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IMS White Paper on Pharma Product Launch
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IMS White Paper on Pharma Product Launch

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In a world where pharmaceutical launches have a few short months to make their mark, companies are under pressure to maximize uptake with very little margin for error. Yet, fewer new brands are......

In a world where pharmaceutical launches have a few short months to make their mark, companies are under pressure to maximize uptake with very little margin for error. Yet, fewer new brands are succeeding in gaining significant market share.

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  • 2. In a world where pharmaceuticallaunches have a few short months tomake their mark, companies are underpressure to maximize uptake with verylittle margin for error.Yet, fewer new brands are succeeding ingaining significant market share.
  • 3. On Track for Launch ExcellenceIMS Launch Excellence KPI StudyIn a world where pharmaceutical launches have a few months; long-term performance may even be determinedshort months to make their mark, companies are under in as little as three months from launch. With the growthpressure to maximize uptake with very little margin for contribution of launches falling and fewer new productserror.Yet, fewer new brands are succeeding in gaining capturing significant market share, ensuring optimalsignificant market share. Diligent and early preparation is readiness and flawless execution is essential.key to ensuring an optimal course with the ability to Despite the imperative to succeed, fewer than 1% of newmonitor both pre- and post-launch activities. brands excel in today’s pharmaceutical environment.Going forward, companies on track to excel will have Over the course of three launch excellence studies, IMS’swell-designed leading and lagging KPIs at the center of analysis of thousands of new brands across 90 therapytheir global launch program, thus enabling full alignment areas and 8 different countries in a 10-year period2across all activities, visibility of progress towards strategic revealed that many companies still fail to deliver on thegoals, and the ability to resolve deviations from plan in a four fundamentals for success:timely and effective manner. Those that fail to optimize • Align and prepare the organization for the launchKPIs in a best-practice KPI framework run the risk ofsabotaging years of research as well as millions in • Build a powerful and pertinent value propositioncommercial investment. • Engage all stakeholders effectivelyThe growing importance of KPIs comes at a time when • Define and track launch successR&D is yielding fewer innovations, patents are expiring in From a launch preparation perspective, our experienceincreasing numbers and maximizing the value of every has shown that alignment, visibility and quality ofproduct launch is imperative for long-term success. Adding execution, while essential to planning an optimal course,to the pressures are major shifts in stakeholder power and are significant issues for many organizations. Internalchanges in the focus of launches themselves from primary misalignment, lack of clarity around critical successcare to specialist-led and niche therapy areas. Approaches factors and poor visibility into launch performance areto market are also more complex, with the increasing common, resulting in functional silos instead of cross-pursuit of multiple indications, expanding presence in functional teams, major disconnects around strategicemerging pharmaceutical or “pharmerging” economies1 goals, and critical gaps in understanding. Without aand healthcare reforms bringing new considerations for structured, systematic approach to monitoring andmarket access and global launch sequencing. managing the progress of launch preparation andAlso significant is the very short timeframe in which new execution, companies continue to run the risk of turningproducts must succeed. Rarely can those that start poorly potentially winning brands into also-rans.significantly improve their trajectory within the first six1 IMS definition as described in Pharmerging Shake-up, IMS White Paper, March 20102 IMS Launch Excellence studies of 4,000 launches in more than 90 therapy areas, across 8 different countries over a 10-year periodIMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY 3
