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Creative Impact Communication ! Company Profile

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  1. 1. WHO WE ARECreative impact is a strategic communication agency comprising of a number of services thatrolled into one integrated agency. We offer the full range of marketing services that wouldcater all whatever comes under the term of marketing communications that includes: strategicmarketing, ATL and BTL advertising, consumer insight, brand management, consumer PR anddigital media marketing.After launching in Mumbai (India) in 1999 and immediately working with some of the India’sbiggest brands, it was always our aim to be the kind of integrated agency that a client wants towork with and one that finds new ways and ideas to engage, excite and build brands.At later stage in Manchester (UK), Creative’s founder recognized the huge potential ofemerging trends such as digital media and new advertising techniques, also noticed that thereis a huge gap in offering integrated services to clients and identified a need of acommunication agency that could offer all the services under one roof by understandingclients needs and tailoring solutions to serve them.
  2. 2. WHAT WE DOEvery business needs customers and tries offering right kind of value proposition in order to wincustomers hearts and minds to compete effectively in market place. At Creative Impact weoffer comprehensive marketing services to help businesses in winning and retaining customersfor long term and create loyalty. Our wide ranging services are designed to enable businessesto understand buying behavior, current trends and characteristics of appropriate valueproposition of their products and services. We at Creative’s try and bring customers very closeto businesses and make them aware of those businesses’ products and services as to how,when and where they exist, in a way we try and minimize disconnect between businesses andcustomers by implementing effective communication strategies.
  3. 3. WHY CHOOSE USIntegrated servicesWe exist to offer integrated marketing services to drive your sales, profitability and brandreputation forward, we do that not only to make money at once but to seek long termrelationship with clients and do our job rightly as expected by them.Good customer service and account managementWe put our clients at the heart of what we do and believe in long term relationship. Ourservices are designed to meet by and large all the marketing, PR and advertising needswhatever businesses may require or think of in a very competitive and reasonable prices.CollaborationWe believe in collaborating with clients that offer win-win situation for both to ensure that in theend both of us achieve desired objectives.
  4. 4. Real objectiveOur real objective is to help clients achieving their business objectives, because we can only behappy if our clients are happy.Truly globalLast but not the least; we are a team of qualified, experienced, down to earth and globalprofessionals, who understand international businesses, markets and diverse culture. Therefore,we think, work and behave by keeping one thing in mind that understanding differentcontinents clients needs and offering solutions as competently as possible to them is what wemeant to do. And during this process we stand for ethical and corporate social responsiblebehavior that allows us to respect, support and care all the stakeholders in the community.
  5. 5. OUR SERVICESSTRATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION:IDENTIFYING CONSUMER’S NEEDS AND SATISFYING THEM BYPLACING A NUMBER OF STRATEGIC MEASURES.Strategic planning and strategyCustomer relationship marketingIntegrated marketingSituation analysisMarketing researchMedia planning and buyingAnalyzing consumer behavior and Identifying buying decisionprocess.
  6. 6. OUR SERVICESABOVE THE LINE / BELOW THE LINE ADVERTISINGOutdoorDigital advertisingRetail designing, production and implementationDIGITAL MEDIA MARKETING:Website designAffiliate marketingSocial media managementSEO (Search Engine Optimization)PPC (Pay per click and sponsored keywords/links)Online Media Planning and BuyingViral Marketing / Online PR/AnalyticsBranded content generation and distribution
  7. 7. OUR SERVICESCONSUMER PR : STRATEGIC PUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICESStrategic campaign planning and implementationDigital PR and social mediaPreparation of brand crises and issue managementPR survey and news creationMedia relationsReputation and stakeholder audit & managementProduct launches and celebrity endorsementCopywritingPhotography and video contentPreparation of Corporate social responsibility strategies
  8. 8. OUR SERVICESCONSUMER LOYALTY : IMPLEMENTING CONSUMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS AND ENHANCINGRAPPORT BETWEEN ORGANIZATIONS AND CONSUMERS.Planning and designing your CRM strategyDelivering relevant message across channelsCustomer service and loyalty programs managementConsumer insight research using variety of techniquesComprehensive loyalty reward, redemption schemesand promotional strategies
  9. 9. OUR SERVICESBRAND MANAGEMENT : BUILDING, RAISING AND ENHANCING BRAND AWARENESS,EQUITY AND REPUTATIONBrand Identity and enhancing Brand Image and AwarenessCorporate Branding and Design Services/packagingBrand positioning and RepositioningCommunication Strategy and PlanningCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : STRATEGIC CSR PROGRAMS TO BUILD AND RAISE BRANDEQUITY AND TRUST IN CONSUMERS MINDCorporate social marketingCause related marketingCorporate philanthropyCorporate community involvementSocially responsible business practices
  10. 10. OUR SERVICESMEDIA PLANNING AND EVALUATION :We take a number of factors into account during media planning and implementationfor example selecting target audience, setting media objective, selection and scheduling.In the end evaluate by measuring, analyzing and monitoring campaign is our integral partof all campaigns.CONSUMER INSIGHTTraditional FocusGroups/OpinionPollingRetail andShopper BehaviorAdvertisingTestingCustomerSatisfactionStudiesSegmentationPerceptionTracking StudiesMarket ResearchSurveysOnline InternetResearchMarketing andConsumer insightMarket Place andMedia information
  11. 11. OUR SERVICESTraditional FocusGroups/OpinionPollingRetail andShopper BehaviorMarketing andConsumer insightFace to FaceInterviewingTelephoneInterviewing
  12. 12. TEAM[Anuj Rampal, CEO]Anuj is responsible for planning, designing, implementing and monitoring communicationstrategies for clients. He’s been in marketing communications for over seventeen years andworked on major brands in a variety of areas like consumer insight, retail, education, logistics,and FMCG. Prior to joining Creative Impact as CEO Anuj worked for FedEx Express Manchesterfor five years. He received his MSC in International Creative Advertising & PR from ManchesterMetropolitan University, also alumni of University of Bolton where he received his PG degree inBusiness and HR. He is member (Professional) of both Chartered Institute of Marketing andChartered institute of Public relations (UK).
