 75%Better 3%Do hospitals in India need to improve their ethical standards?97% of respondents agreed that hospitals need to improve their ethical standards.Very Poor 27%Poor 38%Average 32%Good 3%Very Good 0%Will including ethics in the MBBS and pharmacy curriculum help to improve the adherence of ethicalpractices?Definitely Will 35%Probably Will 37%May be 17%Probably Won’ t 6%Definitely Won’ t 5% 3
  4. 4. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 Ethical Matters in Indian Pharma – A Brandcare Survey Indian regulators have been attempting to effectively Medical Council of India amended its guidelines in regulate and monitor the professional conduct of 2009 to regulate the conduct of medical practition- medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies ers. The MCI amendment look at two broad areas. for a long time. First, it addresses the issue of gifting and sponsor- ship and secondly it addresses ethics pertaining to The Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) Gov- clinical trials. ernment of India (GOI) has formulated the Uni- form Code Of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices Rashmi Thosar, Director – Brandcare. Brandcare (UCPMP can be viewed on http://www.medicinman. Healthcare Communications is a leading Mumbai net ) which covers claims and comparisons, promo- based healthcare advertising agency. Full article is tional material, sampling, gifting, sponsorships, MR’s available at brandspeak.brandcare.net conduct and mode of operations.4
  5. 5. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 iPad in Pharma Field Sales – A User Insight H.J. Badrinarayana Given the challenges like the shrinking window 2. When the iPad is loaded with Microsoft of opportunity in today’s me-too Pharma market, Outlook mailbox, the doctor’s medical query can be iPad presents many unique advantages that can mailed to medical department and the response time enable Pharma field sales people to increase their can be reduced. overall productivity. But the ability to enhance the quality of in-clinic interaction still remains in 3. iPad can be connected to company website and other online resources so that doctors can be the hands of the Rep. If the Rep takes iPad in a registered and one can provide them specific articles/ positive spirit and uses it creatively to engage the journals. doctor, he will have many advantages over com- petition. However, just as the Flip chart is useless 4. A tech savvy Rep with iPad can involve the if it remains in the Rep’s bag and is not used ap- doctor in a webcast in his chamber itself at no addi- propriately, so too it is the same with any digital tional cost. This is possible ONLY with iPads. mode of communication like iPad or other simi- lar devices. 5. Today every Pharmaceutical organization has to follow MCI guidelines. Under these circumstances cutting edge advantage comes from novel gadgets like iPads do offer a significantly superior way of dia- iPads. Undoubtedly iPads enhances the Rep capabil- logue with doctors such as: ity, confidence and adds much value to his interactive ability. 1. With iPads you can load KOL’s talk and play it during the sales call. This is definitely an 6. iPad with 3G network offers a unique advan- advantage, which one cannot find with tradi- tage of learning from home. This helps Reps spend quality time in improving his knowledge as well as tional flip charts. You can show each doctor their presents huge cost savings to the Pharma company. favorite KOL talking about their area of interest and need. 5
  6. 6. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 How Good is Your Leadership Skill? Mayank Saigal Good leadership is always part nature and part nurture. If, on the other hand, you make choices and act in accord- Whether you are aware of it or not, you are continually lead- ance with your morals and values, you will succeed almost ing yourself and others. The question is “how good are you at effortlessly. People sense integrity and will naturally respect it?” The good news is that, with focus and effort, you can im- your opinion and leadership. prove your leadership skills and get more out of life. Here are some things you might think about in your effort to become a Most people are hesitant to follow leaders with a rigid at- more effective leader: titude. They prefer leaders who are positive in their outlook but also practical in their planning and expectations. It is Have a clear vision of yourself, others, and the world. Younger important that you maintain a positive attitude - and it is leaders often do not have this clarity and it makes it difficult equally important that you do not become delusional. No for them to become great leaders. You should be able to an- one respects a grumpy or negative person; no one trusts a swer these five questions honestly and accurately. delusional one. With a positive attitude, you are looking at the bright side of life. People are naturally attracted to you 1. Who are you and why is that important? when you have a positive attitude. By being positive, you will 2. What do you really stand for? lead a happier life and find that other positive people sur- 3. What is your life purpose and why is it important? round you. 4. How and why do you want to lead others? 