  • 4. WHAT ARE KPIs? Every product has its own unique success factors; the“You cant manage what you dont measure.” This adage window of opportunity is perilously small and the marketmay be old but its truth remains as valid as ever within the is unforgiving if errors are not immediately corrected. Thecontext of pharmaceutical launches. Given the need for use of KPIs enables companies to better prepare for acomplete alignment and concord around the strategic successful launch from both an external and internalgoals for the launch, all companies can agree on the perspective (Figure 1).importance of KPIs in defining a successful outcome. IMS External Benefitsanalysis has confirmed that proactively establishing metrics Externally, the success of any given launch is driven by itsand closely monitoring performance both pre- and use in the market as it progresses through the cascadepost-launch are central to ensuring an initial strong from advocacy, approval and market access, to adoptiontrajectory – the ultimate key to long-term success. and, ultimately, adherence. In order to plan for a successfulWhile hundreds of performance indicators and thousands launch, companies must leverage KPIs to ensure that allof metrics are possible, the phrase “key performance five drivers of product uptake are addressed during theirindicators” depicts the guiding definition. By their very preparation:description, KPIs imply a focus on only the most important • Achieving brand advocacy among regulators, payers,and pertinent metrics. They must be crucial and relevant to key opinion leaders, prescribers, patients and otherthe organizational or brand strategy, be actionable for stakeholdersmanaging brand performance and initiating positivechange, and when measured against specific criteria or • Gaining brand approval with optimal labeling forthresholds, yield insights towards the desired objective. the right patients • Securing market access on the most favorable terms with national and local payers, health systems andFIGURE 1: MAXIMIZING INTERNAL AND medical groupsEXTERNAL PERFORMANCE WITH THE USE OF KPIs • Attaining brand adoption for the optimal patient segments with a focus on working with prescribers and providers to achieve early strong positioning in Internal Benefits External Benefits the dynamic market (new, switch and, if relevant, add-on patients) • Ensuring brand adherence by retaining patients as Alignment Adherence loyal repeaters for as long as is clinically appropriate KPIs enable progress tracking and measurement of external goals in terms of: achieving optimal access with Adoption payers/formularies; gaining physician adoption; understanding whether prescribers try the product and become regular users; and whether patients stay on Visibility therapy. KPIs Access Approval Quality & Advocacy Timeliness4 IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY
  • 5. Internal Benefits CHALLENGES IN IMPLEMENTING KPIsFrom an organizational perspective, KPIs can offer While the design and implementation of a KPIpowerful insights into the status of internal preparedness. framework may seem intuitive, many companies flounderThey enable consistent tracking of objectives and strategic in the process. Failure to use a holistic set of metrics – andalignment, the definition of success and critical success execute well on those metrics – are two common issuesfactors, as well as visibility into launch plans, that impede their optimal use.performance, and overall quality and timeliness. Failure to Use Holistic MetricsDetermining the right KPIs is an essential step in In launch situations, many pharmaceutical companies stillpreparing for launch success, but it does not go far track brand performance using prescriptions, sales andenough. Organizations must also ensure that KPIs can be market share. While important, these conventional metricstracked and existing gaps identified, interpreted are essentially lagging and of minimal value in providingappropriately, and acted on quickly should any of the the granular information needed to ensure an optimalmetrics fail to reach a satisfactory value. KPIs are pivotal course. Moreover, they cannot be used pre-launch.to achieving a brand’s vision and business objectivesbecause they help launch teams gain near-immediate The goal is to advance this conventional perspective toawareness of issues to which they can rapidly respond. include relevant, insightful and actionable KPIs (Figure 2).This is particularly relevant given the vital importance of These should be a combination of leading and laggingthe first few weeks post-launch when the long-term indicators that are specific to the brand and in line withgrowth trajectory of most new brands is established. its critical success factors. They should allow for tracking of both launch preparation and early success in the market, measuring progress towards organizational alignment, the development of a pertinent valueFIGURE 2: TRACKING LAUNCH SUCCESS WITH proposition and effective stakeholder engagement.RELEVANT, INSIGHTFUL AND ACTIONABLE KPIs Conventional Indicators Relevant, Insightful and Actionable KPIs (Lagging/Not Insightful Pre-Launch) to Define and Track Launch Success Aligned and Trained Country Teams Launch Plan Gaps Closing Scripts Prepared FF Hiring/Training Sales Rep Quality Organization Payer Perception Message Test Response Brand/Message Recall Sales Pertinent Physician Perception Intention to Prescribe Value Barriers to Prescribe Time to 1st Prescription Proposition Patient Perception Patient Satisfaction Market Share Patient Refill Rate Source of Business KOLs Reached Effective KOL Message Stakeholder Publication SoV Growth Media Noise Engagement Payers Engaged Patient Groups Engaged IDNs/GPOs EngagedIMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY 5
