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How to plan for success
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How to plan for success






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How to plan for success How to plan for success Presentation Transcript

  • HOW TO PLAN FOR SUCCESS By Prof Anupma Sharma
  • CAUSE-AND-EFFECT RELATIONSHIP • Your Thoughts Decides Your Success – Improvement in the Quality of Thinking can You Improve the Quality of Your Life
  • The Law of Expectations • Whatever you Expect with Confidence (positive / negative) becomes your Reality – Expect to Succeed and you Will – Apply Talents and Abilities to Opportunities
  • The Law of Attraction • You are a live Magnet – You create a magnetic field by emotional & true feeling thoughts • Thoughts Become Things-Energy that radiates out from you attracts people and circumstances • These are in Harmony • Emotionalized thoughts are the Key of Attraction
  • The Law of connection
    • What is within, so is out
    • The outer World Reflects our Inner world
    • Conscious and subconscious levels
    • – Outer world of people
    • – Relationships
    • – Wealth
  • The story of the Talents • Fill the Mind with Thoughts, Pictures and the Consciousness of Wealth – The Rich get richer • Accumulate Knowledge – Books, Magazines, Audio, Video and Seminars • Use your knowledge • Thing that You do “COUNTS” • Your actions should move you towards your Goals
  • The Law of accretion • Everything accumulates over Time – Many tiny efforts sum the total • Planting and reaping a harvest from a grain of corn
  • Will Power • self-confidence, sincerity& belief in the Ability takes to success • Regular Practices Works – Reading Biographies – Working on Goals – Books
  • Self Mastery is Necessary for Success • Control Your thoughts and Emotions – Talk and think only about the things you desire – Master and Control your Actions “ If Your are hard on Life, Life will be easy on You” • Fill The Mind with thoughts that are Consistent with your Desires
  • Proven Strategies for Success Success is a result of our ATTITUDE
  • Some Obstacles to Success
    • Ego
    • Fear of Failure
    • Procrastination
    • Lack of Focus
    • Giving up Vision for promise of money
    • Lack of commitment
    • Lack of determination
    • Lack of priorities
    • “ Success is not measured by our position in life but by the obstacles we overcame to get there.”
    • You have to WANT to change in order to change
    Thinking and Habits
  • Steps to develop a Habit
    • Be fully aware of your Habits and see where your current habits are taking you.
    • If you don't like what you see, make a list of some of the habits that you'll either change or develop to become the kind of person you want to be.
    • Pick one habit that you want to change, develop it over the next 30 days.
  • Form a Habit of Today and Now
    • Do it now
    • The saddest words in life are—
    • It might have been
    • It should have been
    • I could have
    • I wish I had
    • If only I had given a little extra.
    • “ Never leave till tomorrow which you can do today.”
  • Affirmative Self - Talk • Talk to yourself positively all the time – I Can Do It – I’m The Best – A constant positive dialogue with self that is consistent with goals • 30 – 60 Minutes in Morning
  • Feed the Mind with Positive • Read Stories, Books, Seminars and Articles about other Successful People • Visualize, Fantasize, Emotionalize • Role Models magnetize the mind • Become a Roads Scholar – utilize driving time
  • Connect only with Success Oriented Positive People • Get around Winners • Fly with the Eagles • Seek out Positive People
  • Take it to the Next Level!
  • Visualize your Goals as Realities - Last thing at Night, First Thing in the Morning -See the Goal as already in existence -Review Plans for Accomplishing Goals -Think of Better ways to Accomplish Goals -Reflect on the valuable Lessons learning -Rewrite major goals in present tense as if already reality