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Front-line Manager is the Fulcrum of Field Force Excellence by K. Hariram. Emerging Trends and the Future of Pharma Field Force by Salil Kallianpur. Will the iPad Enable SFE? by Dr. Neelesh Bhandari and Many more articles that foster Field Force Excellence.

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MedicinMan June 2012 Issue

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’ s Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeVol. 2 lssue 6 June 2012ffe 2012MedicinMan Field Force Excellence FLM is the Fulcrum of FFEGuest Editorial by K. HARIRAM; Former MD – Galderma IndiaMedicinMan Welcomes Mr. K. Hariram as Chief MentorThis time, like all times, is a very good his strengths and eligibility. He suddenly The rut of routine- disturbance in theone, if we but know what to do with moves into a role of MANAGING team climate, low morale at all levels, etc-it.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson OTHERS from MANAGING SELF. sets in and all these at a high cost to the Despite companies handling this companies. In today’s context, the timing of FFE transition in their own way, he is caught2012 (Field Force Excellence) by the up with the immediate responsibility of I hope the proceedings of FFE 2012MedicinMan team is perfect. I am sure getting results through others. Hence, help the FLMs understand what isthis event will be able to bring into sharp mostly he is forced to focus on results. expected of them. The participation offocus the challenges and perspectives He loses out/ is deprived of the much discerning industry leaders will provideon the role of FLMs in the changing needed ON THE JOB COACHING and a better framework and clarity. It willcontext. It would also help build and TRAINING. also facilitate communication to ensurefoster excellence- a sure way for the that the management understands thepharmaceutical industry to evolve into To unlock a sales team’s abilities, a FLM challenges FLMs face and how best they“High retention and Low attrition” sector. must spend a significant amount of time can be supported. on two activities: Recently I came across an article titled 1. Help the team to understand the Leaving you with this thought as a way“Talent hunt; the race intensifies”. company’s direction and its implication forward…Employee retention, sales force in for the team members. “Excellence is an art won by trainingparticular, has been mentioned as a 2. Coaching for performance. and habituation. We do not act rightlycrucial challenge and the demand –supply because we have virtue or excellence,imbalance is adding to the woe. This has This happens very rarely today. Direct but we rather have those because wecalled for significant efforts to retain and time spent on core coaching activity is have acted rightly. We are what weattract a skilled human resource. only around 10 to 30%. Similarly, the repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not FLMs hardly receive any coaching from an act but a habit”. AristotleWhen it comes to field force retention, their managers. Mostly, they are involvedone of the major influencing factors in auditing for compliance with standardsis the Front line manager and his role, or solving immediate problems. It is Would you like your nextrelationship with his team members, etc. typically an attitude of ‘you are not paid territory reorganisation to…..As the saying goes, “people work for to think, but to execute’people and not for companies”. . May be, this is the residual effect of early Cut reps’ travelling by 25%Take any progressive and growing days of industrial revolution - Efficiency,pharmaceutical organization and talk to at the cost of effectiveness, thus diluting Increase call rates by 10%its sales management team. The talk will EXCELLENCE. Ensure territories are balancedinvariably center on the FLMs, their role, Attention to execution is important, butquality, responsibility etc. in MAKING not at the cost of ignoring the need to Identify where to recruitTHINGS HAPPEN. put in efforts to deal with the challenges Be quick, cost-effective andLet us take a brief look at a typical FLM. or demands involving the big picture. stress-freeMostly, he is promoted from the ranks of There has to be room for flexibility anda successful MR or TBM on the basis of improvement.. Contact:
  2. 2. Would you like your next territoryreorganisation to…..Cut reps’ travelling by 25%Increase call rates by 10%Ensure territories are balancedIdentify where to recruitBe quick, cost-effective and stress-free Before Reorganisation After ReorganisationIf so, CACI is the answer! Your field force Increase call rates CACI’s consultancy services deliveris a very expensive resource. An inefficient Less time travelling means more time very rapid solutions to your field forcefield sales operation will cost your with the customer. CACI’s clients enjoy problems, minimising disruption andcompany, in terms of direct costs, lost increases of 10% in call rates, meaning eradicating uncertainty. Our consultancysales opportunities and poor customer more chances to sell! team provides an optimised territoryservice levels. structure in a fraction of the time it Achieve balance would take you to do your reorganisationTo structure your field force effectively When CACI examines existing territory manually.and quickly you need to work with a structures, we regularly find imbalancesconsultancy partner who has the tools and in workload up to 40%. CACI’s software Don’t just take our word for it –expertise to guarantee success. CACI has automatically creates balanced territories Nestle Nutrition outsourced itsover 25 years of experience in running using intelligent algorithms. last reorganisation in India to CACIterritory optimisation projects for some and, according to Dirk Abeel (Globalof the biggest names in healthcare, Targeted recruitment Performance Development Manager -and uses the most advanced territory Recruiting in the right location has a Medical Field Force),optimisation software on the market. profound