5. How do you want to contribute and why is that You must always strive to improve your communication important? skills. Your ability to communicate clearly and specifically your vision, goals, skills, intentions, and expectations to oth- The answers to these questions will help you to formulate a ers is a critical part of your leadership skills. Remember that concrete vision of yourself and your place in the world. Self- communication should always be a two-way street. It also understanding is the foundation of all leadership. It will allow includes an ability to listen to what other people are trying you to start living your life as the leader - a person who makes to tell you. To become a leader, become a great communica- their vision a reality - a person who others will follow! tor; continually strive to improve your verbal, nonverbal and listening skills. Self-knowledge will help you to understand both your strengths and weaknesses - you can identify gaps in your Finally, never fall into the trap of thinking that you are in this knowledge - come to understand what you are good at and alone. There are others who have traveled the path that you what you are not good at. Know and utilize your strengths and are on - others who have successfully learned the lessons, gifts. Partner with others to compensate for your weaknesses. which you are seeking to learn. Remember that leadership Remember, you have unique abilities that you were born with is something that you can develop - cultivate in yourself. and personal strengths developed over your lifetime. Realiz- You can do that better if you seek out and actively cultivate ing and utilizing these gifts and strengths will help you be- relationships with mentors and coaches who can help you come a more effective leader. progress. Leaders are either trusted or feared - and it is better to be Most people who have traveled these roads successfully are trusted. People follow leaders that they trust more willingly more than happy to give back to those who are just embark- than those they fear. Their trust comes from the sense that the ing on the journey. leader believes and acts according to a moral code - they live in accordance with their morals and values. You should strive Happy Leading! for this ideal. If you make choices and take actions that do not reflect your morals and values it will leave you with a nagging, Mayank Saigal – An L&D Professional associated with an bad feeling - and others will sense this unease. This limits your MNC in Mumbai. mayanksaigal@gmail.com success in your career and relationships.6
  7. 7. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 Novel Communication Approach for the Front-line Manager The Silent Treatment – Say Everything without Saying Anything Once, when I was a child of ten, I disobeyed my mother’s clear Do not display any type of body language which shows anger. instructions. I expected a sound thrashing. Surprisingly, that Have your last word and laugh, then play the silent treatment. It did not happen. My mother just ignored me. For a while I was will leave him stunned and wondering. Before the silent treatment, happy. But she ignored me the entire day and I became rest- tell him: “Well, I know you are disturbed and why you did it. I will less. The following day too, she ignored me. Her silence was speak to you later”. The next time you see him, just ignore him. Do deadly. I could not bear it. I pleaded with her to speak to me. not attend his calls. Cut off all communication, contact, and access. She turned a deaf ear. That evening was unbearable. At last I Even block his e-mails. This shows you do not want him. Cursing hugged her and started crying. And that was when she hugged and bullying shows negative attention, which is not as effective as me lovingly stroked my head. I felt completely relieved and the silent treatment. If you see him, pretend like he does not exist. even before she said anything, I apologised. Tell your immediate bosses to ignore him too. Sit away from him if you are in a cycle meeting. Though your silent treatment, let him The power of ‘silent treatment’ was loudly visible. Her silent know how much it hurt you when he did whatever he did. treatment hurt me more than her anger. Silent treatment makes you feel unimportant, not valued and not cared for. The anterior cingulate cortex in the brain detects emotional pain. Nobody wants to be shut out, ignored, excluded or rejected. Research indicates the anterior cingulate cortex can be active even Silence can be an expression of anger or disapproval. when a person is not aware of his errors. Nevertheless, aware- ness might increase activation. When you give someone the silent Should a manager use this silent treatment to admonish or treatment you are activating his cingulate cortex giving him sleep- express anger over some wrong act of his team member? It less nights. By now he will get your message. Make peace with him is a passive-aggressive behaviour and hurts the other person eventually. sharply. Such behaviour can have a very strong impact. When you apply this, you are banishing your MR without the benefit A word of warning - silent treatment can be destructive; maturity, of closure or a good bye or a chance at reconciliation. It can tact and care are needed when you apply it. hurt him badly. Silent treatment communicates negative feel- ings even more effectively than a tongue-lashing does. - Vivek Hattangadi vivekhattangadi@theenablers.org; www.theenanbler.org The first thing a FLM should do to an MR before playing the silent treatment is to say a good word. We try to remember that medicine is for the patient. We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits. The profits follow, and if we have re- membered that, they have never failed to appear. The better we have remembered it, the larger they have been. - George. W. Merck 7