  • 6. FIGURE 3: COMMON ISSUES WHEN DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING AN OPTIMAL KPI SOLUTION Incorrect or no benchmarks/targets Too many key performance indicators Monitor performance No alignment on against strategic targets objectives Imbalance between No link between KPIs and KPIs across functions critical success factors and regions Build insightful measures and ensure they remain relevant KPIs Identify areas for improvement Suboptimal use of data Critical success factors are No governance process not correctly identified for corrective action Initiate appropriate actions KPIs not locally relevant Lack of alignment Source: IMS Consulting GroupPoor Execution As a consequence, investment in KPI systems is oftenAnother key challenge lies in the design and wasted. Many fail to contribute directly to performance;implementation of an optimal KPI solution. Here, a others are simply useless; and some can even be counter-number of pitfalls are frequently encountered (Figure 3). productive.In many cases, companies continue to use analogs that are DEVELOPING A BEST-IN-CLASS SYSTEM10- to 15-years old when more recent benchmarks which The goal of an effective KPI system is the ability to trackreflect today’s launch environment would be more and benchmark performance regularly and consistentlyappropriate. Another major problem is the inclusion of across functions and markets, using metrics whichtoo many KPIs, a clear indication that most are probably provide early indicators of progress that are linked tonot “key.” Imbalance between KPIs across functions and corrective actions. Therefore, a best-in-class frameworkregions, and failure to link KPIs to critical success factors should consist of insightful and actionable metrics, clearare also widespread. Furthermore, the selected KPIs may definitions and benchmarks, a reporting process thatbe relevant globally but not tailored to local needs. While requires minimal manual intervention, and governanceaggregation on a global level is important for senior oversight that enables fast, proactive responses. All partiesmanagement reporting, KPIs must also provide an must agree on the chosen KPIs, benchmarks and targets,opportunity to drill down to the local level. Also critical and be clear on how action will be triggered from theis the omission of a governance process which leaves management system.many companies unable to react in good time whenremedial action is required.6 IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY
  • 7. There are four essential steps to achieving the optimal • Pertinent value proposition: Initially, the focus is onstructure: ensuring that the value proposition is both powerful and relevant, and accepted by all key stakeholders1. Select the right metrics including payers, physicians and patients. This can beWell-defined and monitored KPIs are central to steering measured by KPIs that address such issues as messagean optimal launch course. Choosing the right ones is key. response, brand/message recall, intention to prescribe,They should be relevant to the therapy area, product physician perception, etc.strategy and geography, clearly linked to critical successfactors, focus on market results or output quality, and • Effective stakeholder engagement: KPIs that track anumber no more than 6-15 in total (Figure 4). brand’s market impact may include the number of KOLs reached, publication share of voice, degree ofAs a guiding principle, KPIs should be designed against media noise, level of patient group engagement, etc.the three dimensions of launch success: It is important to ensure that the chosen KPIs are truly• An aligned and prepared organization: These KPIs aligned with the overall launch strategy, concentrating focus on ensuring internal preparation and should be only on those that will make a difference. They should be geared towards ensuring that adequate resources are a mix of pre-launch and post-launch, as well as launch- available, country and functional teams are fully up to independent KPIs – the latter focusing on areas such as speed, clinical and commercial teams are accountable disease awareness and education, scientific publications for the quality of delivery, and plans are in place for and KOL contacts. closing gapsFIGURE 4: UTILIZING GUIDING PRINCIPLES WHEN SELECTING RELEVANT AND ACTIONABLE KPIs Guiding Principles and Performance Process to Select Launch Relevant, Insightful and Actionable KPIs to Measures Initial List Key Performance Define and Track Launch Success Indicators (KPIs) Aligned and Trained Country Teams Launch Plan Gaps Closing Prepared FF Hiring/Training Sales Rep Quality Organization Alignment with Payer Perception Launch Strategy Message Test Response Brand/Message Recall + Pertinent Physician Perception Intention to Prescribe Value Barriers to Prescribe Time to 1st Prescription Proposition Patient Perception Timely, Impactful Patient Satisfaction Patient Refill Rate and Feasible Source of Business + Effective Stakeholder KOLs Reached KOL Message Publication SoV Media Noise Alignment and Engagement Payers Engaged Corrective Action Patient Groups Engaged IDNs/GPOs Engaged Keep it simple: Stick to 6-15 KPIs overallIMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY 7