impact on the efficiency of your “Outsourcing the reorganisation to CACI territory structure. has not only given us a significantly moreCut travelling Changes in customer base, and locations balanced and efficient field team, but alsoA large proportion of a medical rep’s of existing field personnel could mean meant it happened far quicker and wastime is spent travelling. This time is that you should be recruiting in a different less painful than if we had attempted itunproductive and expensive. CACI has location to where you’ve lost someone. ourselves. We were also able to look atconsistently delivered clients savings in Also, if you are expanding, where do you scenarios to give an insight into optionstravelling time of around 25%. add the extra heads – get this wrong and for the future structure and developmentHow achievable is a 25% saving? It’s as all that happens is that travelling increases, of the field team.”easy as moving from inefficient structure call rates drop and profits disappear.(above left), to efficient structure (aboveright). Sophisticated use of the road CACI can advise you where best to recruitnetwork means that minor visible changes for any vacancies.have a significant impact on the efficiency Let CACI do the work!of the territory structure. Contact:
  3. 3. Emerging Trends and the Future ofThe Pharma Sales ForcePharmaceutical companies have managed A flood of highly intelligent, Internet-their business in much the same way connected medical devices has enteredfor decades. But significant changes the health care industry, providingin government regulations, market new opportunities for monitoring andconditions, and technology will force the managing difficult health care conditions.industry to look for new business models A furious pace of innovation has arrived Salil Kallianpurand practices. Companies that don’t adapt to dominate the healthcare device andface an uncertain and unsettling future. medical technology industries. for their practice. Interestingly, cliniciansA fundamental and significant shift in want more ‘nontraditional representatives’the world of healthcare is occurring. With the advent of technology, hospitals, who are very different from whatHealthcare is rapidly evolving from a which today are physical places; organizations currently train them to in which we react to disease and tomorrow, will be defined by the reach of Clinicians prefer a hybrid of customerillness after it has happened, to one their virtual network of bio-connectivity service representatives and clinical healthin which we will be doing far more in devices. Hospitals will come to be thought educators. These types of nontraditionaladvance to prevent specific health care of as an extended community network representatives provide tremendous valueproblems. The driver for this massive through which a good portion of their around service, education, and adherence/change is the emergence of extremely services will be provided. Will our field retention support. They will open theirspecialized and highly personalized forces be trained adequately to deal with doors to pharmaceutical companies andmedical treatments based upon one’s own these developments? representatives that help them accomplishDNA. these goals. In the next few years, medical packagingThis is definitely not science fiction. will become smarter as it plugs into our What emerges is the inevitabilityMicrosoft estimates that at least 50,000 home networks. Medicine bottles will be of transformational change in thepeople worldwide are now working in equipped with technology that provides pharmaceutical selling model. It isthe field of bio-informatics – a field that patients advice on how the medicine will time for new ideas, re-thinking of oldinvolves the development of the highly be used and when it should be taken. A models, and the enthusiasm of newsophisticated computer databases and few years after that, medicine itself will leadership to tackle old problems withcomputational methodologies that analyze become intelligent: an in-home bio- fresh ideas and energy. Transformationala patient’s DNA – a development that is monitor will analyze the effectiveness of change is not the steady, incrementalcritical to our migration into the era of the treatment, adjusting the dosage up or improve¬ment most industry executivespersonalized medicine. down as appropriate. have spearheaded in the past. Success in transformation depends onHyper-growth in knowledge means that Customer service is coming to the health getting the right changes done right.every doctor is becoming ever more care industry faster than you might Transfor¬mation is indeed hard work,specialized and niche-oriented. Add think, and nothing will ever be the same. requiring intensive engagement with allto this the looming number of ageing Pioneers such as Minute-Clinic (with stakeholders. In a tired and old industry,people owing to better living conditions, the tag line, “You’re sick, we’re quick”) the challenge will be to substan¬tiallyand declining numbers of medical/ are rapidly redefining the delivery of change the way the industry operates, asparamedical personnel per person, and health care. Once “patients” become a whole, while building upon its historyit’s evident that the war for talent is “customers,” their expectations of their and culture. Transformation is clearly notgoing to drive much of the agenda of family doctor and local hospital will have for the faint-hearted, and in the modernthe health care industry in the next few forever changed. networked age, it is likely to be far moreyears as very busy doctors meet industry consuming for industry executives, thanrepresentatives selling complex products. Doctors and other healthcare any strategic challenge that has come professionals have long realized this. The before.Medical knowledge is doubling every overarching message in a recent surveyeight years; this is expected to drop of healthcare professionals conducted ffeto every two years in the near future. by communication agency Publicis isLeading edge research now results in new clear. Clinicians are begging for practicalmethodologies, treatments and drugs help from the industry. More than everfaster than ever before. For medical before, they want efficient tools and 2012professionals, the future is all about communications that will help them help“keeping up,” and developing agility for their patients. They want to educate andrapid innovation, response, development, support patients who need assistance, andand implementation. For pharmaceutical help them comply and adhere to therapy.companies, it’s about rapid developmentand faster time to market. The pace of Health professionals are unhappy with the MedicinMan Field Force Excellenceinnovation and discovery is picking up. ‘quality’ of representatives that they need