  8. 8. What is CRM? MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 True CRM is invaluable and essential for the lasting Anup Soans success of any business. CRM in the right sense a phi- are satisfied with his care and refer friends and losophy that permeates the company and captured relatives so that he has more opportunities to Rx. best by this quote: - “If you want to be creative in your company, all it takes is one easy step . . . the extra one. Some of the best CRM strategies I have known are When you encounter a familiar plan, you just ask one in the medical devices domain - a German com- question: ‘What ELSE could we do?” - Dale Dauten pany has partnered with government and hospi- tals/doctors to provide dialysis to patients regard- While doing this ‘what else’, the company must remain less of their ability to pay. within ethical boundaries. It is not the company’s job to celebrate the doctor’s birthday and wedding anni- CRM need not be only in the high price/profit versary. These are personal, family and social matters. category drugs and devices; what is needed is to This can be meaningful only when the company and understand the market in its totality and create in- its MRs, FMs have created trust and built relationship novative solutions that deliver real value to hospi- with doctors. tals/doctors and patients. These days I get ‘meaningless’ messages on my birth- day from Banks, Credit Cards, Internet/ISP, Mobile and even Hindustan Petroleum! Domain Knowledge Is Very Important “People don’t want to com­mu­ni­cate with an orga­ni­za­ tion or a com­puter. They want to talk to a real, live, re- There was a family with one kid. One day the sponsive, respon­ i­ le per­ on who will lis­ en and help sb s t mother was out and dad was in charge of the kid them get satisfaction.” - Theo Michel­ on s who just turned three. A good CRM program must supplement and revolve Someone had given the kid a little ‘tea set’ as a around the front-line sales people. That means it is birthday gift and it was one of his favorite toys. Dad was in the living room engrossed in the even- important that you retain your field force for a rea- ing news when kid brought dad a little cup of ‘tea’, sonable period if you want to create trust, build re- which was just water. lationship and deliver value as perceived by the cus- tomer as well derive life-time value as envisaged from After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such a customer. yummy tea from father, the mother came home. Mother waited in the living room to watch the kid bring dad a cup of tea, because it was ‘just the cut- The front-line sales people and the customer together est thing!!’ build the company’s business and brands as envisaged by the CEO of the company and strategized by the Mom waited, and sure enough, the kid comes down marketing. the hall with a cup of tea for daddy and watches him drink it up, then Mom says to him, ‘Did it ever occur to you that the only place that baby can reach Today CRM is an euphemism for travel and tour- to get water is the toilet??’ ism etc; If 10 companies are flying doctors to 10 popular locations; where is the differentiation? Mother knows! And when will he prescribe if he is on a perpetual Moral Of The Story: Domain knowledge is very holiday or attending ‘CME’ endlessly? important. Else people will mislead you. True CRM must understand the doctor’s professional Contributed by Vishwa Nathan and business needs that enable the doctor to be a bet- ter doctor, so that more patients come to him;8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 310
  11. 11. Companies are investing more than ever inHot on Linked As seen on Pharma SFE sales trainings but performance isn’t improving.What do you think about the causes of low performance? – Kaan SuherEditor’s Note: Training and ROI on training is a trending topic on Linked Forum – Pharma SFE. It has views from globalexperts on how to optimize training outcomes. Here are some of the top comments.Shreeraj DeshpandeTraining is not the only factor, which will improve sales. It’s the motivation which keeps not only sales guys but all of usalive & kicking. If in a sales hierarchy a performing guy is not seeing his career growth happening in near future he woulddefinitely seek greener pastures outside the organization no matter how good you train & expose him to other skills.Pharmaceutical industry lacks value creation to a great extent.Hariram KrishnanTraining is necessary. What makes the difference is STAYING ON and FOLLOWING UP. Quite often one finds that onejumps from one training to another and the trainer dumps to the trainee all that he knows and not what the TRAINEEwould really require. I agree that LESS is MORE and one needs to STAY on till learning is complete. No doubt other fac-tors such as Job enrichment, career development, working culture etc are factors which keeps one motivated. Traininghas to result in learning and PRACTICE and follow up is a must.Akhtar AliTraining is not the only the area to improve