  13. 13. TEAM[Ravi Varma, CEO]Ravi previously enjoyed spells in full service agencies in Mumbai India, thereafter in Dubai. Alsohad been managing partner at Creative Research Group Mumbai, where has led accounts onmajor international brands. He’s been in communication industry over the last fifteen years.Currently he is also the director of 360degrees communications in Dubai, in which he has beenhandling accounts of major clients such as Sony, Nikon, Jumbo Electronics and Samsung.He always been committed to continuous professional development and enjoy helping staff asmuch as dealing with clients in the media. Ravi born and grew up in Mumbai with the mediaexposure in his blood thanks to his brother, one of the GM’s at Times of India group Mumbai.After moving to Dubai, he started BTL 360 degrees and since then he has never looked back.Ravis all time goal is to offer as desired as possible value proposition to clients along with beinga responsible citizen of this tiny world. Ravi received his MBA from SP Jain institute Dubai.
  14. 14. TEAM[Gurucharan Singh, Sales & Business Head]Gurucharan’s role revolves on working alongside clients to develop business and offering aseffective, reliable and integrated services as possible for clients. He’s been in advertising &marketing services for over eight years. Prior to joining Creative Impact, he worked for bigbrands in India like Jindal, Dainik Jagran and Cyber Media. He has a wide range of expertise indelivering successful advertising strategies and raising brand profiles in the online and offlineplatforms. He has Bachelor’s degree in Science from University of Delhi (India).
  15. 15. TEAM[Milind Bharti: Business Development]Milind has worked as business development manager for a number of media houses. He alsohas expertise in graphics and website designing and always adds value to creative part in acourse of project execution. Prior to joining Creative Impact Milind was working for Silver Sandproductions New Delhi, and now responsible for client servicing and business developmentalong with handling PR activities for clients.
  16. 16. TEAM[Imran Din, Associate and Account Executive]Imran born and grew up in city of Manchester. He has deeper understanding of digital andsocial media marketing and responsible for consumer loyalty programs and CSR activities. Heworked for a number of media companies prior to joining Creative Impacts. Having worked forbig brands Imran’s expertise lies within the retail, automobile, FMCG and fashion areas. Hisobsession is to redesign cars is unique. In addition, creativity and innovation is the driving forcefor him to come up with some wacky ideas that work for him effectively at later stage. Imranhold a BSC in Information and Communication from Manchester Metropolitan University,Manchester and MSC in International Business Management from same university.
  17. 17. OUR CLIENTS
  18. 18. OUR CLIENTS
  19. 19. OUR CLIENTS
  20. 20. India : 201 Suneja House, 21 Gulmohar Commercial ComplexNear Green Park Metro Station. New Delhi - 110049.Retail Production Workshop : D - 6/9,Okhla Ind Area, Phase - 2New Delhi - 20. Phone - 011 - 26563016 / 9811377110 / 9910020112Dubai : 403, Tiffany Tower.Jumeirah Lake tower - Dubai - UAEManchester : 19 Prestage Street, Long sight ManchesterM124GQ. Phone - 00447818287434WHERE WE AREWe have offices in Manchester UK, New Delhi India and Dubai. For further business enquiriesplease feel free to drop us a mail on or you could alwaysdrop in for a coffee.
  21. 21. Creative Impact Communications (UK)Kreative Empact Kommunication (India)Innov Media (India)Brand Makeovers (India)Marcom360 (Dubai)Btl360degress (Dubai)GROUP COMPANIES