  4. 4. If you are passionate aboutField Force Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence, this is a not-to-be-missed Opportunity! ffe 2012 MedicinMan Field Force Excellence Saturday - June 16, 2012 at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai
  5. 5. Confirmed FacultySudarshan Jain –Director, Abbott HealthcareNB Gad –CEO Panacea BiotecK Hariram –Managing Director, Galderma (Ex)Sujay Shetty–Partner; PwCGirdhar Balwani–Managing Director, InvidaIndiaJoshua Mensch-Marketing Director, Data3s; Czech RepublicAparna Sharma -Director HR, Deutsche Bank, India; (formerly, Head of HR at UCB Pharma & Novartis)Keith Pinto –Senior GM Training and Management Development; GSKJolly Mathews –Senior Manager Training, Novartis (Ex)Deep Bhandari–GM, Sales and Marketing Service Organization, NovartisS. Vardarajan-Associate Director; Head of Commercial Excellence & PMO MerckHari Krishna–GM, Sales and Marketing, GlenmarkSalil Kallianpur–Center of Excellence, GSKAmlesh Ranjan-Associate Director, SanofiAventisB Ramanathan–Senior Manager BU Training, RanbaxyVikram Munshi-Senior Pharma ProfessionalAnup Soans -Editor, MedicinManProgram Highlights08:30-09:20 Power Breakfast–Network with Faculty and Decision Maker Participants09:30-10:00 Introduction - The Future of Field Force by Amlesh Ranjan, Associate Director; Sanofi10:00-11:15 Session 1-CEO RoundtableThe Future of Field Force-Emerging TrendsSudarshan Jain, NB Gad, Girdhar Balwani, Joshua MenschModerated by Sujay Shetty; Partner, PwC11:30-12:45 Session 2 - Field Force Excellence - What Should be the HR Approach to Foster FFE?By Aparna Sharma Director HR at Deutsche Bank, India;GBS ServicesFollowed by Panel Discussion with Keith Pinto, Jolly Mathews and B Ramanathan13:45-15:00 Session 3 – Role of Second Line Manager - by K HariramCanthe Second Line Manager Become the Change Agent for FFE? - by Hari KrishnaPanel – Deep Bhandariand Vikram Munshi15:15-16:15 Session 4 – Aligning SFE with Commercial Excellenceby Salil Kallianpur, S.Vardarajan and Joshua Mensch16:15-17:00 Session 5 - The Half Time Coach by Anup Soans - Preview of L&D Program for FLMsEnabling the Front-line Manager to Unleash the FORCE in the Field Force
  6. 6. FFE Registration FormFirst NameLast NameGender F MCompany Name & AddressPinTelephoneMobileEmailDesignation / TitlePayment ModePlease Email us the details of people attending the conferenceIn case of Group bookings (multiple delegates) please fill in separate forms giving individual details of delegates.A single cheque for total amount for the total number of delegates can be sent. Delegate Fees for Service Provider Companies - Rs.7500/- Delegate Fees for Pharma Companies upto 3 delegates - Rs.6500/-Prices are inclusive of Power Breakfast with Decision Makers, Networking Lunch and High TeaFor the invoice/bill generation – let us know the - Name of the Person, Company Name & Company AddressCheques should be made in the name of “Knowledge Ventures” and couriered to :Mr.Arvind Nair, FFE 2012 Secretariat, B/205, Ahimsa Enclave, Off New Link Road, Chincholi, Malad West, Mumbai 400064. Page 1
  7. 7. FFE Registration FormBank & Cheque No: Branch :Amount : Dated :Alternatively you can make an online payment to the account of Knowledge Ventures the details of thesame are as follows:Account Name : Knowledge VenturesBank name : ICICI BankCurrent Account Number : 122105500002IFSC CODE : ICIC0001221Bank Address : ICICI Bank, Malad Link Road Branch, Shop No.6 & 7, Linkway Estate, Malad West, Mumbai 400064.For further details Contact:Mr.Arvind Nair, FFE 2012 Conference DirectorContact : +919870201422 / Page 2
  8. 8. Will iPad be Enablerof SFE in Pharma?The use of devices like iPad is now However, there were several people whowidespread. Their convenience and had major objections like:productivity makes them indispensable 1) The iPad is just a dumb tool and isin our daily life. Professionals, including only as good as the person using it. Asdoctors consider iPad as an essential an analogy, an untrained soldier sent to a Dr. Neelesh Bhandariaccessory for their personal and war carrying the latest high tech weaponprofessional work. A Gartner report would in all likelihood shoot himself inpredicts 80% iPad adoption by pharma the foot than make any effective use ofsales forces in 2012. Besides interactive the weapon.detailing, iPad has potential to understand 2) Touch devices are notoriously difficultdoctor needs, preferences, dislikes to utilize for data entry. Medical Reps find 1) Bad content is bad content, whetherand many other Rx factors. Pharma it difficult to type data into an iPad as printed on an LBL or demonstrated oncompanies are beginning to use iPads to compared to using keyboard devices like an iPad. More creativity is needed tointegrate CRM-CLM functions of Medical laptops and smart phones. combine science and aesthetics.Reps. iPad has the capability for real-time 3) Security of data was another key issue. 