the sales. Multiple factors can influence the sales. Along with training com-pany promotion strategy as well as compensation package should also be reviewed. Every company should keep theiremployees motivated .Upgrading the motivation & morale of people is the job of first line manager. Supervisor mustknow the motivational key of every individual. Some people join the profession not by choice. So training has less impacton those people. Selecting people by employing new methods can minimize the chances of wastage of money on training.Samantha BarnesI firmly believe that training should be bespoke and only provided in line with individual needs. There is often a sheepdip approach to some basic or core courses which can lead to employees feeling undermined and uninspired. We need toacknowledge that each employee is an individual with different skills, knowledge and experience and therefore differentdevelopment needs. We need to allow individuals to drive their own development, which they should agree collabora-tively with the person tasked with their development. Only when employees attach their own true value to the trainingintervention will we see a natural implementation of learning into daily behaviours.Don BeardenI believe the reason why training does not always drive sales results is the disconnect between the realities of actual physi-cian interaction and the expectation of what training departments are tasked to do. In many cases, the intent of a trainingprogram is to hone in on a novel way to engage the customer, or the dissemination of product, therapeutic class or diseaseinformation that makes the reps more knowledgeable. How many times are reps brought in to hone their relationshipskills? Furthermore, a quick story from a physician I called on who positioned the sales relationship in this way...whenyou move into a new house in a neighborhood you don’t become great friends with the people next door overnight, ittakes building trust and showing you that care about them to develop a great relationship over time. It’s gradual buy-in,he said, you wouldn’t move in and ask your neighbor to watch your kids the first day. So my point is, when will pharmatrain and coach people on how to build relationships and how to leverage those relationships with appropriate promotionto drive sales? I would say maybe reps should be training the trainers! 11
  12. 12. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 Prof. Vivek Hattangadi Many training programs in the pharma industry in India are conducted without focus. Often, the trainer is not aware of the specific training needs of the trainees nor is a proper brief given to the trainer. Batches are formed based mainly on geographic convenience – a freshly promoted first-line manager is clubbed with someone senior and on the verge of the next promotion. It is one-size-to-fit-all approach by the management which makes many programs ineffective. And worst, very few companies have a mechanism to know whether the learning’s are applied at the work-place. Jay Dickison An individual is hired by HR with the skill set to do the job. The one skill set which is hard to gauge is whether a person can work independently. I have extensive experience training in the field, and there is a wide disparity between what marketing wants, and what is implemented. The ability to work independently using company directed messages is key in the field. Training needs to keep it simple by stressing key message, product knowledge and relationship building. Also sharing best practices is better than anything training can do!! This can also assure compliance is adhered. Chris Harris The ability to work independently and adhere to company strategies when working in the field is a critical component of a sales rep’s role. I have been involved in pharma sales /sales training / sales management / SFE for over 30 years and in 3 different languages and in over 30 countries. Best bet to minimise the risk of recruiting non suitable candidates is to train the first line manager in interviewing skills and relegate HR to the admin aspects of the recruitment process. This was one of first key skills as a FLSM I was trained in by Lilly way back. Having got the right guys (and ladies) aboard then sharing Best Practice (guided by the FLSM) always is the preferred development route. Learning from your peer group always transcends management diktat. Caroline Pettenuzzo On my opinion, 3 things are often missing for an efficient sales training : 1. The commitment of reps in the definition of needs and training program. 2. The commitment of reps after the training. I personally make them fill a form where they write what they’re go- ing to change in their behaviour. 3. The commitment of managers in the preparation and communication about training and after trainings. They easily can follow learning and the commitments of their reps thanks to the individual forms. I also recommend that we measure sales before the training and 2 or 3 month after the training. And I promise you that if you follow this method, the result will be amazing. If I summarize, the most important is the preparation and the fol- lowing of the training... and the involvement of all ! Rob Kemp I would like to add a comment around ‘what’ is being trained! Ask a pharma sales person about their ability to influence and persuade, and you will most likely get positive self-rating. Then ask the same salesperson to analyze those beliefs about their skills and abilities (break them down into their constituent parts, and review / evaluate / discuss) and 99 times out of 100 you will be met with a blank expression. We can teach someone a sales process very, very easily - the ability to use that with emotional intelligence, utilising the science of influence, takes longer (and is not routinely done). So I definitely agree with follow-up, implementation, personalization, proper needs analysis and everything else that has been identified here - but unless step 1 is on the right track, then the rest of the journey may well be in totally the wrong direction.12