  • 8. Some key questions to consider when establishing launch 3. Enable a single version of the truthKPIs include: Providing all stakeholders with a clear view of launch preparations and performance across functions and• Are the KPIs aligned to the launch strategy and critical geographies is essential. success factors for the brand? Historically, the majority of companies, both within and• Is there a good mix of leading and lagging indicators outside the industry, evolved with local management, across the three dimensions? often around specific business units operating in silos.• Will information against the KPI be available in a Sales management and marketing were strictly local timely manner, and at what cost? activities – highly configured and customized to the• How will performance be tracked against the metric, demands of each individual market. and what are the expectations? To a certain extent, this remains true today as operating• How quickly can a performance gap be detected and environments still vary considerably by country. corrective action taken? However, the move towards global and regional management calls for more consistent and synchronized• Who will own each action item? coordination of launch activities, thus enabling a single version of the truth.2. Establish definitions and benchmarksPrior to implementation, each KPI should be defined in This calls for a new set of skills and core capabilitiesdetail, to ensure clarity on metrics and feasibility. For including: the ability to gain insights and added valueexample, in tracking KOL engagement it is important to from numerous disparate data sources; better integrationestablish exactly what each KPI means. Does it imply that of data systems across multiple markets; effective sharingKOLs are speaking well of the brand or actively of knowledge and best practices; faster strategyadvocating its use? What is the hierarchy in terms of implementation, tracking and performance measurement;reaching national and regional KOLs? How will and assessment tools for the global market as well as localengagement be measured? And who is responsible for geographic market comparisons. Fundamental to thismonitoring and reacting if remedial action is necessary? approach is the employment of more sophisticated management tools within the context of an integratedBenchmarks are critical to ensuring alignment on the strategy, to more effectively handle and deliverchosen targets and should be set as soon as the final KPI information (Figure 5).framework has been approved. They can be gatheredusing analog selection either in partnership with an An easy-to-use tracking dashboard (Figure 6) provides anexternal vendor, derived from secondary data, experts, and effective tool for creating transparency across the entireinput from stakeholders, and/or derived from the launch organization and ensuring the availability of up-to-dategoals themselves. information on each of the chosen parameters and metrics. These dashboards can vary from a simple ExcelMultiple available data sources should be leveraged to spreadsheet to advanced web-based platforms. Theyaddress the key needs of the tracking system, including should be selected with the tracking objectives, focus,sell-in/sell-out data, chart audits, longitudinal patient budget, organizational structure, team size, geographies,information, and existing ATU studies. In the interest of and number of brand launches in mind.ensuring a cost-effective KPI system, these should all beconsidered in advance of additional primary research.8 IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY
  • 9. FIGURE 5: EFFECTIVE DATA MANAGEMENT AND INTEGRATION PROCESSES WITH DASHBOARD VISUALIZATION TOOLS,ENABLE A SINGLE VERSION OF THE TRUTH Reports Automation Forecasting Incentive Comp SFE Dashboards CORPORATE INFORMATION ASSET Business Information Model Master Data ETL Data Executive & Management Procedures Validation Advanced Analysis Management Dashboard Primary Sales Budgets Stock Sales Market Secondary Budgets Forecasting Research SalesFIGURE 6: A TRACKING DASHBOARD ENSURES TRANSPARENT, TIMELY INFORMATION Home | Help Star Category Overview Executive Report Selected Country View By: Star Brand Performance Time Period: MTH Measures: Value Europe Category Performance in Europe Europe Total market Europe : €655,516 (000) Belgium Category Evolution Index based France upon: Germany Total Toal Oct-09 Nov-09 Dec-09 Market Share Growth Market Category Market Italy ALL 15,347 12,795 14,688 2.2% -18.5% 100 79 79 Netherlands ANTI INSECT 2,982 2,148 1,914 14.7% -2.5% 120 98 95 Portugal Spain DERMOTHERAPEUTICS 2,171 1,737 1,652 37.5% -18.0% 101 87 80 Switzerland HOME DIAGNOSTIC 1,209 1,138 1,207 8.6% -12.7% 107 83 85 SKIN CARE 6,552 5,792 7,756 1.4% -19.7% 99 78 78 SLIMMING 994 817 835 3.4% -33.8% 81 63 65 SNORING AND SLEEPIN 1,438 1,162 1,323 3.3% -24.2% 93 76 74 The Star Brand Category Performance view provides a top-line summary of Omega 5 star brand category performance, for a selected country, measure and time period, against each of the Key Performance Indicators. Coloured buttons highlight Omega’s performance against agreed benchmarks. Time periods and measures can be changed using the dropdown lists above.IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY 9