2) The tech platforms adopted by theinput from the HO to guide field sales Tablets like iPad are easily stolen and thus company has to be compatible with thepeople. So will iPad really be an Enabler cannot be used to store any classified or doctor’s tech ability as well. This will allowof SFE in Pharma given its capabilities? sensitive content. companies to easily integrate their services 4) There is just not enough high quality into existing services used by doctors.Active discussions on LinkedIn have engaging content or really useful apps for 3) Data collection needs to be automatedthrown up some very interesting points to the pharma field force to use on iPads, fully and manual data entry by the Medicalponder on. Most pharma professionals yet. Rep needs to be made easier.agree that use of tools like iPad can be a 5) Though iPad use has demonstrated 4) Pharma companies need to analyze allboon for Medical Reps. The advantages operational cost cutting, there is no data the existing data and create new utilityof using a versatile tool like the iPad are: or actual proof of revenue generation. apps specifically for their own needs.1) They allow the field force to present 5) The field force should be impartedmore effectively and at the same time The iPad needs to be used as more than special training in use of iPads to allowminimize mistakes and communication just a visual aid. A good CRM/CLM them to derive maximum benefits fromerrors. solution on the iPad needs to fulfill the these new tools.2) Response time to doctor’s queries is cut following things:down as iPad allows answers to be pulled 1) Be a native app. Only native apps allow iPad is not the secret sauce. The secretdown instantly from a content library for the full-fidelity user experience that sauce is what is on the iPad. Any advance,hosted on the Cloud. consumers of today are used to. which can improve the interactive skills3) The data captured from interactions 2) Fully embrace the iOS app-style of user of Medical Reps, is a useful addition,(pages viewed, pages skipped, links interactions (gestures, swipes). if correctly applied and properly used.clicked, time spent on page, etc) can 3) Be 3G enabled and also be able to work Do you have a strategy to make theprovide marketing people with analytics completely offline. best use of devices like the iPad in yourand insights – a new be a source of 4) Closely integrate CRM and CLM to organization?actionable business intelligence. mitigate any double entry of data.4) It enhances the value of Medical 5) Allow customization of content to suit Dr. Neelesh BhandariReps in the eyes of doctors. The wide the target audience. Author of MedCom Strategies (www.capabilities of such a tool transforms ffeMedical Reps from just another source The future is already here. The newof information into a knowledge and generation of employee is tech savvytechnology partner to help doctors and has come to see tools like iPad as annavigate through the endless sources of essential accessory at the workplace. As 2012information as well as how to use that pharma companies migrate to the use ofdata to improve patient outcomes. iPads, there are a few roadblocks, which5) It allows the head office to collect and need to be smoothened out:collate field reports in near real time. MedicinMan Field Force Excellence
  9. 9. It Pays to Listen to the ExpertIt is mandatory for registered companies Some areas of Marketing, Sales &to audit their accounts by an external Distribution, which can be referred foragency. However nobody has thought of scrutiny, are:conducting such a thorough analysis ofall Marketing & Sales activities at specific • Complete review of product portfolio. V. Srinivasanintervals, by a reputed Consultancy. Realignment of products, if required andMarketing & Sales are the breadwinner new products that can be launched based • A complete review of specialty wiseand the main contributor to the top and on strengths of the organization, and customers chosen for promotion ofbottom-line. Since the strategies are standing in the market place. all existing products. Any new segmentdesigned in-house and implemented by can be added (depending upon productthe Sales & Marketing Team, they always • Potential of the market for each profile/positioning/indications), or anyfeel that they have done what is needed to product, likely growth in the next few irrelevant segment can be deleted, numberreach the goals set for the year. However, years, level of competition, whether it and frequency of calls being made to eachit pays to seek the help of a competent makes sense to be present in the market segment of customers in a month – areagency to assess the in-house strategies for the product/s/range. they adequate or not.and seek their opinion. Is it not better tohave another opinion, that too from an • Market share during the assessment year • Review of pricing strategy for eachexpert, before you decide to act? One may for leading brands of the Company vis-à- product.wonder whether it is advisable to share vis competing brands; growth rate duringall Marketing & Sales strategies/activities the last three years; current year growth • Performance review of each Headthat are considered as confidential with rate and market share based on the above. Quarter in the field – how many non/an outside agency. However reputed • Quality and quantity of promotional poorly-performing H.Qs to be realigned/agencies are aware of this and normally inputs (like samples, gifts, LBs, etc.) for merged/closed, how many new oneskeep such information as confidential. If each product - whether adequate or not? can be opened in current year dependingnecessary they can be engaged for half upon business potential for our productyearly review of the sales/marketing • Contribution by each product to the top range.performance vis-à-vis budget/target, and bottom-line – whether adequate ROIand suggest course corrections. Such is achieved. Such a periodic review and audit willexpert opinion can be sought for other reveal the positives as well as the negativesimportant functions like HR, besides • Enhancing the life cycle of all existing within the System in Sales, Marketing andMarketing, Sales & Distribution, to ensure brands including change, if any, in Distribution functions leading to greateralignment of overall strategy of the composition/formula as per demands in efficiency and the market place/scientific improvement.