  13. 13. There is also a big question mark, in my view, around the quality of follow-up of training, and a whole host of questionsaround coaching. Finally, the evaluation of training/coaching interventions... it never ceases to amaze me in a world ofscience and evidence, how slack we are around evaluation. Is impact difficult to measure?- of course it is, but that is noexcuse for not trying to trying to do so. As long as we continue to evaluate the effectiveness of training only by how peoplefeel about it, the further we will move away from the purpose of training investment in the first place.Allard ClaessensI have two very specific recommendations: do not start training your reps if FLM is not ready and available to workon implementation and coaching. This is a level in training that in many cases is skipped or considered to be not urgent.WRONG!!Secondly, never train on selling skills alone; always integrate your strategic products, competition that are part of thedaily worries of your trainees. It will help you to see proven implementation and results! take time to brief the trainers,and make sure they understand the market challenges (product management/marketing involvement).Soumitra DasguptaA class room training can impact only 20-30% on capability enhancement, however “on the job training” can really im-pact more than 70% of performance.Too many class room training & conventional methods (example -180 slides... content, 80 pages of “learning module”with 5 sections, 4 pages of pre work which is nearly same for last 3 training programs) have created a boredom to thetrainees & thereby providing low impact.Training programs at all levels need a freshness with realistic approach. While trainers accreditation is one of the key eli-ment to get a level 2 training outcome, Level 3 feed back can really measure the outcome of any training program.It is essential that immidiate manager, coach & monitor the implementation the key learning of the program effectively.Not too many, but selected training program in accordance to business need, with an effective implementation can reallydeliver performance.Don BeardenQ. Do pharma field managers have knowledge of marginal cost-benefit?Ans: The short answer is no knowledge of cost-benefit. Pharma’s business model is very segmented with first-line andsecond-line managers having no knowledge of the cost side of the picture. Pharma is very “silo’-ed”.Q. Why did the companies prefer muscle bound sales & marketing strategy instead of value creation?Ans: The marketing model was proved in Europe in the mid-80’s that more brand messages are better/lead to more sales.Marketing teams adopted the “Budweiser” or “Coca-Cola” model whereby the more times “Coke is the real thing” couldbe delivered the higher the sales. So pharma loaded up on bodies without regard to value.Q. Why did HR recruit thousand of such low profile managers and reps then lay off ?Ans: It was the business model, see above.Q. Who can expect fruitful outcome from sales people who are under sales quota pressure only?Ans: That’s what pharma’s business model has been and that’s the point of my comments, where’s the ownership? Success-ful reps, managers, etc. typically are driven, have a mission, strategize and execute for success.Q. Who can expect customer satisfaction ?Ans: Excellent question/comment/point! I’m not trying to highlight GSK necessarily, as mentioned above but GSK istrying to re-invent its approach to focus more on customer satisfaction. I don’t know all the particulars, however, untilmore companies decide to drive value and it’s impact on the bottom line, it may be a while before we see that change? 13
  14. 14. Brand Drift MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 3 First-of-its-kind Pharma Branding Event Brand Drift 2012 was a runaway success with The afternoon session was equally insightful with Salil- nearly 130 pharma brand managers from all over Kallianpur of GSK moderating a session on Emerging India attending the seminar. Brand Drift began Media and its use in Pharma marketing with insights with a thought-provoking talk by kiran khalap, from Dinesh Chindharkar, Dr. Neelesh Bhandari and founder of chlorophyll, a brand and communica- Jini Mathai. The entire session was live tweeted with tions consultancy. kiran sought to clarify funda- Salil and Dinesh playing the role of mavens to create a mental concepts about what constitutes a brand. Tipping Point for Brand Drift. This was followed by a panel discussion of doc- tors on what they thought about brands and their Chinese Whispers by Anup Soans, Editor, Medicin- expectations from a brand. Susan Josi, founder, Man focused on the Listening aspect of communica- Sorento