  • 10. 4. Incorporate a governance process • KPI definitions, including clear descriptions, calculation rules, data sources, ownership, format and frequencyA strong, customized governance structure consisting of across-functional and cross-geographical team, along with • Realistic, challenging, country-specific benchmarks,a process for escalation and resolution, is key to ensuring based on relevant analogsalignment on the performance tracking system and • A user-friendly tracking dashboard for fast visibility andclarifies how action will be triggered. It positions a single version of the truthcompanies with maximum lead time to ensure thelaunch is on track, and enables rapid adjustments as • A strong governance process with clear stipulation ofrequired. how often the dashboard will be updated and reviewed, and the timing, nature and ownership of actionIn summary, a best-in-class system for successful launchtracking (Figure 7) should include:• A list of relevant, actionable, KPIs (based on the brand’s critical success factors) to define and track launch successFIGURE 7: THE ELEMENTS OF A BEST-IN-CLASS KPI SYSTEM 2. KPI 3. Enable a 1. Right KPIs Single Version 4. Governance Definitions/ of the Truth Process Benchmarks Relevant, insightful KPI definitions & Effective data A strong governance and actionable KPIs country-specific management and structure ensures are needed to define benchmarks ensure integration processes, geographic and and track launch consistency in with dashboard functional alignment success, in line with implementation and visualization tools, and swift escalation the critical success best-in-class enable a single and resolution of factors. execution. version of the truth. issues. This ensures visibility across functions and geographies and fast identification of issues.10 IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY
  • 11. KPIs in Practice EARLY PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS ENSURE PAN-GEOGRAPHIC LAUNCH SUCCESS Challenge: A large pharmaceutical company was interested in maximizing the uptake of its new cardiovascular intervention using a performance management program. However, it was performing sub-optimally on several dimensions including: alignment of KPIs with critical success factors; definition of metrics; establishment of benchmarks; and failure to set up a governance process for corrective action. KPIs not No clearly defined categorized along KPIs and no suitable company’s critical CSFs Name KPI Definition Focus thresholds/ targets Market Share Units (retail hospital) Market share in units within the same segment (ex-factory vs. budget Post-Launch success factors Availability Hospital (listing/formulary) % of target hospital pharmacies in which drugs is listed/on-protocol Post-Launch derived Gain access Promotional SoV % rep calls/other promo activities in defined markets vs. compeitiors Post-Launch Market Access % of patients that have access to drug Post-Launch Pre- to Post- Physician Unaided top of mind % of physicians/speciality that are aware of drug Launch Awareness Demonstrate Aided/unaided % of physician/specialty that are aware of unment Pre- to Post- Disease superiority needs Launch Message Recall Key Performance Indicators Summary KPI Source of s) ) es s ha r e hin g 00 0s cc n tS itc (0 00 es s n) all tio ke sw responsibilities Ensure Business un ch Da te te rn al Sa les t er na l DO I( t Pr ic e sp ita lA cc t ail Ma r ke tA ia l( A do pt io s sa ge R ec an d Pe rc ep yn am ic Ma r an d lo ss to adherence La In Ex Ne Ho Re Tr Me Br D Br not adequately US Adoption Status Canada defined Perception UK 1.3 0.5 2.6 Germany 20.4 31.1 0.7 France Communication Italy Spain and governance Brazil No consistent & timely China process not in approach to assess product S.Korea place performance across countries Our Approach: IMS worked with the company to close these gaps and establish an optimal KPI system, using a three-stage process of definition, design and implementation: Develop customized Derive appropriate Design & develop KPI framework with benchmarks & targets launch performance clear definitions based on agreed tracking tool best-in-class analogs Client Benefits: A clearly defined KPI framework ensured consistent, relevant and early insights into product performance across countries, enabling open discussion of shortfalls in performance, proactive resolution of functional and geographical issues, and faster product uptake based on best-in-class launch execution. Besides, outstanding performance on some metrics enabled highlighting and sharing of best practices within country teams.IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY 11