  10. 10. Health 2.0 Announces the Launch of Its Mumbai ChapterMumbai, India - May 10, 2012 - Health 2.0 announced the launch of its Mumbai chapter, fol-lowing on the heels of its first Health 2.0 conference in India. Health 2.0 provides a platform forhealth care, pharma, and information technology (IT) professionals to discuss patient-centeredhealth care through the use of newer technology ideas, social media, electronic medical records(EMRs), in addition to leveraging emerging technologies to make health care service more ac-cessible, usable and affordable.Dinesh Chindarkar, Vice President of Operations, MediaMedic Communications; and Health2.0 Mumbai Chapter Leader, said, “With more than 40 chapters across the globe, including theUnited States, Europe, and Asia, it’s a huge growing community. The intersection of technologyand health care offers so much to patients; it is making health care simpler, more accessible, andaffordable. I am very excited to lead the Health 2.0 Chapter Mumbai, in the commercial capitalof the country.”Illustrating the iconic Gateway of India in its logo, the Mumbai chapter is poised to spread newideas between health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurs and those inter-ested in the future of India’s health care.Health 2.0 co-chair, Matthew Holt, stated, “The launch of the Health 2.0 Mumbai Chapter is anextension of the excitement for innovation we felt during the Health 2.0 India conference earlythis year. India has made significant progress in transforming its health care and we look forwardto supporting the Mumbai chapter in its work to drive change and introduce new technologies.”Worldwide, almost 40 international Health 2.0 chapters meet on a regular basis to discuss thelatest news, see demos of the latest health IT innovations, and network with individuals who areshaping the industry. The Health 2.0 Mumbai Chapter’s Twitter handle is @Health2Mumbai.Members can also connect on the Health 2.0 Mumbai LinkedIn group.About Health 2.0Health 2.0: The conference. The media network. The innovation community. The Health 2.0Conference is the leading showcase of cutting-edge innovation transforming the health care sys-tem and is the premiere platform connecting IT innovators to established health care providers.Health 2.0 covers the broadest spectrum of the technology revolution that is shaking up everysector of health care. Learn more at ChindarkarVice-President – Operations, MediaMedic Communications+91 – 98206
  11. 11. Problem Solving SkillsImagination is More Important than Knowledge – Einstein.Many years ago in a small Indian village, a farmer had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to a village moneylender.The Moneylender, who was old and ugly, fancied the farmer’s beautiful daughter. So he proposed a bargain.He said he would forgo the farmer’s debt if he could marry his Daughter. Both the farmer and his daughterwere horrified by the Proposal.So the cunning money-lender suggested that they let Providence decide the matter. He told them that he would put a black Pebbleand a white pebble into an empty money bag. Then the girl would Have to pick one pebble from the bag.1) If she picked the black pebble, she would become his wife and her father’s debt would be forgiven.2) If she picked the white pebble she need not marry him and her father’s debt would still be forgiven.3) But if she refused to pick a pebble, her father would be thrown into Jail.They were standing on a pebble strewn path in the farmer’s field. As They talked, the moneylender bentover to pick up two pebbles. As he Picked them up, the sharp-eyed girl noticed that he had picked uptwo Black pebbles and put them into the bag.He then asked the girl to pick A pebble from the bag. Now, imagine that you were standing in the field.. What would you haveDone if you were the girl? If you had to advise her, what would you Have told her?Careful analysis would produce three possibilities:1. The girl should refuse to take a pebble.2. The girl should show that there were two black pebbles in the bag And expose the money-lender as a cheat.3. The girl should pick a black pebble and sacrifice herself in order to save her father from his debt and imprisonment.Take a moment to ponder over the story. The above story is used with The hope that it will make us appreciate thedifference between lateral and logical thinking. The girl’s dilemma cannot be solved with Traditional logical thinking. Think ofthe consequences if she chooses the above logical answers.What would you recommend to the Girl to do?Well, here is what she did ....The girl put her hand into the moneybag and drew out a pebble. Without Looking at it, she fumbled and let it fallonto the pebble-strewn path Where it immediately became lost among all the other pebbles.“Oh, how clumsy of me,” she said. “But never mind, if you look into the Bag for the one that is left, you will beable to tell which pebble I picked.”Since the remaining pebble is black, it must be assumed that she had Picked the white one.And since the money-lender dared not admit his dishonesty, the girl changed what seemed an impossible situationinto an extremely advantageous one.MORAL OF THE STORY: Most complex problems do have a solution. It is only that we don’t attempt to think. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 11
