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Thailand Cyber University Project Report

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  • Thank you Dr. Sudaporn, Chairman, Distinguished guest, lady and gentlemen. I am very please to be here to present Thailand Cyber University, the project from Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of education. As you might heard from yesterday opening remark from deputy secretary general dr. about Thailand Cyber University. I would like to elaborate more in this session.
  • As commission on higher education who responsible for higher education. There are two initiatives to support the integration of ICT in higher education. UniNET , the inter-university network project, who take care of inter-connecting computer network among public universities in thailand and also support tele-education via video conferencing and research development in IT network. After established the fast and reliability IT infrastructure, Commission on Higher education founded TCU as an organization to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of education using ICT via IT Infrastructure
  • Thailand Cyber University

    1. 1. Thailand Cyber University Anuchai Theeraroungchaisri, Ph.D. Deputy Director of Thailand Cyber University Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chulalongkorn Unviersity
    2. 2. MOE Office of Educational Office of Permanent Council Secretary VOCATIONAL Education Office of BASIC commissionEducation commission (Vocational training and skill for workforce)(Primary – Secondary level) Commission on HIGHER Education (University and Continuing education) Inter-University Thailand Cyber Network University - Utilize IT Infrastructure to promote - IT Infrastructure effectiveness education via online - Tele-Education distance education - R&D on IT Network - Create coordination network among (founded 1996) local universities to minimize investment - R&D in online distance education (founded 2005)
    3. 3. Thailand Cyber University Founded by The Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Ministry of Education to be… “The central body of cooperative activitiesamong universities to promote and support online distance education (e-Learning) in Thailand”
    4. 4. Thailand Cyber University Missions• Grow up Thai University e-learning consortium• Support all Thai University to provide online distance education• Research and development in e-learning including Quality guideline Quality assurance
    5. 5. Thailand Cyber University and 3 Strategies for Thailand higher education crisis Thailand Higher educationSharing resources among can compete and survive Accommodate universities in consortium more students ity Extended the higher education s er um Sup rovide ucatio Su pand open opportunities for cross opportunities for Thai people Multi-disciplinary curriculum 1. niv rti dist dist to p nce ed to p i U nso por ide on tion por anc a rov educa curriculum learning ha co t un online 2. iversity t un T p ng e u w rni i ve ro lea G - rsit line e y n 3. Research and development in e-learning including Quality guideline Quality assurance Changing higher education Raise the quality level of paradigm higher education
    6. 6. The e-learning consortium of all Thai universitiesCo-operation for new Sharing human and and rare resources educational resources curriculum Credit bank and credit Raise the quality level of Multi-disciplinary transfer higher education curriculumExtended Higher Education Opportunities for Thai People and Alls
    7. 7. Strategy 1 Purpose: To create a cooperation network among university members for sharing human resources, educational resources to minimize the investment to be an efficient and cost-effective educational management environment Degree Sharable program CoursewareCreating academic cooperation Providing budget for with existing universities courseware development 25 public universities Diploma 2 private universities Program Cooperation network among local and international Thai Library network universities (ThaiLIS) Participating ininternational networks Support the sharing of educational resourcesNIME, JapanMIT OpencoursewareGwangju-Jeonnam University Developing a distance education Learning Management system (LMS) Repositories of Educational learning resources
    8. 8. Bachelor and Master Degree Program Chulalongkorn University • Master of Sciences in Social and Administrative Pharmacy (International Program) Naresuan University • Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism
    9. 9. Thailand Learning Resources Repository Network Institute for Promoting (Phase I) Teaching Science and TechnologyOffice of Basic Education Commission on Higher EducationComputer and IT content Ministry of Sciences and Technology Non formal Education Commission
    10. 10. Strategy 2Purpose: To expand educational opportunities and support continuing education Teleconference system Server and Network Developing Information Technology Infrastructure Thai Library Providing Distance Education Cooperation withnetwork (ThaiLIS) via Thailand Information Private network Network System Investing on digital learning resources portal Local digital content collection
    11. 11. Strategy 3 Purpose: To enhance and ensure quality of distance education via Thailand’s information network system Quality guideline for Quality Assurance teaching and learning in System distance education Research ProjectsEducationa leader development Research and development of Quality guideline for programme quality guideline and quality Design and assurance system development of educational Capacity building courseware Programme for distance education professional Teachers increase skills in distance education
    12. 12. University Institutional level policy management curricular Factors effect E- Courseware Production Learning in University ICT Infrastructure Support Training Attitude Competency Help deskMotivation Lecturers Content / courseware education paradigm students
    13. 13. MOE / CHE National level University 1 University 2 Thailand Public andUniversity 3 Private University University 6 University 4 University 5
    14. 14. MOE / CHE National level Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment QA Teacher Council QA GuidelineTeacher community National LO Repository Thailand Cyber University Research / Information services Training/Support Trainer Training / Consortium body the trainer University Guideline / Standard Institutional level policy management curricula Courseware Production E-Learning in ICT Infrastructure Support Training University Help desk Attitude Competency Motivation Lecturers Content / courseware education paradigm students
    15. 15. Thailand Cyber University July 2008• 26 public and private universities joined• More than 400 contents/courses• More than 16 programs (certificate / bachelor degree / master degree)• More than 2,463 teachers joined to create content and teach for some courses• More than 41,855 students joined to learn both self-pace or collaborative mode
    16. 16. Thailand Cyber UniversitySome of TCU research projects• Effectiveness of online distance learning – Online learning model for Bachelor degree program – Online learning model for Master degree program – Game-based learning platform• Delivery system for online distance learning – National learning management system – Long range wireless network in rural area (join with NTT-AT, MICT, UniNET, Chiba University) – Content delivery network• Content / Courseware development – Scorm-based courseware development model (join with IPST) – Usability study lab – National learning resources repository network
    17. 17. Thailand Cyber UniversitySome of TCU research projects• Professional development – e-Learning professional competencies• Accreditation and Quality assurance – Quality assurance guideline – Accreditation guideline
    18. 18. Thank you... From website biz2/channa/