  • 12. Conclusion A FOUNDATION FOR EXCELLENCE The imperative to maximize product uptake as quickly The pitfalls are many and the challenges are increasing, as possible places heavy demands on every new launch but by following a transparent, consistent approach and in today’s risky and challenging environment. The choosing the right KPIs for their brand, companies can elements that secure a successful trajectory are complex achieve an effective and accessible reporting structure and product-specific, but the launch window is short that is well understood; includes benchmarks derived and errors are unforgiven unless immediately corrected. from custom-selected analogs; combines various data sources in an up-to-date tracking tool; delivers regular Going forward, brands that excel at launch will be reports in a timely manner; and supports the planning supported by companies that prioritize the planning of appropriate actions to enable and enhance launch and monitoring process, and utilize a best-practice KPI performance. framework that is specifically designed for their product.12 IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY
  • 13. IMS Capabilities in Launch ExcellenceOur proven framework – leveraged successfully with With an offering built on deep functional knowledge andmore than 50 launch teams – ensures best-in-class expertise in more than 90 therapy areas, we combine thediagnostics, planning and tracking for optimal launch skills and experience of 1,700 IMS consultants across theperformance. launch spectrum, to drive best-practice launch execution and internal change management for our clients.IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY 13
  • 14. About The AuthorsDR. SIMONE SEITER MANEESH GUPTASenior Principal, Global Lead, Launch Excellence Principal, Brand and Commercial StrategySimone is a senior principal at IMS Health Germany and Maneesh is a principal with the brand and commercialleads the global launch excellence platform. Simone has strategy center of excellence at IMS Consulting Group.helped several brand teams excel at product launches He co-leads the launch excellence practice and is basedthrough the continuum of launch diagnostics, planning out of IMS’s Parsippany, New Jersey office. In thisand tracking. In her role, Simone has worked on multiple capacity, Maneesh has worked with several clients onengagements for big to mid-size pharmaceutical launch strategy, planning, tracking and capabilitycompanies, hospitals and healthcare providers globally and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Maneesh hassupported several new product launches through different over 14 years of experience in consulting, strategy,stages in the cycle. marketing and product management.Simone has completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Maneesh earned his MBA, with a concentration inNCI/National Institute of Health in the USA and has Marketing, from the University of North Carolina, whereworked as a clinical dermatologist at the University of he was invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma Honor society.Heidelberg and Homburg/Saar Germany. Maneesh also holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering.SARAH RICKWOOD TAL ROSENBERGDirector, Thought Leadership, Launch Excellence Director & Senior Principal, Commercial Effectives ServicesSarah is the Director of IMS’s European Thought Tal is Senior Principal within the Global CommercialLeadership team. She has 20 years experience in the global Effectives Services team based out of IMS’s London office.pharmaceutical industry as a consultant, and developer of He has in-depth knowledge and experience inthought leading studies on key pharmaceutical issues, pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing effectiveness and a solidincluding IMS’s Launch Excellence series. She has understanding of strategy development and Informationpublished widely on pharmaceutical blockbusters, Technology. In his 15 years of experience of consulting Talinnovation, and launch issues. has worked on multiple global and local projects for large to mid-size pharmaceutical companies.Sarah holds an BA from Oxford University inBiochemistry. Tal holds a BA in Economics and an MBA degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business.14 IMS HEALTH IMS LAUNCH EXCELLENCE KPI STUDY
  • 15. Going forward, brands that excelat launch will be supported bycompanies that prioritize theplanning and monitoring process,and utilize a best-practice KPIframework that is specificallydesigned for their product.
  • 16. ABOUT IMS IMS HEALTH® CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IMS Health is the leading provider of information services 83 Wooster Heights Road for the healthcare industry around the world. The company Danbury, Connecticut 06810 USA draws on its global technology infrastructure and unique Tel: +1 203 448-4600 combination of in-depth, sophisticated analytics, on-shore For our offices across the and off-shore commercial services, and consulting platforms world visit: www.imshealth.com/locations to help clients better understand the performance and value of medicines. With a presence in 100+ countries and more than 55 years of industry experience, IMS Health serves leading decision makers in healthcare, including pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, providers, payers, government agencies, policymakers, researchers and the financial community. Additional information is available at http://www.imshealth.com.©2011 IMS Health Incorporated or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. LEWPKPI0811