  12. 12. Medically Sound Field Force will Help the Future of MedicineA recent pharma R & D report revealed difficult for a person from a non-medicalthat the main therapeutic area where background to understand the intricaciesmajority of pharma companies are of the disease or its management andfocusing is oncology or anti-cancer drugs. discuss it effectively with doctors. ThisAnti-diabetics, analgesics, vaccines and may be adequate in any other field butcardiovascular segments closely follow not in pharmaceutical field, where theit. A single blockbuster drug from these major business is directly proportional totherapeutic areas can generate billions of the prescription generated. The biggestdollars. shortcoming is that if the MR is not from a medical or allied field than hisPhysicians are an educated lot who are understanding about the disease process By Dr. Amit Dangaware of their responsibilities to serve and drugs will not be up-to the mark.the community by proper prescription of A person with a relevant education will be tailor made for each patientdrugs. The person that acts as a bridge background and an in-house training depending upon on his genetic makeupbetween the pharma company and the will definitely perform better in the and disease predisposition.physician is the Medical Rep (MR). field compared to an individual whoseHence the importance of conveying knowledge base is not adequate. A As we are progressing towards this goalthe appropriate drug information to the properly informed and educated MR is it is mandatory to train the field force intreating physicians and relaying back the the best person to solve the queries of such a way that they are always up to datefeedback for safety concerns or dosage the physicians and communicate back to with the latest trends and drug discoveriesissues. To be able to communicate the company on important safety related and understand the basic pharmacologyeffectively with doctors, in addition issues. This reduces turnaround time and of the drugs that they are selling. In theto marketing skills, the MR should improves efficiency of the system. next issue we will carry articles that willhave product knowledge and its basic educate MRs in pharmacology of drugspharmacology, awareness of medical The future of drug industry will be related to the common therapeutic areasterminologies and regulatory regulations personalized medicine with major research in the Indian subcontinent. This will helpof that country. being done in areas like monoclonal them to upgrade their medical knowledge,Majority of MRs have no basic training drugs, stem cell research and biomarkers. prepare them for the future and advancein medical field to sell the drug. It is very Personalized medicine means that drugs their career goals.
  13. 13. Hot on LinkedAs seen on Indian Pharma Connection A MedicinMan Poll on Competencies for MedicinMan Initiative to Elicit Opinions from PharmaFront-line Manager Pharma Professionals GloballyWill the iPad be an Enabler of SFEin Pharma given its Capabilities?Here’s a startling report from Gartneron latest advances in sales strategy: 80% iPad adoption by pharma sales forces in 2012. conducted its own survey on LinkedIn forums and here are some leading comments that provide valuable insights forthose who are planning or have already introduced iPads for field force:Hermrei Paul Ryan Ong - Field Force Automation Manager at Pfizer, Philippines.The iPad is just a device; it should be equipped with the right apps for the field force to make them more effective. Some companiesprovide iPads loaded with pdf versions of product detailing; this does not do justice to the full potential ofiPads.Mark Bradley, Director at Daiak Ltd; UKI agree. The iPad is not the secret sauce. The secret sauce is what is on it. The iPad is currently being used whether it is relevant or notrelevant in the call because it has to be used as per company direction. As a result the business intelligence is questionable.
  14. 14. Hanno Wolfram is the author of the first textbook on Pharma Key Account ManagementGreat discussion here!Tablets definitely are no “silver bullet”. They don’t work even when they carry great content! I have talked to many Medical Reps whosuspect the tablet being a “control device” for them and they cheat their managers in return.It is the person who leverages the “fancy” content, the more interesting details, the more appropriate interaction and the betterinformation. This mirrors the company’s mentality! Medical Rep is the person who will make the difference or not!How many CLM/tablet introductions have you seen, asking for and answering Medical Reps requests, needs and requirements, makingthe tablet their preferred tool?Replacing the sales folder with a tablet is far too expensive and has failed so often already.Farasat Khan Training Manager - Surgical Business at Bausch & LombiPad can definitely be an enabler of SFE when used appropriately. Many companies have not only introduced but have providedthe apps also. Yet, the true challenge lies in generating the pleasure of extraction of valuable data out of it for the Medical Reps.Many companies resort to PDAs/ mobiles for reporting and often the challenge is - the Medical Rep just reports hurriedly withoutcomplete details/ observations etc. And often they duplicate the work when company seeks some compiled info on Call Pattern,Customer wise sales trend or competition analysis. Needless to say the FLMs are driving force for any change in field and their buy-inwill be crucial in proving this wonder to be wonderful.Mark Bradley, Director at Daiak Ltd; UKThere are so many companies out there that are using iPad as an enabler of SFE. Has anyone heard anyof these companies stand up and present the commercial gains in hard data?