Healthcare then gave a passionate and tion to effectively engage the Field Force for effective clear insight into the process of branding. implementation of branding communications. This was followed by a panel discussion moderat- To receive a DVD on Brand Drift 2012, write to ed brilliantly by Vikas Dandekar of Elsevier Busi- MedicinMan, the Knowledge Partner for Brand Drift ness Intelligence. The panelists, Sanjeev Navangul at anupsoans@medicinman.net spoke of the success of Januvia, despite being a late entrant; Nandakumar Shetty gave an equally DVDs will also be available with Manoj Nambiar, insightful talk on how Zerodol brand range was General Manager, Springer. Gold Sponsor and Anil carefully crafted into a mega brand. Ameesh Mas- Nair, Options Clinical Imprints, Silver Sponsor as well urekar of AIOCD brought in the numbers and as from Arvind Nair, Brand Drift, Conference Direc- insights that are needed to launch and manage tor at reachpetrikor@gmail.com brands. the language of science A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’ s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative PHARMA MEDICAL DEVICES DI AGN O S T I C S SURGICALS14
  15. 15. Brand DriftDelegates, Faculty and Sponsors 15
  16. 16. Brand Drift Sponsors the language of science Springer is world’s largest publisher of Books and the ASCO creates educational resources that benefit 2nd largest publisher of Journals in the STM segment. oncology professionals in delivering high-quali- ty care to their patients. Expert committees and Springer Books & Journals- Springer publishes 400 reviewers contribute to develop these important new Books & over 360 Medical Journals every year, resources that support continuing medical edu- providing a versatile and effective method to ensure cation. rapid dissemination of focused and latest content to a targeted audience of healthcare professionals. Spring- For further details contact: ManojNambiar at er’s core areas include: Oncology, Surgery, Critical manoj.nambiar@Springer.com Care, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Cardiology and Oph- thalmology etc. Adis - Now a Springer Brand - Adis Journals offer unparalleled evaluation of all available evidence on new and established pharmacological interventions. Adis journals are a must-have resource for research- ers, clinicians, clinical pharmacists and pharmacolo- Options Clinical Imprints gists, teachers, students, or anyone with an interest in Options Clinical Imprints was set up in 2005 independent reviews and original research needed to with the prime motive of catering to the ever in- support better therapeutic decisions. creasing academic requirements of the Pharma industry. The Company has grown vertically in Springer Medical Communications - Springer’s med- the last 7 years and enjoys a good rapport with ical communications team can offer support in build- leading Publishersand Pharma companies. ing a range of strategic solutions to suit your specific Options Clinical Imprints has direct tie ups requirements. Customized products offered include with major Indian and International Publishers Medwirenews, Therapeutic Spectrum, Medical Excel- namely Jaypee Brothers, Current Technical Lit- lence, Springer Images and MedDossier, which help erature, Bhalani Medical and International Pub- to strategically build and continually shape the brand lishers like Springer –Verlag, Thieme Medical & story throughout clinical development, launch, build Scientific PublishersInforma Healthcare, Karger, up and consolidation phase of your product. These Reed-Elsevier, McGraw Hill, Cambridge Uni- tailor made, evidence-based, scientific solutions sup- versity Press, Oxford University Press, Jones and port a product throughout its life cycle. Bartlett. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) products Options Clinical Imprints provides a large num- now exclusively available through Springer for Phar- ber of MNC and Indian Pharma companies with ma Communication. - LWW is an academic and scientific inputs. The need for scientific knowl- professional medical publisher, publishing around edge is never ending as is the need to provide 300 books, over 275 journals and newsletters in the healthcare to all with the best possible method- healthcare fi¬eld annually. Publications are aimed at ology and in a cost effective manner. physicians, clinicians and nurses. Options Clinical Imprints has Ms. Suchitra P at Exclusive Global Permissions of ASCO with Springer the helm, managing the administrative and fi- nance and Anil Nair as Head of Sales and Mar- - ASCO focuses on providing the tools needed to de- keting. liver the finest cancer care in the world.16
  17. 17. Brand Drift Delegates, Faculty, Partners and Sponsors A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’ s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative PHARMA MEDICAL DEVICES DI AGN O S T I C S SURGICALS Salil Kallianpur - Indian Pharma’s ‘twitter’ Man Jini Mathai receives Memento fron Anil Nair of Options Clinical Imprints Deepa Bala - Creative Director, McCann Health Worldwide Sanjeev Navangul - The Januvia Success Story Arvind Nair - The Incredibles! Anup Soans - Editor, MedicinMan Dr. Shalini Ratan - Passionate about PatientsDr. Hemant Mittal ki ek soch- Bollywood Brands Dr. Nitin Malekar Felicitates Vikas Dandekar Susan Josi - First Lady of Pharma Communications 17