  15. 15. R. A. Bavasso President, Exploria SPS WorldwideMark Bradley asks the most important question. The answer is “no.” No pharma company has been able to present data that a devicein the hands of a Medical Rep provides any more commercial gain than paper. There are benefits relative to productivity and messageretention but in the noisy market of pharma marketing, it is hard to point to “one” tool as having a direct impact on sales.In fact, I know of few pharma companies that even attempt to measure cause and effect or ROI. Many feel successful deployment ofthe iPad is a measure of success. Very sad and telling.In a desperate attempt to do “something” many pharma think the “action of deploying iPads is the panacea. Someone please tell mehow moving from Oracle and tablet PCs to Veeva and iPads will provide any competitive advantage or measure of success.As a guy who has made his living in the CLM space for 13 years, I can tell you for most pharma, CLM is merely “perfuming the pig.”(American slang for making the Medical Rep look better but not necessarily be more effective)Albin Paul Director -Health Analytics, CRM, Digital Pharmaat Indegene LifesystemsI agree,Bavasso.Pharma must look at CRM/CLM/eDetailing/Digital against backdrop of declining Medical Repnumbers. And then apply the aboveconcepts, to make existing and future Doc-Rep interactions more valuable.Digital wont see the end of Medical Reps, I’m sure about that, But we wont see the return of old world big pharmalarge MedicalRepteams too, even if every top20 pharma comes out with blockbuster drugs. Simple reason its too costly; world had changed.Doctors no longer hold the same authority on prescribing (blame it on Insurance, ordinary folks getting access more medicalinformation on Internet, EHR, Government, anything)What we will arrive is a scenario where Docs value the Medical Repinteraction and they would request for an interaction. Becausefor general vanilla info the Docs used to get from Medical Rep, he can now get most of that from Internet. And that will continue toincrease provided pharma invests in it. In such a scenario a Medical Rep can’t walk around with a paper material to address the needfor each Doctor.Detailing will become personalized eventually.I know half a dozen pharma companies who have bought iPad and CLM or CRM, butthe Medical Reps continue to use it only to access email and some internal documents. Cant give the names, but these are all Toppharma doing this in Asia Pacific, trying these pilot projects to create enough data.
  16. 16. You can’t throw a content library at the Medical Rep, and tell him to use CLM+CMS+CRM to select, which he should use, whendetailing. That was the premise of existing CRM systems. CRM solutions were made for Managers and VPs to get reports fromMedical Reps, they didn’t make detailing more effective for the Medical Rep. CRM systems put the onus of data entry on the MedicalRep. And truth is sales people hate data entry and they will fabricate the data if it is not helping them.If you have a content library, then based on analytics it should also suggest the Medical Rep, which content is ideal for detailing toeach Doc. The analytics should come from several resources not just from the previousMedical Repwho entered the data. From therethe Medical Rep could use his personal capabilities to decide what he should doThe Question is - Are We There Yet? I believe it’s a BIG NO.Mark Bradley, Director at Daiak Ltd; UKiPad is the technology; the software is the CRM, CLM etc. It may have the potential to be the enabler of SFE but it is falling short.Unfortunately, the IT company has to develop what will sell not what will really create the value for the company. In addition, Pharmacompanies will look at cost, implementation, and support rather than what is going to make the difference. An indication on when wehave the right software on the right technology will be evident on the level of business intelligence generated that actually is used formaking business decisions like marketing, segmentation etc. if companies are still employing external resources to generate businessintelligence to make decisions then that tells me all I need to know about their technology and software. It is a measure of success orfailure.Christophe VialMedicalReps generally hate sales aids. They only use it if their manager accompanies them. If not it stays in the bag.In theory, iPads should be able to record whom the product(s) were presented to, how long a doctor stayed on a page, upload theinformation directly into a CRM system, and prepare the next visit with a targeted message.However in Asia, access to doctor’s surgeries is not an issue yet. Monthly - weekly visits are the norm. Hence Medical Reps see the devicemore as a monitoring tool more than an aid.WhetheriPad or any other technology, I don’t believe we have any content that doctors can’t access elsewhere. So apart from the novelty /feel-good factor, and the need to monitor field force activities, we haven’t found any unmet needs from the Medical Rep’s point of view.Kurt Sim Sales Manager at Pfizer, SingaporeIt is as interesting to hear so many negative comments on use of iPad for detailing to doctors as to hear positive beliefs thatdoctors needs Medical Rep interaction as much as before. I didn’t believe iPad can be anything other than a detailing aid till it wasdemonstrated how it can be a detailing aid as well as a walking encyclopedia for Medical Reps, in terms of customer’s purchasing
  17. 17. history, behavioral aspects and profiling as well as beliefs and principles. As good as it shown, I believe iPad can be more than that.It should be able to recommends specific messages, supporting documents from the vast libraries it can holds or abstracted fromthe cloud services and in a very interacting manner engage doctors to find the answers through iPad. From then on, every swipe andagreement the customer makes should be recorded and a report given to Medical Rep for review and setting next objective strategy.I am sure numerous pharma companies are rushing to make these methods come true because whoever make use of technology willhave higher returns in productivity and sales ultimately through the stronger trust and belief that doctors built with Medical Rep. Thisis the way forward as the Medical Rep learns to use Excel to look at sales number so will iPad do for them.Hanno Wolfram - The contributions here are comprehensive. Thanks for that.It comes to my mind though, that those “negative comments” about the iPad might not really mean the tool itself but could it bethat we rather discuss the “moribund” sales model of pharma? You might have read the survey from Booz&Company that 68% ofpharma managers believe the “sales model is broken.” Here is a link to an article: www.Innov8.deLet me know what you think: is it really the iPad or are you in doubt about the roles of Medical Reps trying to “hammer a message”?R. A. Bavasso - The iPad is fabulous! Everyone loves the iPad. The issue is that Pharma thinks that they have added value to theMedical Rep in the doctor’s eyes just because they now have an iPad. So, so very much more needs to be done to improve the value ofthe rep in the doctor’s eyes than just the latest technology gadget.Anup Soans - Great insights Kurt, Hanno and RAB. Yes, it’s the moribund sales model of pharma that needs revamping.iPad has thepower to release the power of medical research to be available at the touch of the screen if the Medical Rep is re-invented to be theDoctor’s technology partner and information editor and business associate.Steven LedermanThe issue stems with viewing CLM/SFA is a pure technology play. The iPad is only one component. Giving Medical Repan iPadwill not increase his effectiveness on its own. The iPad also does not provide any new CLM/SFA capabilities over a tablet computer.You can customize messages with engaging content and capture information about the interaction with either. What differs is thesoftware tool that drives how well that is done. To implement either solution successfully, you need new ways of developing (andupdating) content as well as measuring the data, which is returned. It’s these pieces which have not yet caught up with the technologycomponents and which gives any implementation trouble.Anup also makes a great point about the changing role of the rep. Where he used to be the primary source of information, the newfunction needs to be to act as a partner to help navigate through the endless sources of information as well as how to use that data tobetter help patients.Kurt Sim - Ultimately, it is a combination of manager guiding sales force in managing themselves and their territory with the toolsavailable to them andMedical Reps engaging doctors meaningfully. That is what Anup has pointed out strongly – Medical Rep isnot just selling but a partner in using appropriate information for the benefits of patients. It must be realistic and specific so thatcustomers will find it intelligent enough to engage with Medical Reps. Otherwise, any new tools will be redundant and meaningless. Ifind that iPad maybe a better tool than excel spreadsheet since it can teach, learn and collate so that Medical Reps can use the info toform a good story with the doctors in tandem.
  18. 18. Arno SosnaThe iPad is one of the most transformative technologies to hit life sciences, right next to SaaS/Cloud Computing. Several key factorslie behind this:1. Classic complexities of PCs simply go away. No moving parts. No window management. Touch based input vs. keyboard+mouse.2. No moving parts, far less weight.3. The iOS operating system. Curated by Apple, secure, robust. Automatic, OTA updates, standardized hardware - across the globe.So, simply from a device perspective, this is the wet dream of enterprise IT. No more OS images, driver troubles, etc. The cost savingsachievable by simply switching onto that platform can be re-utilized for sales efforts. Medical Reps enjoy using an iPad. Great tocarry around it, unobtrusive and if managed well by IT, full of added value for non-work uses (let them have their games, videos andmusic). For the first time in ages you have Medical Reps excited about a piece of hardware.This is where CRM/CLM comes into play. A good CRM/CLM solution on the iPad needs to fulfill the following things:1. Be a native app. Only native apps allow for the full-fidelity user experience we all got used to by other consumer apps (twitter,facebook, linkedin).2. Fully embrace the iOS app-style of user interactions (gestures, swipes).3. Work completely offline. Always-on is still a pipe dream.4. Closely integrate CRM and CLM. Allow CLM to directly fill up CRM data, to mitigate any double entry of data. Huge time-savingsfor Medical Reps.Now, does this directly guarantee more sales? No, of course not. But by lowering TCO and time spent, it frees up necessary resourcesto focus on increased sales, rather than navel-gazing, non-productive activities.We know from our customers that they indeed see a heavy uptick in Medical Reps satisfaction, time-savings and lower TCO. Time-savings are being translated into either higher coverage in the field or better work life balance, leading to a happier field force. Some ofour customers even go so far and directly attribute higher sales numbers to the usage of integrated CRM/CLM on the iPad.Being cynical about yet another “game changer” is understandable.Anup Soans - Thanks Arno; that is indeed helpful information. I think the Medical Rep of the future has to be as much tech savvy asmuch as proficient in science and selling. The role change is more important than tool change.The single most important factor in favor of iPad vs other devices, I believe is that doctors have in large numbers taken to iPads forpersonal/professional use.If the Medical Repscan use the iPad to seamlessly integrate the doctors information needs with his company’s business intelligenceneeds through his routine calls, the iPad will certainly be an enabler if not a ‘game changer’.Game changing will happen when Pharma fixes its broken model and becomes patient centric healthcare companies that contribute tothe wellbeing of people in need of health care.Further reading:Do Tablet Devices Enhance Field Effectiveness? CMR Institute Knowledge Series.
  19. 19. Young Pharma Professional’s Life Ends in Tragic Road AccidentNakul was born on 9th July 1987 and did his schooling from Ahmedabad. Later, he did his B.Pharm fromBanglore, Rajiv Gandhi University, followed by Pharma Management from SIES College of ManagementStudies, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Nakul was working with Zydus Cadila as a management trainee.A sincere person, he was dedicated to his work and company, and would go out of his way to help others,professionally and personally.After sales closing at office; late night on 28th/29th - 2.45 AM, morning, he was returning home when a heavyvehicle hit him from behind and he died.His family and friends still cannot believe he’s no more.May his soul RIP.And may God give his family strength and courage to overcome this loss!!By Varun Doshi and friends of Nakul on FB